Syriana Analysis: “Exclusive interview with Eva Bartlett 🎙️” Oct 8 at 2:47pm

Syriana Analysis, Oct 4, 2017
“Syriana Analysis’s first outdoor interview with the Canadian freelance journalist Eva Bartlett in Favorite Park in Ludwigsburg.”
In Germany last week, I met with Kevork Almassian, the Syrian analyst and Master’s student behind the Syriana Analysis Youtube channel (watch this 4 minute clip in which Kevork introduces himself).
Kevork and I had a lengthy discussion on Syria, “Syriana Analysis’s first outdoor interview with the Canadian freelance journalist Eva Bartlett in Favorite Park in Ludwigsburg,” as he noted.  

Some relevant links to things mentioned in our discussion:

*Related  to the question about whether hospitals/schools/etc occupied by  terrorists become legitimate targets:

“There is some debate as to  whether clinics or hospitals run to service banned terrorist  organisations have protection under international humanitarian  law. Certainly US law does not allow it. A few years back the US jailed  US doctor Rafig Sabir for 25 years after it emerged he had been ‘on  call’ to treat al Qaeda fighters in Saudi Arabia.

Registered  hospitals certainly do have such protection, and it is a crime to  attack them. However this protection disappears when the facility  becomes militarised. ‘Civilian objects are protected against attack,  unless and for such time as they are military objectives’.”  -From: “The ‘Aleppo Hospital’ Smokescreen: Covering up Al Qaeda Massacres in Syria, Once Again

*At 32:00, where we’re talking about terrorists or armed groups  (musalaheen) taking food aid, for example in Aleppo and Madaya, see my related articles from both places:

Syria War Diary: What Life Is Like Under ‘Moderate’ ‘Rebel’ Rule

Syria War Diary: Order Returns To Western Cities, Civilians Recount Horrors Of “Rebel” Rule


Ramadan prayers in the Rowda mosque, where Grand Mufti Hassoun used to give sermons. According to his assistant, before the war on Syria about 500 women regularly came to pray at the mosque. “Six or so months ago, a mortar hit the mosque. It bounced off the dome and fell outside in the courtyard. There were about 400 children here learning the Quran. If it had gone through the roof, it would have killed a lot of children,” he said. The worshippers at this mosque are predominately Sunni, in a city secured by the Syrian government. This is notable in that it contradicts the Western media’s blatant propaganda about a sectarian war, a “Sunni uprising against the government”. [From: “Photo essay: Aleppo and nearby villages ravaged by the U.S.’s “moderate” terrorists“]

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