minding the gatekeepers on Syria


-Eva Bartlett

Someone brought to my attention the seemingly innocent question posted on a rather well-followed figure’s FB wall.  Her feigned ignorance is dangerous; she can mislead well-intentioned people who haven’t delved into researching Syria beyond CNN/NY Times and co.

On that note, posting the best of comments on Naomi Wolf’s” “Can anyone report from Syria? … A caveat — Assad has a lot of sophisticated online commentators. Some pro-Assad commentators were on this page a year or two ago — actually warning that the US was trying to find a way to attack Syria. So please, Mark Taliano our Citizen Public Editor asks for grassroots (that is, non-professional non-politically supported) citizen journalism from Syria …”

Nikademus Lawman: “Naomi, since you’re so sure “Assad is a dictator” and not a target of the zioNATO cartel, please find us a SINGLE article from before 2009-2010, when the SAME Takfiri Terrorists that are “ISIS” were called “rebels” were sent into Syria massacring over 200,000 civilians, armed, sponsored, and financed by Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, and other Rothschild “Crown” colonies, like Canada, US, and the UK, that indicates Assad was, at all, someone who wasn’t favored by his people. You can easily use Google filter settings to find such an article. This is a reasonable request, after all, since you are forwarding a false context and should discover that it was inadvertent via this task.

Just show us one. As for what is happening in Syria, it’s quite obvious: the Zionists are balkanizing it, along with Iraq, with delusions to soon hope to balkanize Iran, in line with Sykes-Picot, the Bernard Lewis revival thereof, as embodied in the Oded YinonGreater Israel” strategy. Modernized in the last decade by the “Neocon” (read: Neo-Bolshevik) “Project for a New [Israeli without] American Century” and Israeli “Clean Break” doctrines (to induce America and the West into endless wars to help fashion “Greater Israel”). Assad is only a dictator because Zionist mouthpieces say so, and they do so in tandem with AIPAC swarming congressional US halls and mouthpieces like McCain floating the same. This is a wrongful context. Assad has never been a dictator. This liberal means of plunder needs to stop.

The burden is on you. Please stop playing gatekeeper by trying to decide who is a legit and credible source or not. You aren’t the premier voice on any of these issues and have only figured out the tip of the iceberg in, what, the last 4 months? Please take a reasonable backseat to those who have already been in the arena for several years.

Hala Toubia: “I am Syrian living in NZ but my whole family is still in Syria living in Tartous, Homs and Aleppo with plenty of friends living in Damascus, Homs, and the coast. My sister and her family have NZ passports but are still living in Aleppo. I am educated, learnt, realistic and open minded with no political affiliation whatsoever, but extremely passionate about my country Syria. I am from a Christian middle upper class family with friends who are Sunni Alawite, Shiaa Druze, Arminians and you name it. None of my contacts in Syria was blind supporter of the government, although 90% of them admire the president and his wife for different reasons.

All of them wanted reforms, some of them were critics of the government, and others were on the fence. However, for close to 4 years now, all of them have been telling me about the terrorists that occupied and destroyed their houses, offices and shops, killed a friend or a family member, held my brothers at a gun point and turned them all into internally displaced people. The same terrorists that the corporate media has been referring to as ” rebels, moderate rebels, fighters and else”. Everyone that I know there has been speaking highly of the Syrian army and the government support. All of them have confirmed that none of the demonstrations, including the initial ones, was peaceful.
The arms and weapons have been used against the Syrian government and civilians since March 2011. Since 2011 normal Syrians have known of the American/GCC/Israel/ Turkey conspiracy against Syria. They have known all along that of the plans to remove our nationalist government and replace it with one that serves the interest of the US/NATO and GCC, give up Golan and sign a peace agreement with the Israeli occupation on Palestine. Even before the president spoke about that, the ordinary Syrians knew it all along. Remember that Syrians have had satellite TVs since early 1990s and all of them have access to the internet and social media. Syrians are no sheep and aren’t brainwashed, rather they have all talked and analysed politics even before the war on Syria. The Syrians that I am in touch with, have all voted for our president in the last elections, have been praying for the Syrian army and celebrating their achievements and are proud of the Syrian government for not giving up to its enemies. Syrians know for fact that the US and its allies are not in Iraq and Syria to fight the ISIS which they had created, they are there to remove our beloved president and turn Syria into another Iraq and Libya. If the US enters Syria, you will find the 23 million Syrians fighting against the US and for Syria.”

