Syrian soldier’s skills: lovely guitar music

A beautiful pause in the (nato & co orchestrated) madness.

This heartfelt musicality, this gorgeousness, this spirit…, listening again and again I’m entranced and near tears, thinking of: Syria’s massive losses; this soldier’s courage and surely his own losses; the strength of Syrians against this  (for no more apt word) Evil; and the Love Syrians continue to exude.

From the orginal FB post:

حتى بوقت الحرب … رجال الجيش عندن لحظات استراحة…
الله يحميك خيي و يسلم إيديك عزف بيجنن…

Even time war… Army men have moments of a break…
God bless you brother and thanks, play, amazing…”


  1. he is playing with his thumbnail, like a true flamenca. Music soothes the savage beast (if the beast has a soul that is & we all know that IzRaEl / USA does not) His music goes directly to God & it will be noticed I cry when I hear about Syria & Palestine – it’s hard for a man to admit to this. But tears cleanse the soul they say

    Keep up the good work Eva ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    ~ That which glitters is born for the moment; but the genuine remains intact for future days ~

  2. Dear Eva,thank you for your post with video.Really,beautiful music and good musician (da vontade de comprar um violão e aprender a dedilhar a mesma música que toca o coração de qualquer um,corretamente disposto) and beautiful pause in the madness to kill.All the best wishes to you.Your sincerely,Mr Miecislau DolataPalminópolis,GOBrazil

    Date: Tue, 12 May 2015 07:50:31 +0000

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