A letter to the UN concerning the situation in Yemen

May 27, 2015, IHRC

We the undersigned urge you to spare no effort to bring the warring sides in Yemen to implement an immediate ceasefire for humanitarian and political purposes

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

United Nations

New York, NY 10017

United States


Wedensday 27 May 2015

Dear Secretary General,

We wish to draw your attention to the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen.

Since the statement of the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen of 4 May 2015 in which he called on the Saudi-led coalition to cease its bombing of Sana’a airport so that aid could enter the country warplanes have continued to bombard towns and cities across the country.

The coalition has ignored those calls and in fact intensified its military campaign. In recent days it has declared the whole of Saada a military target forcing tens of thousands of civilians to flee the city. However many more people remain trapped, unable to escape.

This declaration amounts to collective punishment as it is disproportionate in scale and fails to distinguish between military targets and the sanctity of civilians and civilian infrastructure, which amounts to a war crime.

Syria is Fighting Terrorism on Behalf of the World–Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari

May 4, 2015

“There is no secret anymore what’s going on in Syria. Anybody who has some doubts or scepticism with regard to what’s going on in Syria, he has a problem nowadays…Otherwise, is it a coincidence that after four years of total denial, the 15 heads of states or government of the 15 memebers of the SC came all together to endorse the Security Council Resolution 2178, which condemns/prohibits all kinds of sponsoring of terrorism, all kinds of involvement of terrorism, all kinds of cross-border mercenary operations..? Is it a coincidence? It is not. It is not, because even those who are somehow involved in the Syrian bloodshed came to SC to endorse this resolution.

It is not a ‘civil war’ in Syria. It is not. Some others say, ‘It’s a dictatorship killing its own people’. It’s not.

Some others say its about animosity and hatred among those living in Syria. It is not. Here and there you will hear different versions about what is going on it Syria. But none of these versions is accurate.

The only truth is that the war in Syria is a war between terrorism and the Syrian governement, and nothing else.

We want peace, we want genuine peace, peace of the braves. But we will never capitulate, we will never surrender. We want a genuine peace, a peace that preserves the identity of Syria. A peace worked out by the Syrians themselves, without any foreign intereference. A peace that will not lead to the division of Syria. A peace that will preserve the co-existence, co-habitation… you name it… cohesion… I don’t like any of these words, but for the sake of the conversation, I’m saying it. We don’t need coexistence or cohabitation or cohesion, or whatever, in Syria, these words are artificial.

We need to be Syrians, full-stop. This is how we lived for thousands of years, and this is how we intend to continue living on our homeland.”


The Real Syrian Moderates: Voices of Reason (Mufti Hassoun & Dr Bouthaina Shaaban), Mar 15, 2015

-Scoundrels & Gangsters at UN: Silencing the Syrian Narrative, Feb 4, 2015

-Interview: Syrian Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari on Sovereignty, Terrorism, and the Failure of the UN, Jan 17, 2015

“They want to start a religious war; we want to extinguish it” – Mufti of Syria, Jun 1, 2014

I Have Witnessed A Crime Against Humanity! – A Message from Caleb Maupin in the Port of Djibouti


From the Port of Djibouti in North Africa, it is with great sadness and burning outrage that I announce that the voyage of the Iran Shahed Rescue Ship has concluded. We will not reach our destination at the Port of Hodiedah in Yemen to deliver humanitarian aid.

The unsuccessful conclusion of our mission is the result of only one thing: US-backed Saudi Terrorism.
Yesterday, as it appeared our arrival was imminent, the Saudi forces bombed the port of Hodiedah. They didn’t just bomb the port once, or even twice. The Saudi forces bombed the port of Hodiedah a total of eight times in a single day!

The total number of innocent dock workers, sailors, longshoremen, and bystanders killed by these eight airstrikes is still being calculated.

Furthermore, the Yemeni revolutionaries arrested 15 people yesterday, who were part of a conspiracy to attack our vessel. The plan was to attack the Iran Shahed when we arrived, and kill everyone onboard, including me.

New York Times Complicit in Spreading False Syria Allegations

Originally posted on what's left:

By Stephen Gowans

The New York Times ran an article on May 12 suggesting that the Syrian government has held back some of its chemical weapons and is using them against rebel fighters. Significantly, the allegation was backed by no evidence, yet the newspaper chose to run the story anyway.

In their story (“Inspectors in Syria find traces of banned military chemicals”) reporters Somini Sengupta, Marlise Simons and Anne Barnard cited a conclusion drawn by an anonymous Western diplomat who was briefed on findings by inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The inspectors had reportedly found traces of toxic nerve agents in Syria. The diplomat was quoted as saying that there’s a “strong suspicion” that the Syrians “are retaining stockpiles which are being held back.”

