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Arabic Subtitles added to James Corbett’s “The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct”

Canadian journalist, James Corbett, of the Corbett Report, on Feb 9, 2018, published this report on the White Helmets. It has recently been fully subtitled in Arabic on Syria’s al-Ikhbaria, so I re-share this incredibly important and relevant report.

The Father Of Iconic Aleppo Boy Says Media Lied About His Son

19022348_10155554719009059_87946180_oMohammad Daqneesh displays a photo of his 11-year-old son, Mohammad Ali, who died due to injuries sustained the same day that Omran, known as the Aleppo boy, was mildly wounded, a fact the much of the media missed. Aleppo, Syria, June 6, 2017 (Photo: Danny Makki/MintPress News)

MintPress sat down with the father of the now-infamous Aleppo boy, Omran Daqneesh. Omran’s father, Mohammad Daqneesh, says his son was exploited by Syrian rebels and the media for political gain.


HOMS, SYRIA — On the evening of Aug. 17, 2016, an event that has yet to be adequately explained occurred in the Qaterji District of the Syrian city of Aleppo. Four-year-old Omran Daqneesh, as well as his siblings and parents, were injured in media alleged was an attack by the Russians – or the Syrian military, depending on what source one chose to believe. People in Aleppo suggested it could have been a strike by the US-led coalition. The reality is not yet known. The attack also claimed the life of Omran’s 11-year-old brother, Mohammad Ali Daqneesh.

Overnight, the world was introduced to Omran, who became the poster child of suffering in Syria due to extensive coverage by Western corporate media. The al-Qaeda-affiliated White Helmets, and subsequently the media, made the child’s injuries out to seem far more serious than they actually were.


Syria’s Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari, on Russia’s involvement in fighting (international) terrorism in Syria

Syria’s Permanent Representative/Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari (web photo)

*watch interview HERE

*from ~1:00  Dr. al-Ja’afari:

“…There is a kind of misunderstanding, with regard to Russian moves in combatting terrorism in Syria. There is a big problem between the western approach and the Syrian-Russian approach. Its with regard the definition of terrorism: who is terrorist and who is not terrorist? For us in Syria, all those who are fighting the government are terrorists. Of course here we are excluding the national Opposition, those who are not using arms against their own country and their own people.

So, for the Russians, when they say they are fighting ISIL and ISIS and all the affiliated groups of ISIS, which all derive from al-Qaeda, as you know–whatever the label they call themselves is, they are all deriving from al-Qaeda.  So we are here fighting the same enemy, theoretically speaking, with the Americans…and the US-led colation to combat terrorism.

So, …we should be specific about…what would be the targets of the Russian-Syrian move in combatting terrorism.”

[MSM puppet ‘journalist’: blah blah, barrel bombing by the ‘regime’…]

Dr. al-Ja’afari:

“Humbly speaking…we are not a ‘regime’, we are a legitimate government of a sovereign country-member of the United Nations. We are a government equal to other governments including the American administration.”