My Interviews on Syria

Interview on Al-Ikhbariya TV, Nov 22, 2015

-A Different Perspective on Syria w/ Eva Bartlett, Oct 20, 2016, Watching the Hawks (shared on their Facebook page)

-Putting a Human Face to Suffering in Syria w/ Eva Bartlett, Oct 18, 2016, Watching the Hawks (shared on their Facebook page)

Cross Talk, Sep 15, 2016 [related commentary]

-Syrian Narratives: Interview on Sputnik Radio, with notes on In Gaza

-Watching The Hawks, with Sean Stone: “Eva Bartlett Challenges the Corrupt Western Media’s Vision of Syria”, Aug 25, 2016, Watching the Hawks RT

-Life Under Fire in Syria: Interview with Eva Bartlett, Sep 2, 2016,

-Episode #151 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘War by NGO’ with guests Dady Chery, Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley, Sep 4, 2016, 21st Century Wire

-Eva Bartlett, Live from Damascus, July 24, 2016, Patrick Henningsen, 21st Century Wire

-Eva Bartlett, A Courageous Journalist Who De-constructs The Mass Media’s Lies On The Middle East!, Jun 8, 2016, The Richie Allen Show

– Reporting from Syria and not just on Syria – an interview with Eva Bartlett, The Monitor, Feb 29, 2016 [Listen HERE]

-The Truth About Syria with Eva Bartlett, Feb 21, 2016, Porkins Policy Radio

– Journalist Eva Bartlett: “I’m Back From Syria. The Media Is Lying To You!”, Feb 11, 2016, The Richie Allen Show

-Patrick Henningsen’s Sunday Wire, Feb 7, 2016, 21st Century Wire

-Mehdi Najari with Eva Bartlett, On Syria, Feb 4, 2016 Hidden News

-Time to Grow Up about Syria Propaganda, Jan 27, 2016, Unusual Sources, In Gaza link

-Syria, NGOs, and the Endgame with Eva Barlett: interview by Devon Bowers

-“Real Politik” with Dr. James Tracy, Sep 15, 2015, Real Politik

Interview on Syrian TV, April 2014: “حوار الاخبارية _ ايفا بورتليت، بول لارودي_ من وفد دعاة السلام الى سورية 10 04 2014 ”

-Adele J. King: Human Rights activist & journalist Eva Bartlett discusses her insights on Syria, in Dublin, Ireland,summer of 2015


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