love, life, loss

It’s 9 pm and an engagement party raging in hotel has just started. It’s the usual insanely-loud and energetic music I know from Gaza, Palestine. The small crowd in the courtyard below clap, hoot and cheer for the couple.

The singer is blasting a patriotic, speaking of Syria and the president…”ya Reis, ya baladi…” (my president, my country)…

Life goes on despite the “rebel” mortars shelling Damascus, the “rebel” car bombs tearing into Homs, the martyrs, the (documented) decapitations by the “rebels”, their pillages, their desecration. As with Palestine, the more I get to know Syria, the more personal it does become, knowing that inevitably people who’ve conversed with me will be among the statistics (or friends of mine here who are suffering the loss of their friends)…the sadder I am at at the loss of lives and at the manufactured destruction of a country which many have told me was (is) great, beautiful, rich in history and culture and so much more…

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