Hospitals Bombed: Aleppo Burning Under “moderate” terrorists’ Bombs

Last week I shared the update of my Syrian friend, then in Aleppo, who began with the words, “Aleppo is burning”.  Anti-Syria propagandists have attempted to hijack those words for their White Helmet, blame-Assad propaganda[Update: Vanessa Beeley at 21st Century Wire: “#AleppoIsBurning Campaign Created by US and NATO to Facilitate a “No Bomb Zone”“].

Their lying rhetoric aside, Aleppo truly is burning under western-backed terrorists’ bombs. [See: “Western media break their silence on Aleppo with flagrant lies, obfuscations and omissions“]


Before and after of al-Dabeet maternity hospital. via Syrian Republic


On May 3, SANA news reported: “…terrorists fired 65 rocket shells on the neighborhoods of al-Neel Street, al-Siryian, al-Khalidyia, al-Mocambo, al-Sabeel and the surroundings of al-Rahman mosque leaving 11 civilians killed and 37 injured. A source at Aleppo Health Directorate said that most of the wounded civilians are children and women and their injuries are severe as the number of the killed civilians might increase.

Later, SANA’s correspondent in Aleppo reported that three women were killed, 17 other women and children were wounded and extensive material damage was caused by terrorist organizations’ attack with a rocket shell on al-Dhabeet Hospital in al-Mouhafaza neighborhood.”

SANA listed the attacked districts as: al-Midan, al-Furqan, Nile Street, al-Mukambo, al-Khalidiye, Jami’et al-Zahra’a, al-Ameriye, al-Ramousa, al-Masharqa, al-Muhafaza, al-Meridian, al-Serian, al-Sabeel, and al-Jamiliye in Aleppo city.

SANA’s Facebook  update included numerous photos of the bombed al-Dhabeet Hospital, noting the number of dead had risen to at least 14, a number which will no doubt rise in the coming hours.

According to SAMA tv, the number of murdered has risen to 28.

Ruptly TV raw footage shows the disastrous impacts of the bombings, and–uncensored–some of the mutilated victims.



Below is prior graphic footage from Aleppo that won’t be shown in lying corporate media

An April 30 update: “Aleppo’s Health Director, Dr. Mohammed al-Hzori, said that the number of martyrs in #Aleppo in the latest death toll from the shelling by the insurgents on the city’s neighbourhoods since the 23rd of this month are 81 martyrs including 24 children, 11 women and 46 men while the number of injured are 526 people including 140 children.”

A May 1st video by Emad Shaaban for Addounia TV shows the images of martyred and maimed Syrians, the destruction, and the on the ground scenes of devastation which corporate media will never report–of Aleppo truly burning.

On April 29, Alaa Othman posted a video terrorists filmed of themselves firing Hell Cannon-fired explosive gas cylinders onto Aleppo and cheering.

Another video shows how terrorists transform basic cooking gas cylinders into explosives to be fired via Hell Cannons.




On the issue of bombed hospitals, Professor Tim Anderson noted:

“Over the past five years the al Qaeda groups have attacked 2/3 of all Syria’s hospitals and clinics, plus pharmaceutical factories, many of which were in Aleppo. Al Razi General Hospital (state) was also hit by the al Nusra coalition, just days ago.”

Some of the earlier terrorist-attacked hospitals Anderson noted include:

-“al Watani hospital in Qusayr bombed by Farouq FSA, back in 2012.” (Video)

-“al Nusra-FSA suicide bomb al Kindi hospital Aleppo, December 2013.” (Video)

-“al Qaeda groups bombed Ibn Rushd hospital also in Aleppo, on 26 April.” (Video)

-“al Razi general hospital was also hit, just days ago.” (Link)


Unsurprisingly, instead of reporting on these documented instances of terrorists (filming themselves) attacking Syrian hospitals, corporate media and propagandizing “human rights” groups are instead filling front pages and tv screens with screaming accusations of the Syrian army and/or Russia having bombed a so-called MSF hospital in Aleppo.

It is important to note that the hospital was not an MSF hospital but was supported by MSF. The hospital was taken over by al-Nusra terrorists. These would be the same terrorists killing Syrian civilians. But none of those points are mentioned in corporate media, because they aren’t in the script. The script is “demonize the Syrian government and Russia at every opportunity”, usually involving outright fabrications and lies.

