fishing under fire

ISM Videos:

Gazan fisherman shot with ‘dum-dum’ bullets by Israeli forces -14 February 2009

Bullets, Bombs, & Biological Weapons

A Day in the Life of a Gazan Fisherman– 5 October, 2008

Palestinian Fishermen Resist Water Cannon Assault – 8 October, 2008

Israeli Navy Continues Persecution of Fishermen – 18 October 2008

Israeli Navy Wounds Palestinian Fisherman – 26 January 2009

Israeli Navy shoots Gaza Fisherman -14 February 2009

Palestinian boat burning after IOF navy shells –31 August 2009

Palestinian fishermen under Israeli navy fire (compilation of several occasions)

Al Jazeera and other news:

Gaza fishermen face daily dangers – 04 Feb 09

Gaza marine project – and who owns it?

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