My Interviews on Syria

Interview on Al-Ikhbariya TV, Nov 22, 2015

-Interview on Sputnik Orbiting the World, Feb 3, 2018,, republished at In Gaza

-Eva Bartlett speaks on North Korea & Syria (FULL), Jan 31, 2018, Imperialism on Trial

-Eva Bartlett Interview – Gaza, Syria and North Korea: The Truth Behind The Lies, The Last American Vagabond, Nov 18, 2017

-The Corbett Report: “Eva Bartlett Exposes the Lies on Syria”, The Corbett Report, Nov 6, 2017

-Syriana Analysis: “Exclusive interview with Eva Bartlett ”, Syriana Analysis, Oct 4, 2017, republished on In Gaza

-Jimmy Dore Show: “Reporter Actually In S-Y-R-I-A Exposes Media Lies About Everything”, May 5, 2017, The Jimmy Dore Show, republished on In Gaza

-Interview on Rhymes Media Group, April 24, 2017

-US Empire Myth-busting (SYRIA) W/Eva Bartlett,  Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox April 27, 2017

-Interview on Apophenia: “A Talk with Eva Bartlett” [Part 2]

-Interview on Apophenia: “A Talk with Eva Bartlett” [Part 1], Mar 7, 2017 [related links here]

-Syria: Eva Bartlett interviewed by vice presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka, Jan 7, 2017 [also here]

-What’s Behind the Mainstream Media’s Propaganda Campaign Against Syria?, Dec 2016, Loud & Clear

– Extracting Aleppo from the Propaganda December 20, 2016, interview with Dennis J Bernstein

-Interview on Aleppo program, Hone Halab, Nov 12, 2016, Syria TV

-Interview from Castello Road, Aleppo, When Terrorist-fired Mortar Lands, Nov 4 (in Arabic)

-A Different Perspective on Syria w/ Eva Bartlett, Oct 20, 2016, Watching the Hawks (shared on their Facebook page)

-Putting a Human Face to Suffering in Syria w/ Eva Bartlett, Oct 18, 2016, Watching the Hawks (shared on their Facebook page)

Cross Talk, Sep 15, 2016 [related commentary]

-Syrian Narratives: Interview on Sputnik Radio, with notes on In Gaza

-Watching The Hawks, with Sean Stone: “Eva Bartlett Challenges the Corrupt Western Media’s Vision of Syria”, Aug 25, 2016, Watching the Hawks RT

-Life Under Fire in Syria: Interview with Eva Bartlett, Sep 2, 2016,

-Episode #151 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘War by NGO’ with guests Dady Chery, Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Sep 4, 2016, 21st Century Wire

-Eva Bartlett, Live from Damascus, July 24, 2016, Patrick Henningsen, 21st Century Wire

-Eva Bartlett, A Courageous Journalist Who De-constructs The Mass Media’s Lies On The Middle East!, Jun 8, 2016, The Richie Allen Show

– Reporting from Syria and not just on Syria – an interview with Eva Bartlett, The Monitor, Feb 29, 2016 [Listen HERE]

-The Truth About Syria with Eva Bartlett, Feb 21, 2016, Porkins Policy Radio

– Journalist Eva Bartlett: “I’m Back From Syria. The Media Is Lying To You!”, Feb 11, 2016, The Richie Allen Show

-Patrick Henningsen’s Sunday Wire, Feb 7, 2016, 21st Century Wire

-Mehdi Najari with Eva Bartlett, On Syria, Feb 4, 2016 Hidden News

-Time to Grow Up about Syria Propaganda, Jan 27, 2016, Unusual Sources, In Gaza link

-Syria, NGOs, and the Endgame with Eva Barlett: interview by Devon Bowers

-“Real Politik” with Dr. James Tracy, Sep 15, 2015, Real Politik

Interview on Syrian TV, April 2014: “حوار الاخبارية _ ايفا بورتليت، بول لارودي_ من وفد دعاة السلام الى سورية 10 04 2014 “

-Adele J. King: Human Rights activist & journalist Eva Bartlett discusses her insights on Syria, in Dublin, Ireland,summer of 2015


  1. Hi Eva,

    First and foremost, I massively admire you’re work – great job.

    I recently watched the UN Press Conference on Syria from Dec., in it you mentioned the al-Quds hospital being damaged prior to the stories in the MSM about bombings in April.
    You also stated that the Russians had satellite images proving that the hospital was damaged long before that,
    I was wondering if you had access to these images or knew of where to find them?


  2. Hi,

    I can’t seem to upload photos here, so instead I’ll provide a twitter link wherein I uploaded a photo of the still very much intact Quds hospital which MSF had said was hit, “reducing it to rubble”.

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