57 thoughts on “Lovely Gaza…

  1. Désolée, je ne parle pas anglais … ces photos sont très belles. De quand datent t’elles ?

  2. Je les ai prises il y a quelques jours, et les autres au fin il y adeux semaines!

    [I took these photos a few days ago, and the others at the end were taken about about 2 weeks ago]

  3. Magnifiques tes photos Eva
    Your pics are beautiful.
    I love the little girl pic. She is so charming.
    You are really lucky to be here.
    Hope the borders will be open SOON !!

  4. What beautiful photos! And Gaza is lovely and beautiful. I visited Gaza in May and, having visited the West Bank, thought I was prepared…I was not!How the world can tolerate the intentional destruction of beautiful Gaza and her wonderful people is beyond me.

    I find myself at home in the US but the “myself” who existed prior to Gaza is gone…I will never be the same. I have been giving presentations about my trip and begin the PowerPoint with Beautiful Gaza photos and then cut in with the destruction, etc. I end it with the Beautiful Gazan Children.

    Thank you for the wonderful images. Too often all that is presented of Gaza is the trauma and devastation; those pictures are needed but people make that “some place away” your lovely Gaza with her children should be included more often.

  5. Wonderful, moving photographs Eva……beautiful children…..thank you so very much for your never-ending fantastic work for the people of Gaza….I pray God will answer their prayers…

  6. I admit that I was admired by your magnificent gift that you have..
    Really it was beautiful,and I invite you to be my guest in my small town rafah southern khanyunis, near the egyptian border..
    thank you..


  7. Inspiring photographs – especially the little ones. There is wonder everywhere and you deserve to enjoy your beauty in peace and tranquillity. Hearts ache for you – a good friend is on his way to Gaza with an ambulance in December – hope small efforts count for something, we try and show solidarity when we can.
    Thank you

  8. What beautiful photos! Ghaza is really lovely. That’s the other side of Ghaza; we see only a devastated Falstîn on the media. The Zionist entity’s leitmotiv is to break, to occupy, to hurt. As every true Jew I pray every day for the dismantling of the Zionist State so that Falstîn can be liberated very soon. Visit the archives of our blogs http://www.bloggen.be/jesjoeroen/ and http://www.bloggen.be/yechouroun/ , you will see we are more anti-Zionist Jews that you think and support the victims of the Zionist ideology. Solidarity!

  9. je viens de découvrir ces photos émouvantes de Gaza qui veut survivre;. grand merci et donnez nous des nouvelles des gens de Gaza et dites leur que nous sommes tous avec eux. Merci S.lafleuriel-Zakri

  10. masyaallah,such a beutiful photos!!
    i pray that palestine will be free again and the people in gaza will be able to live in normal life just like in the photos:)


  11. Long live Palestine, free and Arab, and I hope you will come to an end the occupation and unite ranks
    And end internal divisions left by the Israeli occupation
    Long live Palestine, the homeland and the people and heritage
    What a great O Palestine

  12. Merci de nous faire connaitre une vision autre de gaza, les photos sont superbes, les gens sont si beaux, si fiers.

    Encore merci

  13. You did an excellant job,each one of your photos touched my soul,and attached me more to my beloved homeland Palestine.Keep it up,and show us more of your art.Thanks a lot.

    Samira Taha

  14. Eva,
    Your photos are captivating. Thank you. Keep up the effort, we are all behind you, we all pray for you, we all love you. Thank you.

  15. Beautiful photos, great to see the beauty of the place. I pray the people of Gaza will live a normal peaceful life someday soon.

  16. I pray to the universe that all of you are given the opportunity to be truly Free. We love you.

  17. Wonderful, wonderful photos. Compared to the horrors you’ve pictured before, these give a very normal, and optimistic view of a place too many of us see as a ravaged hell-hole. All good wishes to you and to Gaza.

  18. 1985 i was working in Jordan for one year.
    I like palesitinians very much and i wish to do vaccation in Gaza one time but better work there to build up the country.
    My frieds and i we are very ashamed to see our government with blind eyes as they look out to palestine.
    But we ordenary people from Germany, we are not happy to see the occupation and the violence of human rights.
    We dont want to have soldiers in war.We are not asked by our government.We feel raped , we feel as you. We are with you.

