excerpts of Vik

For a while, Vik had a favourite taxi driver in Gaza City: Abu Mahmoud. Vik would call abu M when he wanted to go somewhere within the city. Abu M would pull up in his beaten-up taxi, way past its working days ( a personal car, as most “taxis” are in Gaza) and drive Vik off.

A few times, some of us joined Vik at a local outdoor cafe, to drink coffee or lemonade, smoke Shisha, and type away on our laptops (wi-fi).

Abu Ms taxi was unique, certainly not in its run-downedness, but in its glowing heart. Vik was entraced by it, so was I. Abu M was pretty proud of his heart. Most taxis in Gaza are adorned with hearts and teddy bears (seriously), but Abu Ms glowed.

I keep remembering things about him, but for the moment and posting a number of links, other peoples words or videos of Vik.


Gaza: Stay Human

Dismay and sorrow in hometown of Italian activist

From the place he loved, in memory of Vittorio.

Carlos Latuff cartoon

Vittorio and Israel’s attack on the Intellectual Intifada

Man shot with live ammunition during protest for Vittorio

Salafi leader: Islam prohibits murder

4 thoughts on “excerpts of Vik

  1. Thank you Eva for this, really it brought me to tears, Bless his soul and bless you all for your hard work you do in Gaza. Lots of love Jannah and Mazen.

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