Gaza: The world has forgotten about us…people think we are just numbers…

[photo: Emad Badwan] This is why I’m doing the Gaza speaking tour now in the States: Israeli forces shoot man near Gaza border Crowds bury ‘mentally ill’ Gaza woman shot dead by Israeli forces shared from Eileen Carr and “I am From Gaza“: A friend sent me two messages in the last two days. He… Read More Gaza: The world has forgotten about us…people think we are just numbers…

Interview with Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett, Editor at Veterans Today,, interview Feb 18, 2014, Eva Bartlett on genocide in Gaza Eva Bartlett arrived in Gaza with the Freedom Flotilla in fall, 2008…just in time to experience Israel’s Operation Cast Lead with its white phosphorous downpours, bombings of schools, ambulances, food factories, mosques, water and electrical infrastructure, sewage and… Read More Interview with Kevin Barrett

Geopolitiks: Eva Bartlett of InGaza on Human Rights in Palestine

Feb 19, 2014, Media Monarchy & Geopolitiks I had an enjoyable discussion with James Evan Pilato of Media Monarchy for his new series: Geopolitiks. “Eva Bartlett follows in the footsteps of Rachel Corrie.” As she continues her US speaking tour about human rights in Palestine, activist and journalist Eva Bartlett joins us for the second… Read More Geopolitiks: Eva Bartlett of InGaza on Human Rights in Palestine

Observations from Occupied Palestine: Gaza

first published at Crescent International, Eva Bartlett [see Observations from Occupied Palestine, Part 1] Unusually heavy torrential rains last month inundated much of Gaza, which was already reeling from a tight Israeli-Egyptian siege since 2006. Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected with more than 5,000 evacuated from their homes. Power outages of 20-22… Read More Observations from Occupied Palestine: Gaza

Gaza flooding, blockade-manufactured crises

Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza have been displaced because of severe flooding. (Eyad Al Baba / APA images) More updates from Gaza, besieged by cruel Israeli policies and now by torrential rains, Israeli-dam flash-floods, and continued power outages [yesterday’s post here]: UNRWA calls Gaza ‘disaster area,’ pleads for end to Israeli blockade Dec 14, 2013… Read More Gaza flooding, blockade-manufactured crises

Gaza drowning …and under power and media blackout

Photos and updates from Gaza paint one of the most dire scenarios the Palestinians locked in the Strip have faced, Israeli bombing campaigns aside. For over a month Palestinians in Gaza have endured 18 or more hours/day power outages. Now, with unusually heavy rains, cold temperatures, Israeli-released torrents of water (suddenly opening of dams along… Read More Gaza drowning …and under power and media blackout