US exceptionalism: Exploiting certain Syrians, ignoring others

© Eva Bartlett


© Eva Bartlett

June 19, 2019,
-Eva Bartlett

Syria and Russia have been evacuating civilians from yet another region starved by its Western-backed terrorists. But Western corporate media ignore this and instead continue spinning nightmarish war propaganda on Syria.

Predictably, copy-paste Syrian reports emanate from Western governments and corporate media feign concern for civilians in Idlib while negating to mention that the Idlib governorate is an al-Qaeda hotbed.

Back in Syria again, over the ‘Eid holidays, I spoke with residents about life in Damascus now, and highlighted the peace which exists – having been absent for many years prior when terrorists’ mortars rained down on the city.

But I was also interested in highlighting another issue: the evacuation of southeastern Syria’s Rukban Camp which has been under way for months; civilians have been plucked from starvation and intolerable conditions, and delivered to safety with access to food and medical care.

In February, Russia and Syria set up humanitarian corridors to start evacuating civilians to safe areas where they could receive medical treatment and resettle in their home areas or elsewhere.

In June, 2019, I travelled to a point where I could interview evacuees of the Rukban, the unbearable camp near the US-occupied Al-Tanf base.


Mortar Terrorism Over in Damascus, West’s Economic Terrorism Remains

While taking a break from writing yesterday, I wandered the lanes of old Damascus once again and came across a shop & its owner I hadn’t seen since 2014 [].
Back then, he spoke with certainty that peace would return to Damascus, ‘sooner or later’. 
We chatted over tea. Now that peace has returned–in the sense that Damascus is no longer being pounded by mortars and missiles fired from terrorists then-occupying eastern Ghouta–most people I speak with these days are weighed down by the economy, shattered by years of war on Syria and by the criminal Western sanctions.
He spoke of how there used to be so many tourists in Syria, not so much nowadays…
(That said, a friend here is a tour guide, and his work is picking up, he has more groups coming to tour Syria this year…)
“Every day, even during the war, I stayed open. Never closed the shop.”
Syrian steadfastness. 

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Beautiful Damascus streets, filmed over the days of Eid

As charming as these scenes are, I’ve had many tell me over the years, including recently, that holidays are tainted with massive sadness for those martyred and maimed by terrorists and in the fight against terrorism and to restore peace to Syria.

I always feel the need to note that these street scenes of tranquility would be impossible without the sacrifices of the Syrian army and allies, and that until the liberation last year of eastern Ghouta, and Yarmouk and surrounding areas, these streets were being constantly targeted by terrorist mortars and missiles, amounting to *at least* 10,000 civilians murdered in Damascus area alone, although I’ve heard higher estimates.

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Oud in Damascus

Jun 7, 2019
Just got back to Syria yesterday.
It’s Eid now, most offices are closed, meaning until the holidays are over, I’m on vacation. So, what better way to spend a Damascus evening than listening to a marvellous oud player, Abu Mazen? 🙂
*The other man in the video is Abu Ahmed, who loves to sing and is a generally charming person.
Interview with Abu Ahmed, a sage of Old Damascus
Love and life in Old Damascus part 1
Love and life in Old Damascus part 2
Love and life in Old Damascus part 3
Love and life in Old Damascus part 4: Soul singers
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Encounter With Damascus Resident, Who (Like So Many) Speaks of How Western Media Lies About Syria

Jun 8, 2019
Walking the lanes of Old Damascus yesterday, I met a local resident and chatted with him a bit. Don’t have time to subtitle, but (from around 1:50) he said the situation was improved, and when I mentioned that a couple of years ago there was the constant mortaring (from terrorists in eastern Ghouta) and now no, he went on to praise President Assad, saying he has a strong heart and loves the Syrian people.
He also, notably, said western media speaks about Syria and President Assad, “that he is not good”. He obviously disagreed with this, and chided European/Western media for its lies, said people who live here (in Syria) know the truth.
He expanded on this in his courtyard and, since I already knew I won’t have time to subtitle, I tried to summarize his words while he spoke.
Another simple video from Syria, nothing flashy, no special effects, no media team behind me. Just me and my mobile phone camera, walking and talking to average Syrians–voices deliberately excluded by western corporate media.
Also lovely Old Damascus ambience and lanes 🙂
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Fascinating Damascus Shop, No Silly MSM Backpack-Sniffing, Terrorist-Endorsing, Sensationalism ;)

Jun 7, 2019
Most of the responses to videos I’ve uploaded showing scenes of peace and interesting Syrian life have been positive. Now and then I get a snarky comment about being a tourist… (ignoring that I am actually waiting for Eid to finish and the chance to move around Syria again).
I personally feel it is important to show these ordinary scenes and shops (actually, quite extraordinary!), and to always highlight that prior to the liberation of eastern Ghouta, and Yarmouk, and Hajjar al-Aswad, this peace was marred by terrorist mortars and missiles. [See also: UN Feigns Outrage Over Ghouta While Terrorist Rockets Rain Down on Damascus, February 2018]
Further, prior to the US and allies orchestrated war on Syria, Syria was one of the safest countries to visit and live in–I’ve had Syrians telling me this since 2014 when I first had the chance to come here.
So, yes, ‘normality’ in the sense that bombs aren’t falling on Damascus… but extraordinary given the mishmash of history and culture tucked into this one little shop. Beautiful Syria.
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Liberate Syria’s Idlib, precisely for the civilians that America fakes concern over


Um Ahmad, an Idlib civilian tormented by terrorism. © Eva Bartlett

May 25, 2019,

-Eva Bartlett

Western media and politicians are crying for Al-Qaeda in Syria again. It doesn’t get much more absurd than this!

After years of brutal occupation by terrorists from various groups and now overwhelmingly Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (aka Al-Nusra, aka Al-Qaeda in Syria), Idlib governorate will eventually, by political or military means, be liberated. For now, military operations to liberate nearby northern Hama and southern Idlib villages are already under way.

Idlib, occupied by at least 70,000 terrorists, is the last remaining stronghold of Al-Qaeda in Syria – a fact emphasized by the US’ own former special envoy, Brett McGurk, who deemed the northwestern Syrian province the “largest Al-Qaeda safe-haven since 9/11.

Yet, corporate media continue to deliberately overlook the presence of Al-Qaeda, instead writing of an Idlib that somehow, in the world of the Guardian, for example, is Al-Qaeda-free.

The liberation of Idlib, and also Hama, Latakia and Aleppo countrysides, will mean not only an end to terrorists’ incessant bombing of civilians, but also an end to the savage rule of terrorists – rule which in every prior instance around Syria has meant imprisonment, torture, and public executions of civilians by sword or point-blank assassination, starvation, rape of women, and even organ theft.

READ MORE: Organ theft, staged attacks: UN panel details White Helmets’ criminal activities, media yawns

Last September, Syria and allies implemented a demilitarized zone and ceasefire around terrorist-occupied areas of Idlib and northern Hama.

Al-Qaeda in Syria unsurprisingly rejected any sort of truce, and continued pounding the civilians of Mhardeh and al-Suqaylabiyah in Hama, and elsewhere within striking range.

Recent terrorist attacks reportedly include shelling on: Al-Suqaylabiyah (killing five civilians, followed by another attack leading to a further death),Masyaf National Hospital (killing 5), and Aleppo (including a May 14 attack which killed eleven civilians, and an April 14 attack which killed 12).