“Aleppo, Syria, awaits with hope for Russian intervention against terrorists”


A friend of mine in Aleppo writes:

[via Can Do Better]

“I hesitated about sending this information, as it’s only a little detail in a huge long conflict. Then I thought it was better to share such photos, the ones you never see in the daily propaganda against Syria and its people and government, who are facing such random attacks daily. I also talk about how Syrians seem to feel about Russia coming to help defend us against the terrorists.

This is a roof of 4-story building, that was shelled by the terrorists yesterday. The building is on the way to the Military Hospital, so shootings and mortars hit it from time to time accidentally, while targeting the hospital.


from ~ 1:40 Putin:

“Another threat that President Obama mentioned was ISIS.
Well, who on earth armed them? Who armed the Syrians that were fighting with Assad? Who created the necessary political/informational climate that facilitated this situation? Who pushed for the delivery of arms to the area?
Do you really not understand as to who is fighting in Syria? They are mercenaries, mostly.

RT outs Rami Abdulrahmn (SOHR), source of lies and vitriol against Syria

Remember this when you see the next MSM report citing this sell-out, Imperialist-tool. His “sources” are “unnamed activists” allegedly in Syria; the MSM and HR industry quotes him as truth. In the latest example, on October 1st, Rami/SOHR falsely claimed Russian airstrikes killed 30 Syrian civilians in Homs.

Other media followed suit. 21st Century Wire called out these lies, noting:

The Independent, a British media outlet, says that activists’ in Homs and Hama provinces have posted images and video online claiming to show Russian planes bombing groups of non-Isis rebels who are fighting Bashar al-Assad’s forces‘.

There are numerous glaring problems with this assessment. The first, obviously, being that anonymous ‘activists’ provided the information. The second being that the video that news outlet links to shows no jets at all, let alone ‘Russian planes’. “

In any case, according to Russia’s President Putin, as reported in Sputnik News, “As for any information in the media on civilians suffering [from Russian airstrikes], we were ready for such information attacks. I draw your attention to the fact that the first reports on civilian casualties emerged before our planes even left the ground.”

Enjoy the video on Osama Suleiman… sorry, “Rami Abdul Rahman” as he goes by…


See also yesterday’s post with a number of important links to articles on Russia’s involvement in Syria.

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban on the Russia-Syria cooperation against (nato’s) terrorism

Syria, NGOs, and the Endgame with Eva Barlett (interview by Devon Bowers)

by Hampton Institute, A Different Lens

“Today we sit down with independent journalist Eva Barlett to discuss the ongoing conflict in Syria, the regional players, how NGOs are being used to further certain agendas, and the endgame for Syria.”

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The show can be downloaded here.

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Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban on the Russia-Syria cooperation against (nato’s) terrorism.

30 Sep 2015, RT

“Russian war planes have started precision air strikes against Islamic State positions in Syria, after lawmakers granted the Kremlin permission to use the military outside of Russia’s borders. RT discusses the developments with political and media adviser to the Syrian President, Bouthaina Shaaban.”


“It’s not only against ISIL. I don’t know why people only use this. Why do they forget Jebhat al-Nusra although Security Council resolutions considered Jebhat al-Nusra and ISIL as terrorist organisations. And besides these there are tens of terrorist organisations in Syria. There are thousands of mercenaries and terrorists coming from all over the world.”


“The problem right from the beginning was not Assad, and the target was not Assad. Just as Libya is destroyed now and they were talking about Gaddafi, and Iraq is destroyed and they were talking about Saddam Hussein or about (WMDs). These concepts..floated in the media, they are only used in order to destroy our countries, in order to destroy our civilization, in order to destroy our people.”


Peace activists demonstrate against the US Ramstein Air Base in Germany

“On Saturday about 2000 peace activists demonstrated against the US Ramstein Air Base in Germany.
The biggest US air base in Europe is not only responsible for the coordination of the “drone wars” in Africa and Middle East. Every day huge military machines take off from Ramstein loaded with soldiers or tons of military equipment and weapons which are sent to the war zones of the US foreign war policy.

The drone wars in Yemen, Pakistan and many other countries would not be possible without Ramstein. The German peace movement is aware and tries to mobilize all citizens against the imperialistic war machine.

Most German mainstream media ignores this important event. Just like the government which tolerates the US war politics or even supports it. Just a few days ago it was made public that 20 new atomic bombs from the US will be stationed at Büchel airbase.

Germany and whole Europe has to stand up. Time is running.

In solidarity with the people in Syria, who are victims of those imperialistic wars like in Yemen, Iraq and Libya.

‘Geopolitics of the Syrian Crisis’ seminar at the University of Sydney, 17 September 2015

*Highly recommed listening to/watching the below two lectures. Very informative, and personal, accounts and research on the situation in Syria under NATO and co’s warring. Both Professor Tim Anderson and Jay Tharappel were recently in Syria and both have devoted considerable time to researching the events that have taken place in Syria. Their analyses are a must-listen.*

Jay Tharappel on the Syrian Crisis:


Tim Anderson on the Syrian Crisis: