There Will Be No Saudi Inspection Of This Ship! – A Message from Caleb Maupin onboard the “Iran Shahed” in the Gulf of Aden

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is mercilessly slaughtering people
in Yemen, has absolutely no right to inspect this vessel. Neither does
the United States of America or Israel. The Iranian government has
made that absolutely clear, and all of us in the delegation of peace
activists from Germany, France, and the United States absolutely agree
with this decision.

An inspection from the United Nations or the International Red
Cross/Red Crescent Society would absolutely be permitted and welcomed.
These are international bodies delegated for such tasks.

contradiction: Humanitarian Vessel to be Inspected by Sauds?

Caleb Maupin:

“Dear all,

There is talk about a Saudi inspection of the Iranian ship, “Iranian Shahed.”

Regardless of any different viewpoint in western or other media, one fact should be well observed: Iran’s government and Red Crescent Society state correctly, that the Saudis have no right whatsoever to inspect this ship and – in addition to that – consider Saudi Arabia unfit for any inspection of this humanitarian mission due to its leading role in the war against Yemen, same as the US.

UN, ICRC or other countries appointed by concerned institutions and not involved in the war against Yemen are naturally welcome on board of “Iran Shahed” for inspection.


Caleb Maupin (USA) – ChristophHoerstel (Germany) on board of “Iran Shahed” ”           www.christoph-hö

Syrian Soldier Talks About His Oath to Syria [VIDEO]


“Look at me, I’m a soldier that they say is killing civilians, look at me, I’m walking alongside them.

This is why trying to harm the credibility of the Syrian Army is impossible. Your lies have been exposed.

This is Aleppo…and these are its people. See for yourselves.

You need to understand that the Syrian Arab Army has taken an oath to protect this state and its people. And it will keep that oath.”

“Don’t Block The Rescue Boat!” Caleb Maupin onboard the “Iran Shahed” Rescue Ship in the Gulf of Aden


I am onboard the “Iran Shahed”, the rescue ship sent by the Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We are hoping to bring aid to the people of Yemen who are enduring a horrendous attack from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Just yesterday, we heard reports that the Saudi regime is using “White Phosphorous” in civilian areas in Yemen. “White Phosphorous” is a chemical weapon in the form of a white powder that burns human flesh on contact.

The rate of civilian deaths in Yemen is particularly high. The Saudi bombs have killed very few combatants. The overwhelming majority of those who have been killed, over three thousand so far, have been civilians.

Meanwhile, the United States is not just backing and arming Saudi Arabia, but it has actively been refueling the Saudi bombers. The US military is filling up the fuel tanks of the airplanes which are conducting the bombing raids, targeting schools, hospitals and civilian infrastructure.

If international law were fairly enforced, leaders of not just Saudi Arabia but also the United States would face charges of war crimes for these extremely immoral actions. So much blood is on their hands.

Yemen, a country that has not attack anyone, is having the most expensive tools of destruction unleashed on it. Yemen is the poorest country in the middle east, and it is being attacked by the US-backed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the autocratic country with the fourth largest military budget in the entire world.

Macedonia, Burundi…important readings/interviews

Eric Draitser Interview – John Philpot

Eric Draitser of sits down with international criminal defense lawyer and Great Lakes region specialist John Philpot to discuss the latest developments in Burundi which has been experiencing ongoing political turmoil. Draitser and Philpot discuss the coup against Burundian President Pierre Nkuruziza which took place hours earlier on May 13, 2015, and the politics and geopolitics behind it. They examine the nature of the conflict including the role of regional actors such as the brutal Paul Kagame of Rwanda, civil society organizations and international NGOs, and the neocolonial establishment of the United States and Europe. Draitser and Philpot discuss the regional history and the centrality of ethnic conflict in understanding the politics of Burundi and the Great Lakes region. Additionally, they discuss the global context within which the issue should be understood.



Gas for Greece, Mayhem for Macedonia, Apr 22, 2015, Sputnik News

-Andrew Korybko


At the exact same time that Greece has received a guarantee for billions of cubic meters’ worth of Russian gas, Macedonia is being rocked by the threat of a renewed Albanian insurgency designed to offset Moscow’s pipeline plans.

Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller announced that Russia will guarantee 47 billion cubic meters of gas a year to Greece via the Turkish Stream, which would then go onwards to supply the European market. While it’s not yet specified exactly which path the pipeline will take from Greece to the EU, it’s more than likely that it’ll go through Macedonia en route to the former South Stream’s envisioned Serbian hub, and thenceforth through Hungary, Austria, and beyond, just like Russia originally anticipated last year. There’s one major obstacle to that strategy, however, and it’s that the US is attempting to transform its failed Color Revolution in Macedonia into an Unconventional War to neutralize this geostrategic route, utilizing the specter of an Albanian terrorist campaign modeled off the Syrian template to achieve its destructive goals.


May 12, 2015, Hands Off Syria

“This is Sedki al-Maket, a Syrian from the Golan. He was arrested for exposing Israeli relations with al-Qaeda in a series of videos that he would post online.”

**sub-titling of videos by Reme Sakr

Part 1: Sedki al Maket reports on al Qaeda in the Golan