Homs: April car bombing testimonies and tomorrow’s Syria election

-by Eva Bartlett

The footage was taken in mid-April but I’ve only just got around to deciphering and translating the Arabic (my apologies for the very rough translation, but I don’t think I’m too far off the mark). It’s important that these people’s voices are heard, because the terrorism they in Homs were facing (and still are, randomly now and then) is being felt in other areas of Syria, particularly in the lead-up to the elections. [apologies for the poor video quality, but in order to upload period I had to make the video smallest size possible]

In the days leading up to Syria’s Presidential elections, the various armed, foreign-backed and foreign-infested “freedom-bringers” are amplifying their terrorist attacks against Syrian civilians all over Syria. Aleppo has been particularly hard-hit the past few days [as well as the past few weeks, with the terrorists cutting off the water supply and more recently Turkey cutting of the flow of the Euphrates].

Press TV reported today:

At least 27 people have been killed in a shelling carried out by foreign-backed militants in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.

Some 80 more people were also injured on Monday after the militants fired more than 50 shells into al-Jamiliyah, al-Meridian and Sa’adallah al-Jabiri neighborhoods in Aleppo.

The recent attacks brought to 50 the number of the people who have been killed in Aleppo over the past three days. On Saturday, 20 people were killed after militants fired 40 mortar shells on several neighborhoods of the flashpoint city.

Also today Press TV re-published a video of ISIL point-blank shooting a teen through the back of his head:

Newly-released video footage shows al-Qaeda-affiliated militants executing a teenager for alleged robbery in eastern Syria as foreign-backed Takfiri groups continue their atrocities against Syrians.

The video, recently surfaced on the Internet, shows militants belonging to the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) shooting dead a teenage boy in public in the eastern Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor.

In Homs province, today, Sana News reported another car bomb attack:

SANA’s correspondent in Homs said that a terrorist car bomb attack took place in the town of al-Haraki in al-Mukharram area east of Homs city, claiming several lives and causing injuries and significant material damage according to preliminary information.

A source at the Interior Ministry said that the bombing was carried out by a tractor pulling a tanker, claiming ten lives and injuring others.

AFP reported on Jun 1 that ISIL killed a 102 year old man and his family.

The 102-year-old was shot dead in his sleep, with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) also killing his son, his grandson, his great-granddaughter and her mother… while attacking Zanuba village in Hama.  Some members of the family were burned alive, others killed in their sleep.

Reuters reported ISIL’s killing of 15 Kurds on May 30:

An al Qaeda renegade group killed 15 Kurdish people, seven of them children, in an attack on a village in northern Syria, a monitoring group and a photographer at the scene said on Friday.

The attack by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which was disowned by al Qaeda’s central command earlier this year, occurred during a six-month-old ISIL offensive against Syrian Kurds and various rebel groups that has weakened the revolt against President Bashar al-Assad and killed thousands.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and a freelance photographer said the attack took place on Thursday near the Kurdish town of Ras al-Ain after militants stormed a village. Ras al-Ain, 600 km (375 miles) from Damascus, is part of Syria’s northeastern oil-producing province of Hasaka, home to many of the million-strong Syrian Kurdish minority.

In one Reuters photograph, six bodies could be seen, including three young boys. A middle-aged woman held one of the bodies.

Sana News reported on May 30 of the mortar killings of 2 civilians in the greater Damascus region:

Damascus Countryside, SANA, Terrorists mortar attack claimed the lives of two citizens and injured 9 others in Danoun Camp in al-Kisweh area in Damascus Countryside.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that a mortar shell fired by terrorists fell on Danoun Camp, claimed the lives of two citizens, including a 4 years old child, and injured 9 others who were admitted to hospitals for treatment.

On May 29, Press TV reported:

ISIL members abducted at least 193 Kurdish civilians, aged from 17 to 70 years, from the town of Qabasin on Thursday.

But in spite of the machinations of various Western and Arab countries–closing their Syrian embassies in order to prevent Syrians abroad from voting–Syrians around the world have been holding rallies in support of the elections. And within Syria, in the face of the insurgents’ terrorism, Syrians throughout Syria–including in Aleppo and other terrorist-attacked areas–have been holding rallies in support of the elections and specifically in support of Bashar al-Assad.

[Idlib, Aleppo, across Syria, Majdal Shams occupied Syrian Golan, Beirut, Australia, the Czech Republic, Belgians and French in Syria to vote…]

Tomorrow will be, to say the least, an historic day.

More reading re tomorrow’s elections:

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7 thoughts on “Homs: April car bombing testimonies and tomorrow’s Syria election

  1. Eva,
    The absolute, full truth about the war, heard directly from the Syrian people from restaurant owners to police/military to university professors, would seem to offer the best chance for their pleas to become widely disseminated and result in global demands/actions to put an end to the conflict.. Thank you for your courageous work.

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