Widad Na: “Please, everyone, listen to the Turk, or the American, or the Jordanian, or the Brit.
Who gives a shit what the Syrian people living in Syria think, right?
If Assad really was “killing his own people” then ask yourself why 88.7% of Syrians, including Sunnis, Alawites, Christians, and Druze, voted for Assad in an election that was deemed to be free and fair by delegations from over 30 countries, including from the US, Canada, Brazil, India and South Africa.
Open up a history book, or a book on US foreign policy. Iran, Chile, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Congo, Brazil. What do these countries have in common? Their popular and elected governments were overthrown by the US, and replaced with BRUTAL dictators.”

Honestly, what more proof do you need? Just open your damn eyes.

Barry Grossman: “Do you actually follow current affairs, political developments and events on the ground Naomi? Or are you just another inverted liberal Zombie who, like so many conservatives, makes it all up on the fly to suit your reactionary, psuedo liberal flutterings? I don’t know what fantasy zone you live in there in Manhattan but most of us in the rest of the world do not exist in a reality inspired by Oprah Winfrey’s saccharine views and created with facades erected on a Hollywood set. If you are going to be political, then stick to subjects that, as an American, you have a legitimate stake in and some knowledge about.”

Barry Grossman: “Yestderday you revealed that knew essentially nothing about Israel’s efforts to usurp al Aqsa and East Jerusalem. Today this comment of yours about Syria exposes your bias and ignorance about Syria. “Humanist” intentions alone do not qualify any one as an analyst; nor does the ability to string words into a sentence make anyone a “commentaor.” Maybe you should stick to writing novels Naomi. It never ceases to amaze how Americans presume the right to express an opinion and agitate about political affairs which are none of your business.”

—Sed Kim: “Convinced Naomi plays dumb , it’s a skill she uses to confuse people so that they do not see the truth or come to the conclusion of the truth .”

Vanessa Beeley: “Assad stands against the US NATO and the whole Axis of Interventionism Assad has steadfastly resisted Zionism and supported the Palestinian cause, one of the few Arab nations to remain loyal despite not always being appreciated for this stance. I speak regularly to people on the ground in Syria and those who have visited particularly to observe the June elections and I get a very different picture of Assad to the one portrayed mercilessly in the Western media. I will never sanctify any world leader but for me, Assad is the legitimately elected leader of his Syrian people, he has the support of the Syrian Arab Army and the majority of his people. As such the governance of Syria is his domain and has sweet FA to do with the US, NATO or any other bugger who thinks they can do better. Our governments pay no attention to our own homeless, impoverished, destitute, marginalized and racially or sexually segregated societies..what gives them the right to dictate to a sovereign nation when they couldn’t govern their way out of a paper bag.

There are diplomatic solutions to any international issues and without US interventionism I am convinced they would have been found by now with Diplomatic/economic not military pressure. The US and her cronies are responsible for the exacerbation of “terror” in the Middle East either through direct funding, training and arming of these insurgents or simply through their imperialist agenda that breeds resentment on the ground they plunder and pillage.”

Christopher McDonald: “”Assad has a lot of sophisticated online commentators. Some pro Assad commentators were on this page a year or two ago actually warning that the US was trying to find a way to attack Syria.”

It’s not clear whether or not you’re accepting this to be right, it appears not to be honest. It should, however, be clear as day to everyone that the US do want to attack Syria. They wanted to a year ago and said as much and right now they are attacking Syria. They say they are attacking ISIS but anyone who believes the goal is not to oust Assad is extremely ignorant. Please tell me how bombing Syrian infrastructure such as oil fields as they have been doing has anything to do with ISIS?”

from Aug 20, 2011:

Naomi Wolf: “assad continues on his shooting spree”

Aaron Good:

“1. There is snark involved in your post when you write that Assad is on a shooting spree, unless you literally believe that he is out there on the streets with a machine gun, gunning down peaceful protestors

2. You accept the narrative that the mainstream US and UK media provide, namely that Syria is a country in which the anti-government protestors are gentle peaceful hippies who the Syrian government likes to slaughter for sport

3. The prospect of Western countries and their middle East allies (like Turkey or the Sauds) destabilizing Syria by arming rebel forces seems never to have occurred to you as being a possibility

4. I have actually repeatedly posted links in the past that have gently directed you toward a more nuanced and less NYTimes/Pentagon friendly narrative about the violence in Syria in the hopes that that you might stop encouraging people to follow what I call the imperial media… it doesn’t matter; you keep posting the same thing… Ditto for Libya which at least you stopped posting about…”


relevant articles:

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Elizabeth May’s distorted understanding of crisis in Syria, Mar 11, 2016, American Herald Tribune, Eva Bartlett

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