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Interviewed by Russian Blogger & Public Figure: From Moscow to Donbass

The other day, I was interviewed by Vadim Manukyan on the Moscow protests but also on issues related to Syria, Gaza, Venezuela and western corporate media propaganda.

*Vadim Manukyan is a blogger, public figure, and an “expert of the Council for the Development of the Information Society and Media at the State Duma”, as described on his Facebook profile.

*Photo by Eva Bartlett. Journalist taking selfie in front of Russian police. Many journalists at the protest had a visible fixation with framing their photos with police. The intent seems clear enough to me. Police, by the way, did not react to this nor to further harassment by journalists.
“Canadian journalist and blogger Eva Bartlett attended an opposition rally on Sakharov Avenue in Moscow on August 10 and called the protesters “the most apathetic she had seen” The journalist shared her thoughts on Facebook.
[Eva note: My emphasis on APATHETIC was to highlight the sense that many of the protesters were not there for reasons to do with “democracy”, etc, but were, lets say, persuaded by other interests… ]
For this “liberty”, according to tradition, some of the Russian social network users harassed her, Eva was accused of “propaganda” and “work for the Russian media”.
In order to clarify the position of Eva Bartlett on all pressing issues, Vadim Manukyan spoke with her specifically for the Federal News Agency.
*Photo by Eva Bartlett. Protesters in Moscow August 10, 2019.


Interview on Last American Vagabond: Rukban Camp (Syria) & Gaza

Ryan Cristian of The Last American Vagabond had me on his show to discuss Syria & Palestine.
“In this interview we go over the US-run al-Rukban internment camp in Syria and what these people have been forced to endure even as the MSM ignores their plight, as well as some of what Eva saw while living in Palestine, the parallels between the two atrocities, and the governmental ties that bind them.”
*Note: As I update (July 25), Ryan informed me that Youtube has demonitized this particular upload on his channel.Consider supporting Ryan on his Patreon account.

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Nine years ago, the day that the Israeli bombardment of Gaza began


Nine years ago, the day that the Israeli bombardment of Gaza began.

Here is a collection of my writings/ updates from those weeks of relentless, indiscriminate, bombings, including with White Phosphorous, on civilian areas and hospitals, killing over 1400 Palestinians, the vast majority civilians.

Eva Bartlett Interview – Gaza, Syria and North Korea: The Truth Behind The Lies

An interview on The Last American Vagabond, November 18.  Please do check out his other videos and support his work! Follow him here:

In his introductory remarks, he writes:

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the Truth is truly a  revolutionary act, and that has never been more apparent than in today’s  hyper-partisan climate, where facts no longer hold sway, and one’s  opinion is now only as strong as the crowd that surrounds it. It has  been conditioned over many years into the masses that the way they feel,  is now more important than the facts at hand. Now some may say that is a  good thing, that information is so manipulated today, that all we have  is the way we feel, our gut instincts. But once we realize that our  feelings have long been programmed and manufactured by way of news media  and entertainment, the very feelings we are now being told to trust, we  begin to see the long-term agenda at play — the manufactured consent  of the masses. So it has never been more important to question  everything, to trust in facts, to trust in what we can prove, as we in  the independent media must do better, we must be better, or we will wake  up down the line, and realize that we have become the very thing we  once despised. And no one embodies the journalistic integrity that is  all but absent in MSM today, more so than Eva Bartlett.

Eva is, in my opinion, one of the last surviving investigative journalists, she has made a name for herself as an independent writer and rights activist by traveling to places such as Gaza, Syria, and North Korea, and revealing to the world the stark contrast between want we are told is happening there, and what is actually taking place.”


“Only then, when the soldiers knew for certain that they had put an end to this ambulance’s mission, did the shelling stop.”


from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society:

“PRCS’ Emergency Medial Technician (EMT) A’aed Al Bura’i (27) received a call at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday the 26th of July, indicating several civilian casualties in Al Masreen Street to the East of Beit Hanoun. When the call came in through their ambulance radio, A’aed and two of his colleagues were parked close to Al Masreen Street in line with the Emergency Plan implemented by PRCS’ Emergency Center in Northern Gaza, aimed at deploying ambulances in various areas to ensure their speedy access to targeted zones.

A’aed told the ambulance driver to head to the targeted street. A’aed, who started working as a volunteer with PRCS’ Emergency Medical Services three years ago, insisted on being there for PRCS’ and for all Palestinians during this Israeli offensive. He refused to sit idly at home with his wife and two babies, the eldest of whom is less than two years old, joining PRCS’ teams and volunteers in the field.

