MSM cited Jaysh al-Islam worshippers: my interview on George Galloway’s The Mother Of All Talk Shows

My segment on George Galloway’s May 25 show begins as of 10:52.

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-On New York Times citing pro-Jaysh al-Islam sources in Ghouta: ‘They know that we know they are liars, they keep lying’: West’s war propaganda on Ghouta crescendos

Journalist and analyst Elijah J. Magnier on America’s illegal occupation of Syria (and Iraq), from around 23:20 into the interview.

Resist NOW – Interview with Eva Bartlett (Video)

Exclusively for Syriana Analysis, Marwa Osman interviews the Canadian independent journalist Eva Bartlett right after her return from Syria, where she visited Damascus, Eastern Ghouta, Daraa and Aleppo.

May 21, 2018, Syriana Analysis


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Report Back on Douma and other eastern Ghouta areas, also on Aleppo and Dara’a: Interview on 21st Century Wire

This Is What They Don’t Want You To Know About Syria: Eva Bartlett on Dan Dicks’ Press For Truth

Interview on Syria Insider: Dismantling Media Lies On Syria, Chemical Weapons, the White Helmets

While in Syria, on May 17, 2018, I gave an interview on Syria Insider. I’ve since added corresponding footage or photos to the video, to highlight some of the points I made.

*Editing credits at the end pertain to the original video on Syria Insider, shared here.


Report Back on Douma and other eastern Ghouta areas, also on Aleppo and Dara’a: Interview on 21st Century Wire

Yesterday I was on 21st Century Wire to discuss the recent and false allegations of Syria using chemical weapons against Syrian civilians in Douma, which I visited recently.
21st Century Wire wrote:
“…in the first hour we will go live the Middle East to speak with independent journalist Eva Bartlett to reveal what what really happened in #Douma and how the US and UK media coverage has been intentionally skewed to cover-up the facts on the ground.”
We also spoke of Dara’a, which I visited some days ago, speaking with locals about what really happened in March 2011, when Al Jazeera and other such “credible” media were reporting fabrications on Syria.

Listen to our conversation here.


This Is What They Don’t Want You To Know About Syria: Eva Bartlett on Dan Dicks’ Press For Truth

Dan Dicks writes on Steemit:

We are being lied to about the real agenda for Syria and the middle east.

The truth is this is a decades old plan being carried out with the sole purpose of regime change and control of the entire region. As more bombs continue to drop we are fed more lies from the mainstream media and unless we expose what’s really going on it’s only going to get worse.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Eva Bartlett, an award winning journalist who is currently in Syria documenting what’s been taking place on the grounds in an effort to show the world not only what’s really going on there but also what exactly is at stake! The world could use more brave and courageous people like Eva Bartlett who are willing to put their lives on the line for the causes of freedom, liberty and truth. If you would like to support her efforts check the links to find out how you can contribute.


Interview with Abu Ahmed, a sage of Old Damascus

Screenshot from 2018-05-12 09-59-06 
From Apr 28, 2018, but I then got too busy traveling around Syria to post on my blog.
Abu Ahmed is a fixture in an old Damascus central park. At this park, couples sit, beauty blooms, musicians play, children pass, and Abu Ahmed plies his shoe-repairing trade. But aside from that, he devotes his time to commemorating and respecting the martyrs of the Assyrian genocide, and of the war on Syria and other martyrs.
He’s utterly charismatic, breaks out in (politically astute) song, and loves to meet new people. I’d seen him a couple of years ago among the line of youths sitting along the low wall on the Straight Street side of the small park, many sipping beer or arak, and almost all singing along with whoever was strumming oud (including Abu Ahmed).
The other day I happened across him and–he being the affable guy that he is–did an interview with him. It was brilliant! The sound didn’t record 😦
I went back, with Lebanese political activist Hadi Nasrallah, who has been instrumental in on the spot translating (thank you for relieving me of the pain of subtitling), to redo the interview.
Just as we arrived, so did the rain. Here is the re-interview with Abu Ahmed, some interruption due to rain. If you’d like a clearer version, please come to Syria and speak with this wise man. 😀 🇸🇾️


Scenes from Aleppo’s old city, renewed life around the Citadel


Walking around the stunning Aleppo citadel yesterday was walking in an Aleppo I had not seen. The Aleppo I knew since July 2016 was a city being incessantly pounded by terrorists’ mortars, gas canister bombs, missiles, explosive bullets, and more.

Then, the Citadel itself was off-limits due to the very real likelihood of being sniped by one of the ‘moderate’ freedom-bringing terrorists (by Nov 2016, nearly 11, 000 civilians had been killed by these moderates).

Women smoking shisha in public (or at all) was unthinkable under the rule of al-Qaeda and co-terrorists…much less women being human beings and having personalities, identities, ideas.

Western leaders and their lapdog media tell us that Syrians are oppressed. These same voices fail to come to liberated areas and speak with Syrians liberated from the oppressors who made their lives hell, murdered their loved ones, destroyed their heritage, infrastructure and property.

The terrorists, under the command of/facilitated by Western, Turkish, Gulf and Zionist backers, intended to destroy Syria’s future.

But Syrians proved them to be idiots–idiots with no clue as to just how damn resilient Syrians are, and how determined Syrians are to chose a future of peace and sovereignty, and a continuation of this amazing, cultured society that is secular Syria.