“Palestinian Militias Force ISIS Out of Yarmouk Camp”

Jun 9, 2015, Al Masdar

“On Monday morning, the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) launched an assault on the defensive positions of Fatah Al-Intifada and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) at the Central Sector of the Yarmouk Camp, where they attempted to infiltrate into this  industrial zone located inside this district in southern Damascus.

Following their initial attack on the Central Sector of the Yarmouk Camp District, ISIS was confronted by a large agglomeration of PFLP-GC and Fatah Al-Intifada fighters that rushed to the aid of their embattled Palestinian comrades at Daghoul Street, resulting in the terrorist group’s subsequent withdrawal from this area near the ‘Uthman Mosque.

The Palestinian Armed Forces did not stop there: moments after repelling ISIS at the Central Sector of the Yarmouk Camp District, the PFLP-GC and Fatah Al-Intifada went on the offensive at Abu Tarbah Street and Palestine Street, killing 12 enemy combatants from the terrorist organization, while also seizing materials used to produce improvised explosive devices (IED).

Unfortunately for the militants of ISIS, they were unable to recover from the assault, as the Palestinian Armed Forces imposed control over the Al-Tarboush Mosque and a number of other points en-route to the terrorist group’s eventual withdrawal towards the southern axis of 30th Street near the city of Hajar Al-Aswad (Black Stone).

ISIS originally launched a successful offensive at the Yarmouk Camp District in the month of March; however, after a joint counter-assault by the PFLP-GC, Fatah Al-Intifada, the Palestine Liberation Army (PLA), and members of Aknef Al-Maqdis; ISIS was forced to withdrawal to the southern sector of the district, leaving only the southern axis under their control.”

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