RT: “Mainstream media campaign exploits children for regime change”

An excellent report by Dan Cohen on Ghouta, the terrorist factions within, and the surge of truly incredible war propaganda around Ghouta (Aleppo take two).


Cohen notes that corporate media is relying uncritically on sources affiliated with known terrorists, such as Qusay Noor (see below link).

Important mention is that of the “serial harasser , a central figure in the ongoing schemes exploiting Syrian children to stimulate public support for US military intervention.”

Also, around 3:00 into the report, note the part about Kerry admitting allowing ISIS to grow.


Eastern Ghouta in the shoes of Aleppo: the media propaganda again [Good breakdown of the terrorist factions within eastern Ghouta]

UN Feigns Outrage Over Ghouta While Terrorist Rockets Rain Down on Damascus 

My Feb 22 thread showing alliances between corporate media’s darling #Ghouta photographer, Qusay Noor, and terrorists of Faylaq al-Rahman, and also Jaysh al-Islam (the folks who put civilians in cages as human shields) #credibility #neutrality.  Pulse’s Idrees Ahmad calls him “heroic”.

-regarding Bana hoax part 2: Muhammad Najem’s *interesting* connections

Exploitation of Bana al-Abed: Parents use child to whitewash terrorists in Aleppo

Absurdities of Syrian war propaganda [incl. Bana’s memoir]

8 thoughts on “RT: “Mainstream media campaign exploits children for regime change”

  1. State Department funding to online trolls has been stepped-up and I have seen a noticeable increase in the number of trolls. Tracing them to their social media accounts reveals insubstantial accounts clearly established to support the MSM agenda.

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