On the issue of the Quds hospital, Dr Nabil Antaki, a doctor in western Aleppo, earlier interviewed by Italian journalist Silvia Cattori, replied (via Cattori) to a question posted by investigative writer Vanessa Beeley:

“This hospital [Al Quds] did not exist before the war started. It must have been installed in a building after the war began.  I don’t know anyone in the East of Aleppo who could confirm this hospital is Al Quds.”
No responsibility has been claimed or clearly proven for responsibility of having bombed the Quds hospital housing terrorists.
Russia Today reported:
“Local opposition groups have blamed the Wednesday attack on Syrian or Russian forces, with western media having caught onto the allegations.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has denied any involvement, saying its planes have not been carrying out any airstrikes in the area for several days now.”According to our data, on the evening of April 27 in airspace above Aleppo a plane of one of the countries of the so-called anti-ISIL [Islamic State, IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL] coalition was working in the area for the first time after a long break,” the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday.”

Prof. Tim Anderson’s graphic on the issue cites international law:
“A person or object can lose its civilian status if it starts making an effective contribution to military action. It would then become a legitimate military objective and target…”


In his April 30 interview, translated from French by Beeley, Dr. Antaki said:

“With regards to recent events in Aleppo, I state very clearly that the mainstream media are lying by omission. Since the beginning of the war in Aleppo that began 4 years ago, they have consistently failed to report all the facts.

…This same media remains silent on the daily losses and suffering endured in the Western areas of Aleppo living under the rain of mortar fire from these terrorist factions.  This media never mentions the terrorist blockade upon our people or the electricity cuts and water shortages inflicted upon us by their “moderate rebels”.This media never mention the continuous bombardment and the carnage we have witnessed in western Aleppo where every single sector has been targeted. On a daily basis we see dozens of people murdered.

…What makes these omissions even more despicable is that these areas represent 75% of Aleppo and there are 1.5 million people living in them. …The attacks and losses we suffer are reported in a way that leaves the public in the dark about the true perpetrators of these crimes.

…The three quarters of Aleppo under Syrian Government control where numerous paediatricians are practicing is of no consequence for this media. We witnessed the same bias when Al Kindi, the biggest hospital in Aleppo, was targeted by terrorist mortars and then intentionally burnt down about 2 or 3 years ago. The media ignored this criminal act….” [see full interview at 21st Century Wire]


Reminder: “This has been the al Qaeda groups’ modus operandi for years: commit an atrocity then blame it on the Syrian government. The western media will always buy it.” -Prof. Tim Anderson

As for MSF, Tony Cartalucci’s August 2013 article highlighted the ties MSF (Doctors Without Borders) has which make the group not “independent” as portrayed, and their role in Syria not as benevolent as media would have one believe.

“Doctors Without Borders is fully funded by the very same corporate financier interests behind Wall Street and London’s collective foreign policy, including regime change in Syria and neighboring Iran. Doctors Without Borders’ own annual report (2010 report can be accessed here), includes as financial donors, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, and a myriad of other corporate-financier interests.Doctors Without Borders also features bankers upon its Board of Advisers including Elizabeth Beshel Robinson of Goldman Sachs.

Complicating further Doctors Without Borders so-called “independent” and “aid” claims is the fact that their medical facilities are set up in terrorist held regions of Syria, especially along Syria’s northern border with NATO-member Turkey. In an interview with NPR, Doctors Without Borders’ Stephen Cornish revealed the nature of his organization’s involvement in the Syrian conflict, where he explains that aid is being sent to regions outside of the Syrian government’s control, and that his organization is in fact setting up facilities in these areas…

…In other words, the Wall Street-funded organization is providing support for militants armed and funded by the West and its regional allies, most of whom are revealed to be foreign fighters, affiliated with or directly belonging to Al Qaeda and its defacto political wing, the Muslim Brotherhood. This so-called “international aid” organization is in actuality yet another cog in the covert military machine being turned against Syria and serves the role as a medical battalion.”


As the corporate media propagandizes and fixates on their latest scripted rhetoric, they are simultaneously endorsing the work of terrorist-affiliated, foreign-funded “White Helmets”. The below video, based on detailed research by Beeley, sums up the White Helmets (aka “Syrian Civil Defense”) in a succinct few minutes.

“The White Helmets – al Qaeda with a facelift”

A petition to prevent these criminals from being awarded the Nobel prize (although at least one criminal has already been granted it) is gaining attention. To sign, visit this link.


Syrians have organized another round of blood donation days:

‪#‎Aleppo‬ will stay alive despite fire, blood and destruction
Blood donation is the lease thing we can do to be with the people of Aleppo at such hard times.

Donations can be done at any blood bank in all Syrian governorates
Monday May 2, 2016 until Friday May 6, 2016, 9 AM-3 PM.”

On social media, Syrian posts show the determination not to cower to western-backed terrorism, as well as the love for their country which has seen Syria stand in the face of terrorism these five plus years.


The Syrian-based group Shababeek in mid April 2016 produced a short clip showing the resilience, and culture, of Aleppo residents.

For a new means of showing your solidarity with Aleppo and Syria, see the below video by Canadian Nino Pagliccia.

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