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  2. Your courage dedication and heart are a rare but true credit to human beings.
    Wish your work the respect and appreciation you deserve.

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  4. I first caught your UN Sovereignty and Peace Press Conference on YouTube a day after it went up. Thank you so much for what you have given to the World. Praise and accolades cannot begin to alleviate the privations and danger you have been exposed to. You have shamed entire media organizations and highlighted the Unity of a Country. The polar opposite of what has been portrayed.
    Thank you so much. I hope there will be millions that read your blog and view your video on YouTube.

  5. Hi Eva. Can you recommend a reputable charity or organisation in Syria that my family, and our church, can donate to? Anything that helps the truthful humanitarian work going on there to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people. So much misinformation out there, and there are so many that genuinely want to help, but do not believe the mainstream Western media narrative. Thanks. Gio

  6. Eva … Well done on the reporting before the UN on the truth about Aleppo. … I got more facts from your short address, than in 5 years of propaganda from the US government and media. … Thanks very much and we are behind you 100%. … Robert (USA)

  7. Hi Eva!
    Love you brave work against corruption in media, I´d like to read more of your
    earlier work as a jourmalist on Gaza etc, can you give me some links on that?

  8. I got to say I admire your courage to stand up to tell the truth of syria. the western powers must hate you to their guts. I’m glad that there are people like you in this world!

  9. Because of you and a few brave others I know understand. Great work. What can I do to help get this on MSM

  10. i m a real admirer of you , the way you exposed the main stream media and told the truth which actually denied some westren country polition to caarry out their dirty work , but i have an advice for you dont cash this popularity in the future, now alot of spy agencies and other people surely approached and want to be a part of their consperacy and they used every tactcs including patriotism ,for the benifit of the people using religion , and offering other meterilistic offer but dnt be trap in that

  11. Hi Eva;
    I am a SouthAmerican presently living in the US . ( legal citizen of the USA) Because I know how
    wrong the media can be – I do not watch cable news.
    Please reach out to Ivanka Trump . I feel you can
    Provide a different perspective on the true reality
    in Syria . Thank you for your coverage about
    Syria and I hope you get the recognition you
    deserve .

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