farming under fire in the border region

ISM Gaza Strip videos:

Farming Under Fire: Abassan Jedida,  Thursday 5th February, 2009 [ISM-Gaza Strip]

Israeli Soldiers Shooting at Farmers in Abassan Jedida: 12th February 2009

Israeli Military Shoot Gaza Farmer – 18th February 2009

Israeli Occupation Forces Fire on Farmers & Internationals: 24th February 2009, Khoza’a, Gaza Strip

Khoza’a – 31st March 2009

Khoza’a 05/04/09

Shooting the Donkey (as Old Woman Hides Behind it) – Israel’s Open-Fire PolicyAl Faraheen, 7th April 2009

Al Faraheen – 13th April 2009

Arson at Juhr Addik fields, Gaza Strip, 04/05/2009

Israeli attack in Letaemat, Gaza Strip 7/5/2009

Resisting the Zionist Gun – Part 1: Letaemat 07/05/2009

Resisting the Zionist Gun – Part 2: Letaemat 09/05/2009

Harvest in the Automated Kill Zone, Part 2 – Khoza’a 24/05/2009

Recovering dead body under Israeli fire (version with effects) -June 14 2009

Rotting in the “Buffer Zone” or “The Shalom of Israel” -June 14 2009

Ahmed Abu Hashish

Farmers Under Fire (compilation video)

Mas’oud, a farmer shot in the chest, in agony

non-violent demonstrations against the Israeli-imposed “buffer zone”

Al Jazeera and other news sites’ videos:

Life on the Green Line (by Fida Qishta)

Gaza the buffer zone (by Fida Qishta)

Harvest in the Buffer Zone (by Fida Qishta)

Gaza farmers devastated by war – 29 Jan 09

Gaza’s agricultural sector on the brink of collapse -November 18, 2007

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