Interviewed by Russian Blogger & Public Figure: From Moscow to Donbass

The other day, I was interviewed by Vadim Manukyan on the Moscow protests but also on issues related to Syria, Gaza, Venezuela and western corporate media propaganda.

*Vadim Manukyan is a blogger, public figure, and an “expert of the Council for the Development of the Information Society and Media at the State Duma”, as described on his Facebook profile.

*Photo by Eva Bartlett. Journalist taking selfie in front of Russian police. Many journalists at the protest had a visible fixation with framing their photos with police. The intent seems clear enough to me. Police, by the way, did not react to this nor to further harassment by journalists.
“Canadian journalist and blogger Eva Bartlett attended an opposition rally on Sakharov Avenue in Moscow on August 10 and called the protesters “the most apathetic she had seen” The journalist shared her thoughts on Facebook.
[Eva note: My emphasis on APATHETIC was to highlight the sense that many of the protesters were not there for reasons to do with “democracy”, etc, but were, lets say, persuaded by other interests… ]
For this “liberty”, according to tradition, some of the Russian social network users harassed her, Eva was accused of “propaganda” and “work for the Russian media”.
In order to clarify the position of Eva Bartlett on all pressing issues, Vadim Manukyan spoke with her specifically for the Federal News Agency.
*Photo by Eva Bartlett. Protesters in Moscow August 10, 2019.


Syria’s Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari, on Russia’s involvement in fighting (international) terrorism in Syria

Syria’s Permanent Representative/Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari (web photo)

*watch interview HERE

*from ~1:00  Dr. al-Ja’afari:

“…There is a kind of misunderstanding, with regard to Russian moves in combatting terrorism in Syria. There is a big problem between the western approach and the Syrian-Russian approach. Its with regard the definition of terrorism: who is terrorist and who is not terrorist? For us in Syria, all those who are fighting the government are terrorists. Of course here we are excluding the national Opposition, those who are not using arms against their own country and their own people.

So, for the Russians, when they say they are fighting ISIL and ISIS and all the affiliated groups of ISIS, which all derive from al-Qaeda, as you know–whatever the label they call themselves is, they are all deriving from al-Qaeda.  So we are here fighting the same enemy, theoretically speaking, with the Americans…and the US-led colation to combat terrorism.

So, …we should be specific about…what would be the targets of the Russian-Syrian move in combatting terrorism.”

[MSM puppet ‘journalist’: blah blah, barrel bombing by the ‘regime’…]

Dr. al-Ja’afari:

“Humbly speaking…we are not a ‘regime’, we are a legitimate government of a sovereign country-member of the United Nations. We are a government equal to other governments including the American administration.”

RT outs Rami Abdulrahmn (SOHR), source of lies and vitriol against Syria

Remember this when you see the next MSM report citing this sell-out, Imperialist-tool. His “sources” are “unnamed activists” allegedly in Syria; the MSM and HR industry quotes him as truth. In the latest example, on October 1st, Rami/SOHR falsely claimed Russian airstrikes killed 30 Syrian civilians in Homs.

Other media followed suit. 21st Century Wire called out these lies, noting:

The Independent, a British media outlet, says that activists’ in Homs and Hama provinces have posted images and video online claiming to show Russian planes bombing groups of non-Isis rebels who are fighting Bashar al-Assad’s forces‘.

There are numerous glaring problems with this assessment. The first, obviously, being that anonymous ‘activists’ provided the information. The second being that the video that news outlet links to shows no jets at all, let alone ‘Russian planes’. “

In any case, according to Russia’s President Putin, as reported in Sputnik News, “As for any information in the media on civilians suffering [from Russian airstrikes], we were ready for such information attacks. I draw your attention to the fact that the first reports on civilian casualties emerged before our planes even left the ground.”

Enjoy the video on Osama Suleiman… sorry, “Rami Abdul Rahman” as he goes by…


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Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban on the Russia-Syria cooperation against (nato’s) terrorism