some snippets

Radiant Khitam: deaf, Khitam goes to the Atfaluna school for the deaf.  Her birthday was a few weeks ago, and some Beit Hanoun friends came to give her a party. Khitam danced and played musical chairs with her siblings and neighbourhood friends.

Her father was almost as happy as she, saying that this was the most incredible gift, the party thrown by a bunch of community activists from Beit Hanoun.

Animals from a Gaza zoo. The owner told how the zoo started after his son decided he wanted to run one, care for animals and make kids happy.  Theirs is the zoo of the zebronky, the donkey-come-zebra.  But that’s for another entry.

Window at the zoo.

Palestinians again demonstrating against the “buffer zone”, that Israeli-imposed no-go zone, in theory 300 metres but really well over 1 km, up to 2 km in areas.

On this demonstration, April 6, the shooting was very close, up to a few metres away.  Thankfully the 4 shooting injuries of the week before weren’t repeated.

More demonstrations to come, more flags flying and Palestinian civilians defying the annexation of their land.

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