Untold Suffering in Foua and Kafarya-Part 2

Aug, 20, 2015, Counter Punch

-by Eva Bartlett

Part One highlighted the siege and shelling of two villages in northwestern Syria which have been under siege by al-Nusra and allies since the end of March, 2015. As of August 17, at least 130 residents. “K” is introduced as a resident of Kafarya studying in Beirut. His name is withheld, for the safety of his family still in Kafarya and Foua.


The very few reports which have mentioned the names Kafarya and Foua have promoted a sectarian angle to the continued shelling by NATO-backed militants, portrying this as a Sunni-Shia issue. And while to be sure many of these largely foreign terrorists do adhere to the Saudi Wahhabism or Qatari/Turkey Salafism, the predominantly Shia population originally in Foua and Kafarya have long existed with their non-Shia neighbours in harmony.

K tells me more about the two villages and the surrounding region.

“In that area of Syria there are minorities living together, from about 1,000 years ago. In Kafarya and Foua there are Shia. Before this war, the people of Foua and neighbouring Binnish were very close, they intermarried, celebrated festivals together.

At the time that this all started in Syria, I was home, still a student. We studied at a school in Ma’rat Mesreen, which was a mostly Sunni city—many of them pro-government, by the way—and some Shia. Like with Binnish, our people were friends with those in Ma’rat Mesreen, intermarried with them.

My uncle was working in al-Raqqa, but when the militants took over, he and others went back to Kafarya. The original population of Kafarya was around 10,000. Now, it’s much much more, with IDPs from various areas, like Ma’rat Mesreen, and including many Sunni pro-government Syrians from other villages, but also Shia from surrounding areas.”

Untold Suffering in Foua and Kafarya: Two Northwestern Syrian Villages Under Siege and Assault by NATO’s Terrorists

Rimas Al-Nayef, killed by terrorist shelling of Foua village on August 10, 2015

Rimas Al-Nayef, killed by terrorist shelling of Foua village on August 10, 2015

Aug 18, 2015, Counter Punch

-by Eva Bartlett

Part One of Two

Infant Rimas Al-Nayef was one of at least 5 children killed by NATO-backed terrorists’ shelling on August 10, 2015 in the northwestern Syrian village of Foua. Another 25 residents were killed by the up to 1,500 rockets and mortars which Jebhat al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) and other terrorist factions rained down on Foua and neighbouring Kafarya village, just north of Idlib. Scores more were injured on that day alone. Yet, scarcely a peep in the corporate media, as massacres committed by western-backed “moderates” do not merit media coverage, do not suit the war agenda.

The attack was waged by a number of different factions, primarily al-Nusra, Jaysh al-Fattah (the so-called “Army of Conquest”), and Ahrar al-Sham (Liberation of the Levant Movement) along with other “moderates” of the umbrella organization Jabhat al-Islamiyah (the Islamic Front).

Crescent International reported: “The barrage of rockets has intensified; Western, Saudi and Turkish-supplied 500 kg rockets are fired at the villages accompanied by incursions with the clear aim to capture them.”

Qalb Lozeh, a Druze village, a NATO-backed massacre


Words of a Syrian friend from Kafarya:

“About three months ago in Qalb Lozeh, a Druze village, al-Nusra massacred about 30 residents.

The village was first under control of the “FSA”, then ISIS, then ISIS told them them must convert to Islam, cut your mustaches… then, al-Nusra came and ordered the same thing, to convert to Islam, you are Druze, not Muslims…you must destroy your shrines…

Recently, there was a small problem between a young Druze and a leader of Nusra, a Tunisian, named “as-Safina” (the boat). Nusra wanted to take the Druze man’s house… so they killed the owner of the house. The people of the village tried to expel him. Al-Nusra killed them all.”

Press TV put the number massacred even higher:

“Local sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the extremists recently killed 40 people, among them the elderly, just outside their homes and in front of onlookers in Qalb Loze village, located about 35 kilometers (22 miles) west of Aleppo, Lebanon-based Arabic-language daily al-Akhbar reported on Thursday.

The sources added that the victims were executed on the grounds that they refused to force their sons, some as young as 10 to 14 years old, into joining the ranks of the Takfiri terrorist network. CONTINUE READING

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Syria: From the sublime to the shameful.

Originally posted on thewallwillfall:

Rimal Beach, Tartous, Syria Rimal Beach, Tartous, Syria

What follows is a report from a resident of Aleppo whose identity is not revealed for reasons of security.  Their reports delve deep into the terrorist underworld and expose many of the NGO and media narratives, as propaganda and hypocrisy.  We are thankful to these brave, courageous people who bring us the truth from inside Syria, without them we would still be in the dark as to the extent of the terror they are forced to endure day after night at the hands of the US  alliance funded and armed mercenary brigades.

An Escape from Reality

My sojourn on the Syrian coast was exquisite but too brief, a welcome respite from the hardship in Aleppo.

We left Aleppo just before sunrise.  The coast is to the West of us but we drove into the hazy sunrise, towards the east. This is Syria, where the crisis has made many…

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Syria What’s Ahead? Diplomacy or Military Escalation

Aug 11, 2015

After the Iran-US Sanctions Agreement What’s Ahead–Diplomacy or Military Esalation? Speakers include: Dr Ghiass Moussa, Syrian American Forum, Ramsey Clark, formrUS Atty General & human rights atty, Margaret Kimberly, Black Agenda Report, Larry Hamm, Peoples Organization for Progress, Joe Lombardo, UNAC, Sara Flounders, IAC with comments from Dr Cynthia McKinney, David Swanson, Caleb Maupin, Eva Bartlett, Kazem Azin, Bill Dores and others

Why Syria is Winning: Advancing towards a Strategic Victory that will transform the Middle East?

Aug 10, 2015, Global Research

–Professor Tim Anderson

Syria is winning. Despite ongoing bloodshed and serious economic pressure, Syria is advancing steadily towards a military and strategic victory that will transform the Middle East. There is clear evidence that Washington’s plans – whether for ‘regime change’, for rendering the state dysfunctional or for dismembering the country on sectarian lines – have failed.

That failure will fatally wound the US dream, announced a decade ago by Bush junior, for a subservient ‘New Middle East’. Syria’s victory is a combination of coherent popular support for the national army, in face of a vicious sectarian Islamists (takfiris), firm backing by key allies, and fragmentation of the international forces lined up against them.

The economic hardships, including regular blackouts, are now worse but have not broken the Syrian people’s will to resist. The government ensures basic foods are affordable and maintains education, health, sports, cultural and other services. A string of formerly hostile states and UN agencies are resuming their relations with Syria. An improved security situation, the recent big power agreement with Iran and other favourable diplomatic moves are all signs that the Axis of Resistance has strengthened.