Israel initiates bloodbath on Gaza… which continues 4 days later

*injured Palestinians from Israel’s latest attacks on Gaza (photo by: Mohamed Majdalawi)

As Gaza endures its 4th day of intense bombing from Israeli F-16s, V58 fighter planes, Apache helicopters, UAVs and warships, please take the time to look at these websites and read these key articles:

Mohamed Majdalawi, Palestinian, Jabaliya camp, photos and thoughts

Omar Ghraeib, Palestinian from Gaza website and photos

Jenny Graham: Irish in Gaza

Ali Abunimah:   “Mowing the lawn”: On Israel’s latest massacre in Gaza and the lies behind it:

Israel provoked this violence and according to some Israeli commentators its goals are to escalate pressure for war with Iran and to drag Hamas away from diplomacy and back into violence.

Sunday’s victims of the Israeli bombing included Ayoub Useila, 12, of Jabalya refugee camp, whose seven year-old cousin was injured, and Adel al-Issi, 52, a farmer near Gaza City. Others suffered horrifying injuries, as recounted by doctors at Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital. post continues

1st views of Attattra, northwestern Gaza

On  January 18, the first day that Israel stopped most of the bombing all over Gaza (navy shelling continues to this moment), after learning that my friend’s father was alive in eastern Jabaliya, I went on to Attatra, the northwest region, which had been cut off since Israeli troops invaded.  As expected, the destruction was great, the death toll high and still unknown.  People streamed in both directions: going to see how their homes had fared or leaving from the wreckage and bringing as many surviving possessions as possible.

“This is our main road,” Yusef said dryly, gesturing at the undulating pavement and sand that served the towns in this region. “There should be houses here. Now there is nothing,” he added, seemingly more to himself than to me. post continues

the white phosphorous bombed and machine-gunned Wafa rehabilitation hospital

front of the Wafa hospital, used as target practise by IOF soldiers invading from eastern Gaza-Israel Green Line border during 2008-2009 Israeli war on Gaza

By Eva Bartlett

The streets leading from the seriously-damaged Wafa rehabilitation centre in Sheijaiyee were filled with black filth smelling of sewage. The hospital, attacked on January 12th with a chemical bomb that may well be white phosphorus and which set fire to the roof, and whose 4 different buildings were shelled intensely on January 15th, is trying to re-build and re-open, as is the shelled, burned, seriously-damaged al Quds hospital in Tel el Hawa, Gaza city. post continues

a few short updates: continued Israeli shelling, F-16s and drones after the ceasefire

**ambulance which Arafa Abd al Dayem was loading when he was shelled by an Israeli tank dart bomb, dying shortly after being shredded by the thousands of razor-sharp darts. The ambulance was unrecoverable until two days ago, when access finally became possible to the Attrata area where Arafa was murderded and where corpses lay unretrieved.

10:12 am. 1st Day of “Cease-fire” January 18

F-16 rips overhead, very low, very loud, terrifying.Newly terrified children’sscreams. Drones buzz. People venturing home on foot, donkey cart, taxi…

**4 people killed this day by Israeli forces: 2 farmers in southern Gaza, a mother, a child in Beit Hanoun.

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Today was the first day that medics and journalists were able to reach areas occupied by the invading Israeli troops. Palestinians by this point, by weeks ago, were desperate for any semblance of a normal life, though normality here is far from normality anywhere else. They were desperate to return to their homes, survey the damage and if possible repair it, find displaced family members, or their corpses, as well as neighbours, friends. post continues

burning al Quds: one of Gaza’s remaining functional hospitals bombed in Israel’s war on Gaza

UPDATE: at least 23 are believed to have been killed in the Tel el Hawa invasion alone.

In the early hours of January 15, the Israeli army which had invaded and occupied the Tel el Hawa region, began shelling and firing heavily on the al Quds hospital and surrounding apartment buildings and shops. Residents of that newest region to be attack were sent fleeing, to join hoards of displaced, sheltering with families -if lucky-or in schools, if truly desperate. Medics and volunteers inside the hospital report at least 150 calls that were not being answered because medics’ and ambulances’ movement had been halted by the presence of tanks and snipers outside. post continues

white phosphorous mutilated and murdered family members

By Eva Bartlett

It’s daily hard to believe it can get worse, but daily it does.

Last week, I saw what seemed to be the white phosphorus clouds doctors have written about, condemned. From a tall Gaza city building, the panoramic view showed a spreading stream of poison, on eastern Gaza.

The chemical burns deeply, to the bone, experts say. It is considered illegal warfare, not to be used in civilian areas. Yet the accounts grow of its use: heavy use in the Khosar region, east of Khan Younis, and in the northwest of Gaza, and in eastern Jabaliya, Sheik Zayid, Sheik Rajleen, Zaitoun… Everywhere. The UN headquarters housing hundreds of fleeing Palestinians which was bombed on January 15 was hit with white phosphorus.

“Five days ago, in Jabaliya, I saw an abnormal material: white dust, spread out in spinning circles which spread the dust further. From inside there was something falling down which looked like snow. It covered a large area, over many houses,” Maher el Madhouan, head of Physiotherapy department in Sheik Radwan had told me last week. post continues