Another Syrian journalist murdered. MSM silent.


Another Syrian journalist killed while reporting on the terrorism of armed anti-government groups in Syria. Scarcely a peep out of MSM three days after his murder. Were this a Western journalist, you can bet that the headlines would be blaring outrage against this heinous murder. There is a FB memorial page for Thaer. CLICK HERE and share widely. It is important that the deaths of brave Syrian and other Arab journalists be recognized and remembered.

SANA news:

“Late al-Ajlani, reporter of Sham FM Radio, was killed on Monday morning while covering the continued operations of the army and armed forces against Takfiri terrorist organizations in Jobar neighborhood on the eastern outskirts of Damascus City.

Syria’s national media has followed up the war launched by Syrian Arab Army against Takfiri terrorism in all areas over the past years based on its keenness on conveying a true image about what is taking place on the ground and on unmasking the crimes of terrorists and their supporters as a number of journalists have been killed and others have been injured and the media institutions have been targeted for many times.”

“Martyr journalist Ajlani dedicated his life to serve his homeland and he was an example of the national journalist who is committed to his homeland issues.”–Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem

Terrorism from Damascus’s perspective

Eva Bartlett:

from Stephen Gowans’ excellent blog

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Below are excerpts from a July 26, 2015 speech Syrian president Bashar al-Assad delivered in Damascus.

On the West’s double standards on terrorism

[Western powers] call it terrorism when it hits them, and call it revolution, freedom, democracy, and human rights when it hits us. There, its perpetrators are terrorists, and here, they are rebels and moderate opposition. They scream at the top of their voices whenever they are touched by a spark of fire while they fall deathly silent when we are burned by it.

On humanitarian intervention

Let them permit the opposition in their countries to bear arms and kill and destroy and keep calling them opposition, or permit them to become proxies or let other states decide what is the ruling system for them should be, then we will believe and accept their old recipes that have always been used to justify an aggression or interference in…

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Boston: “Peace for Syria” Rally


Friends in or near the Boston area, please attend this rally for peace and in support of sovereign Syria.

When: Sat July 25 at 1:00 pm-3:00 pm EDT

Where: Copley Square, Boston (at intersection of Boylston street and Darymouth street)

FB event page

Syrian American Forum website

“Peace in Syria is long overdue. The conflict is in its fifth year and going unabated. Terrorism is on the rise, extremists are recruited all over the world, including in the U.S. Some are from here, our town of Boston. It is high time the administration acknowledges that its Syria policy has to change.

Paul Larudee: “Mythology, Barrel Bombs, and Human Rights Watch”

-by Paul Larudee, Counter Punch

To read Human Rights Watch and the western mainstream media, the Syrian government army is inflicting massive casualties upon the Syrian civilian population, most especially through the use of “barrel bombs”.  Thousands of bombs have been dropped, inflicting thousands of casualties.
But wait a minute.  Doesn’t that imply one casualty per bomb?
Credible and reliable facts and figures are notoriously hard to come by, but Human Rights Watch intrepidly goes where angels fear to tread.  They are the only ones that provide both casualty and bomb counts for a given period of time, from February, 2014 through January, 2015.  According to them, more than 1,450 bombs – mostly “barrel” bombs – were dropped on the areas of Daraa and Aleppo covered by the report.  HRW also reports 3,185 civilian casualties from aerial attacks for the same time period and in the same places.  So roughly two casualties per bomb, even if you accept that a lot of “civilians” are actually fighters and that HRW and its sources are hardly unbiased.


Updates from Aleppo

Words from a Syrian living in Aleppo:

“Nothing much took place in the city within the last week. “Normal” launching and shelling in the background. For the first time for me, I saw some mortars from the national army shelled at the terrorist areas at night, reddish slow mortars flying in the sky, then I wait for like 20 seconds after they disappeared from my sight, then the “booom” noise. People with experience in directions and areas would say right a way that this is against this or that nest area of terrorists, but I don’t know. Those were definitely not a jet rocket nor the so-called “barrel bombs”. As i said, it’s pretty slow. The rockets launched from ground are way faster and much noisier . The ones from jets had different voice as well. In general, it’s pretty”normal”, and relatively “calm”.

As for Taduf/Tâdef, it’s a village in Aleppo province, famous with it’s purple eggplants. I can’t know what happened over there, if it was real or not. This is the first time for me to read such news from over there.

The other news from both the 2 Shii’a villages in the north, and Zabadânî mountainous village between Damascus and the Lebanese borders are mostly true. The terrorists attacked the villages in Aleppo and killed civilians. Those 2 villages are under siege since 2012 or so, I mean, the resistance against the terrorists is a real legend. At Zabadani, the terrorists are losing in front the Syrian army and Lebanese Resistance (Hezbollah).