However, a close reading of the article showed that there was not one whit of evidence to back up…

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Call White House! Let Red Crescent ship with humanitarian supplies to Yemen pass! No Blockade!

International Action Center

URGENT! Call the White House! The US and Saudi Arabia Must Not Attack a Civilian Relief Vessel! Let the Aid Ship Pass!

The US and Saudi Arabia are threatening to attack a humanitarian aid ship on the high seas! International observers, including US citizens,  are aboard. This would be piracy and an act of war! Call the White House now at 202-456-1414 and 202-456-1111 and say: Let the aid ship pass!

The ship Rescue, chartered by the Red Crescent Society of Iran, is now approaching the coast of Yemen. It carries 2,500 tons of medicine and humanitarian aid for the thousands of Yemeni children, women and men wounded and hundreds of thousands displaced by Saudi bombing. It has international observers aboard. including IAC activist Caleb Maupin.

The Saudi  bombing and blockade of Yemen is Washington’s war, The brutal, corrupt, oil-rich Saudi monarchy does nothing without a green light from the White House and the Pentagon!

Defying “The Vulture Consensus” on Syria

*Tim Anderson graphic

Interesting FB discussion, prompted by Eric Draitser (StopImperialism.com ) sharing an article [Syrian Regime is Going Down in Flames] and asking, particularly from Syrians, for feedback. He gave his own critque of the artilce afterwards.

Max Syrian (a Syrian analyst living IN Damascus, also an NDF soldier):

1- Mr. Lvov starts his whole article on the arguable idea that what’s going on in Syria is a “civil war”, when only an ignorant person wouldn’t know that what’s happening (military-wise) is a war between Syrian Army (and allies, local and not) one one side, and multinational death squads coming from more than 80 countries around the world, getting direct support from Turkey, KSA and Qatar, and indirect support from NATO (U.S.A mainly).

2- Mr. Lvov claims that the Syrian regime in Damascus seems to be “crumbling”, and offers no actual evidence to support that theory, while at the same time he clearly states that the Syrian Army is scoring one victory after another.

3- Mr. Lvov’s “signs of the actual collapse of the Syrian state” are no where to be found in the article, but who cares? a Ph.D says so, you listen and believe!

4- Mr. Lvov speaks of Syria’s dependence on its allies from abroad, which is “on the ground” not true. As a Syrian citizen, living in Syria, and being in the National Defense Forces myself, I see the opposite: more people inside Syria are showing more support to the Army after what they’ve seen from the other sides (FSA, Al-Nusra, ISIS.. etc), while the support from Iran, Iraq and Hizbullah remains strong. The only explanation I can think of for Mr. Lvov’s idea is that he had no idea how strong said support was from the beginning, or that he can see soldiers in Syria that we Syrians can’t see.

Hezbollah, Syria, and Historical Memory: A Tale of Two Nakbas


May 18, 2015, Counter Punch

-Eric Draitser

Last week, millions around the world marked the 67th anniversary of the Nakba – literally “the disaster” or “the catastrophe” in Arabic – commemorating the seizure of Palestinian land and transformation of historic Palestine into modern Israel. Naturally, there is little ambiguity among pro-Palestine activists that the Nakba represents the opening salvo in the ongoing war perpetrated by Israel and Zionism against the people of Palestine; it is the continuing war of gradual (and not so gradual) erasure of Palestinian culture, Palestinian ethnic identity, and Palestinian collective memory. The weapons in this war range from Israeli bombs, to Zionist propaganda that seeks to dehumanize the Palestinian people, robbing them of both their agency and their humanity, their land and their livelihoods.

But these facts are only controversial when facing the barrage of pro-Israeli propaganda either in the media, or as parroted by liberal Zionists whose humanity and compassion somehow does not extend to a tiny strip of land called Gaza, or the disjointed and disfigured territory known as the West Bank. Indeed, most people of conscience have come to see the self-evident injustice of the Nakba and the occupation; they recognize the apartheid and continuing oppression of the Palestinian people, correctly believing this struggle to be one of the great injustices of the contemporary world.

However, there is another Nakba, another catastrophe, that is ongoing today that even many pro-Palestinian voices fail (or choose not) to see – the war on Syria, Iraq, and indeed much of the region. For while 1948 saw the destruction of whole villages, extermination of families, displacement of millions, and the stealing of land throughout Palestine, so too have the last few years seen a similar phenomenon in Syria and Iraq. But while the rape of Palestine is a cause around which millions all over the world can unite, the war on Syria and Iraq has left much of the international movement divided. Many even today refuse to see this continuing war as even a war at all; it is “sectarian conflict,” it is “merely a proxy war,” and many argue that “all sides should be condemned.” But is this really true? Or, are these merely the empty platitudes of intellectual and moral cowards who prefer to stick with just Palestine because Syria and Iraq are “not their issue”?