  19. The tenacity and dignity of the Gazan people is truly heroic. I am always amazed how this besieged population manages to retain its humanity and avoids being totally consumed by hatred towards their tormentors.

    It is good that you, like your Palestinian hosts can manage to take time out from the ever present danger and the constant surveillance to appreciate and explore the rich and varied life in Gaza. Thanks for sharing this with us, and thanks for being in Gaza and representing those of us who support the Palestinian cause. Take care.


  20. Gaza certainly is beautiful. It is not the dusty and putrid, stenchy hell one might think it is. And just my making a comment like that is indication of how difficult it is to rid oneself of the beliefs that are instilled in us; and that is why we are where we are. It is so difficult for the entire world to wake up from its slumber, not to mention the misinformation it is fed. Perhaps the recent Israeli massacre on the flotilla is the wake up call the world needs.

  21. […] ne Handvoll Reis und Du machst so einen Terz wegen denen, denen es wirklich an nichts mangelt…. photos: lovely Gaza… In Gaza Antwort Neuer […]

  22. Amazing photos, amazing job thank you so much for showing us a different face of Gaza.

    I hope the peace will finally get there.

    God Bless you and all palestinians……

  23. On Google maps,gaza is a white space. It looks like Gaza dosent exist. Please add a roadmap as pic.or even handwritten is better then nothing.Better you name the roads as soon as possible, then seddlers will do.Help to give gaza a face.

  24. Greetings from California! Your photos of Gaza are amazing–it looks like such a beautiful plave and the people are just magnificent–beautiful. I pray for your country and your people that God will give you strength and sustain you in all your difficulties. I would love to visit someday. You have many friends in America.

  25. When we demonstrate in Vancouver/ Canada to express our anger against the brutal occupation, we always say:
    Gaza, Gaza don`t you cry, Palestine will never die.
    Those pics are great , Gaza will stay forever undefeated as far as those kids in the pictures are there , you can see the strength in their eyes that will defeat the Zionist occupant.
    Thanks again for the pics.
    Long live Palestine.”Allah younssor ahel Gazeh w yekser dawlet Israel ensha Allah”.

  26. I pray that one day the people of Gaza will be freed from their terrorist government. I hope that a Palestinian state and an Israeli state can live side by side without the influence of any fanatical religious extremists.

  27. a mazing photos that reflex who we are
    i love Gaza
    and i wrote that just for Gaza

    I like the way it is ,
    Although it’s full of noise ,
    A silence moment can recompense
    Although it’s crowded ,
    You can find a small place where you relax in
    Simple is our symbol
    Although it’s small,
    When you annoyed ,
    You find her beside you
    Although it’s detained ,
    She loves freedom
    When you are waking in her streets ,
    You will find in every male and female eyes
    A special story
    Pail , love , happiness , struggle , passion , sadness
    You will find
    Resistance is written on brow
    She includes every special things
    That’s the way GAZA is
    Just be proud of being
    GAZAN ,
    by hadil
    gazan girl

  28. @Susan Johnson: Your comment is great…I agree with it completely. Although its trauma and devastation need to be shared with the world, people forget about the beauty of Gaza and its people, and they should be reminded of it more often through beautiful photos like these!

  29. For any civilization on this globe to impose hardship and suffering upon any of Gods people is to shackle ones self to a future of pain and suffering with no escape from what it is they are claiming to be fighting. The will of men is created just as life begins, strong, enduring and perfect. Free Gaza, end the holocaust of pain and suffering. The flowing river of tears in an ancient land of noble people who’s only desire is to fully experience what God has given to them. Life…

  30. More, more, more. Such brilliant pictures and lovely to see the real Gaza, not the one presented by the media.

  31. I am from there, and honestly, i bet these are the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen on the web. thank you for making Gaza look beautiful again! 🙂

  32. Simply Serene and beautiful that warms my soul. My heart goes out to the Palestinian people. To me, it will always be Palestine before the U.N. Partition.

  33. What beautiful pictures of beautiful people! Seeing those smiles and those happy faces, especially those of the children, so full of wonder and cheer and so full of life touches the heart and has my eyes welling with tears with the knowledge of the willful, callous destruction of such beauty and shattering of that tranquility with so much impunity as the world bears witness to such atrocity but stands silent! It is unbearable and saddening to see how this is being allowed. What does all this say about us?

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