In less two minutes, the ambulance was 50 meters away from Al Masreen Street, where several Israeli shells left tens of Palestinian casualties. A’aed took the ambulance’s two-way radio in his hand to inform the EMS center that they were now very close to the scene when the ambulance came under intense and direct fire from the Israeli occupation army.

The ambulance turned right to avoid the shots, but Israeli tanks were adamant on preventing it from reaching the scene. A tank shell was fired at the ambulance, hitting it in the back. The force of the explosion was such that the three men flew off the ground, with bleeding wounds and shrapnel injuries. The worst wounds were those sustained by A’aed. The explosion took one of his legs while shrapnel wounded him in the head, the neck and the hand.

stories from the border, where donkeys and carts are potential threats to Zionist security


The Israeli army killed a Palestinian civilian in the southern Gaza Strip and wounded 42 civilians, including 7 children along the border fence in the Gaza Strip from Nov 22-29 (source: PCHR)

The Israeli soldiers saw us. They were speaking at us, but they didn’t tell us to leave,” says Haithem Abu Dagga. “About eight soldiers moved past the electric fence and towards the interior fence about 30 metres inside Palestinian land, where we were standing. After only a few minutes they began shooting.”

The Israeli soldiers were by this point roughly 5 metres away, he says.

Haithem, a lean young man from Abassan, a rural farming area east of Khan Younis, speaks in short sentences as he tells his story of being shot point-blank by an Israeli soldier. He relates the shooting with no drama, as though he’s speaking of an everyday event. Which, unfortunately, for Gaza’s farmers is more or less true. CONTINUE READING

Killing before the Calm: Israeli Attacks on Palestinian Civilians Escalated before Cease-fire

*Nader Abu Mghaseeb, 14, killed by targeted Israeli drone bombing two hours before the “cease-fire” while going to get food for his family.
-by Eva Bartlett

**NOTE: contains graphic images…reality of Palestinians under occupation and continuous Israeli attacks.

Nov 21, al Aqsa hospital, Deir al Balah. At approximately 2pm, Mubarak Ibrahim Abu Houly, 24, was walking among the olive trees on his land when the drone hit him, tore off his left leg… not that it mattered…he was instantly dead.  CONTINUE READING

targeting medics

Today, three years ago, an Israeli sniper shot this man, shooting at both he and his colleague, as well as towards the ambulance I was in.

When Hassan and Jamal approached a body in the road, it was during the first day of Israeli-declared “cease-fire hours”, supposed humanitarian hours when civilians were to be allowed to move about without fear of Israeli bombing, shelling or shooting.

Hassan, a Palestinian Red Crescent medic, was uniformed, as was Jamal a volunteer with the Red Crescent. The ambulance I was in was flashing its lights and siren.  The stretcher the two men carried was flat, blood-stained from other martyrs, but quite obviously just a stretcher.  And when Hassan and Jamal walked from the Dawar Zimmo intersection of eastern Jabaliya towards our ambulance, sides to their sniper predator, their hands were full with the dead body they carried.

At this point, walking away from wherever the sniper was huddled (typically 2nd or 3rd floors of homes whose wall has been bored with sniper firing holes), the Israeli soldier began shooting at them, and us. Hassan and Jamal ran for it, body and all, until bringing the body back was impossible. Dropping it, they stumbled and ran for their lives. post continues

Israeli attacks on emergency workers still affecting Gaza’s safety

Aug 9, 2010 (IPS) By Eva Bartlett– Outside the battered Civil Defence station in northern Gaza’s Jabalia region, Mohammed Zidan, a seven-year veteran of fire-fighting and rescue services, stands on crutches in front of battered Civil Defence vehicles.

Zidan, 31, lost his right leg during the 2008-2009 Israeli war on Gaza. He is one of more than 30 Civil Defence workers who were injured during the Israeli attacks. Another 13 were killed, eight of them in the first series of F-16 bombings on Dec. 27, 2008.
post continues

affecting and affected

Abu Basel (right) is one of the long-termers, having served over 20 years as a medic in Gaza.

“Who will take care of people if not us? Someone has to do this work. Without medics, who will care for the injured? Everyone has something to contribute,” he replied to the question ‘why do you do such dangerous work?’

Dangerous work.  Being a medic hardly seems dangerous…anywhere else.  But in a place like Palestine, medics have to contend with more than tending to the injured or bringing in the dead.  They have to be aware of Israeli soldiers’ shooting, shelling from Apaches, F-16s, tanks, the sea…of being detained at military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank or during Israeli invasions into Gaza. post continues