7 thoughts on “2014 Speaking Tour Photos

  1. I can’t find Eva’s itinerary while in Sacramento. Would like to see where she is going to speak.

  2. Hi Eva – heard you were at the Elora Farmer’s not so long at. Cool. What a great market and a great venue to inform. Would enjoy any local Fergus/Elora pics to complement those from your diverse international locals. Helps show the world where you from and your deep local support!

  3. Hi Eva, I have only just come across your work. Enjoying reading, looking at your photos, listening to your radio shows. Thanks so much for another freelance perspective, I try to follow as many independent freelance journalists possibly, as the lies from the mainstream media have been unbearable. It would be great if you posted your work on a Facebook page, I don’t use twitter, as I can only cope with one social media but it would be great if you have a Facebook page? Just a thought?

  4. Hi Eva, I saw your show on the Richie Allen Show. You are a great journalist, it is refreshing to see journalists that seek the truth and that is all we can ask for. There are few of you left out there. The corporate media here in the US, is a big sham, especially listening to them concerning foreign policy and now the elections. You can see their blatant lies and they have no shame. They sound like robots repeating news instead of providing news. They are parrots not journalists and they make me sick. There have been some very prominent journalists fired from media for telling the truth.

    Concerning Syria, I think it would be important for the American people to understand the WHY of what is going on in Syria to get their support because they are considered low information peoples. They have been trained to understand the world with small information sound bites. Very few do the research on anything especially foreign affairs. They believe what they hear from the corporate media. “If it is on the news, it must be true”. This is because the Corporations keep them in debt slavery working hard just to keep their head above water that they don’t have time, knowledge or understanding of others overseas but they are a great people and when the tide turns and the tiger is awakened they will do the right thing. They are a people with a big heart and they carry big stick. So, it is important to help them understand the WHY of what is going on in Syria. Right now all the news is so confusing with all the lies over there that they are not going to pay attention. I believe this is deliberate to keep everyone in the dark so that the powers to be can get what they are trying to do done. I am sure someone knows whats going on but it doesn’t change the WHY.

    I have an opinion about the WHY but I don’t have enough information to write about it. President Assad spoke about it in a couple of interviews and I’ve seen other writings about it and its related to oil and Israel and control of the region. So, lets hear more about why are all these countries are so interested in Syria. They can’t tell me its about human rights. There are many other areas in the world that have worst problems yet they all these countries don’t send in all these weapons, money and fire power to support them. So Why is all this happening in Syria.

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