origins (and beneficiaries) of the ISIS virus

Despite the rampant propaganda in the corporate media claiming ISIS really are a result of radical Islam, are a threat to the West, the West/NATO **needs** to bomb Iraq (they’ve already been doing so, of course) and Syria to eradicate ISIS, there are a number of excellent analyses of the origins of ISIS and their usefulness as the current boogeymen.  Listed below:

Who Is ISIS? An open source investigation, James Corbett, Sep 6, 2014

ISIS to the Rescue, Tony Cartalucci, Sep 4, 2014

The Covert Origins of ISIS, SCG, Sep 3, 2014 [VIDEO]

The Atlantic Alliance’s “Holy War” against the Islamic State (ISIS): NATO’s Role in the Recruitment of Islamic Terrorists, According to Israeli Intelligence News Source, Michel Chossudovsky, Sep 5, 2014

ISIS is America’s New Terror Brand: Endless Propaganda Fuels “War on Terror”, James F. Tracy, Sep 1, 2014

ISIS in Iraq stinks of CIA/NATO ‘dirty war’ op, William Engdahl, Jun 24, 2014

Hillary Clinton: “We Created Al Qaeda”. The Protagonists of the “Global War on Terrorism” are the Terrorists, Michel Chossudovsky, Jun 1, 2013

General McInerney acknowledges presence of extremists within so-called moderate faction, VoltaireNet, Sep 3, 2014

John McCain, Conductor of the “Arab Spring” and the Caliph, Thierry Meyssan, Aug 18, 2014

The Islamic State (ISIS) Used to Justify Renewed U.S. “Humanitarian Bombings” in Iraq and Syria, Sara Flounders, Sep 3, 2014 [VIDEO interview]

Steven Sotloff Video Was Released by Intelligence Group linked to Homeland Security and Washington Think Tanks, James F. Tracy, Sep 4, 2014

What the MSM Won’t Tell You About ISIS, Greater Plan To Fragment ME Author of Globalization Of NATO and research associate at the Center for Research on Globalization Mahdi Nazemroaya joins us to discuss the latest about Iraq, interview with Mahdi Nazemroaya, Jun 30, 2014

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