very interesting! “US Culture and the Syrian Migration Role – Dr. Bashar Jaafari”

This was from 2013, before the US put a travel restriction of 25 miles on Ambassador al-Ja’afari.  Prior to that, he was fulfilling his role as a diplomat and meeting with Syrian-Americans who both desired to hear him speak and also wanted updates on their country.  Very worthwhile listening!

Dr. Bashar Jaafari, Syrian ambassador to the United Nations hosted by SAF, the Syrian American Forum in Orlando, Florida [filmed by Nizar Abboud and sub-titled by Arabi Souri]


Scoundrels & Gangsters at UN: Silencing the Syrian Narrative, Feb 4, 2015

Interview: Syrian Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari on Sovereignty, Terrorism, and the Failure of the UN, Jan 17, 2015