Qalb Lozeh, a Druze village, a NATO-backed massacre


Words of a Syrian friend from Kafarya:

“About three months ago in Qalb Lozeh, a Druze village, al-Nusra massacred about 30 residents.

The village was first under control of the “FSA”, then ISIS, then ISIS told them them must convert to Islam, cut your mustaches… then, al-Nusra came and ordered the same thing, to convert to Islam, you are Druze, not Muslims…you must destroy your shrines…

Recently, there was a small problem between a young Druze and a leader of Nusra, a Tunisian, named “as-Safina” (the boat). Nusra wanted to take the Druze man’s house… so they killed the owner of the house. The people of the village tried to expel him. Al-Nusra killed them all.”

Press TV put the number massacred even higher:

“Local sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the extremists recently killed 40 people, among them the elderly, just outside their homes and in front of onlookers in Qalb Loze village, located about 35 kilometers (22 miles) west of Aleppo, Lebanon-based Arabic-language daily al-Akhbar reported on Thursday.

The sources added that the victims were executed on the grounds that they refused to force their sons, some as young as 10 to 14 years old, into joining the ranks of the Takfiri terrorist network.

A local militant commander, known by the nom de guerre Abu Abdulrahman al-Tunisi had nearly a week ago ordered villagers to compel their male offspring to fight for Nusra Front. The children were to receive combat training and lessons on how to use arms in Nusra Front’s camps for two months before being sent to the frontlines.

The Syrian sources said that families in Qalb Loze are also being forced to marry off their daughters, and that houses belonging to slain Syrian army troopers are being squatted by Nusra Front extremists and their original occupants are being thrown out.”

11880907_1669064779976130_2045964877_nMy friend adds, “By the way, Qalb Lozeh has a beautiful church… I think it is the most beautiful Byzantine church in Syria…”

I ask him whether anything has happened to the church.

“I hope nothing till now, but those savages, as you know, they hate old things, church or mosque, so they bomb or destroy them.”


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