Treka Zn (and Eva) Goes on a trip to Wadi Qandil Beach in Lattakia Syria 2018

I was prioritizing publishing articles but also want to share this: in late September, while waiting for meetings and interviews to pan out, I took a trip to a beautiful and simple coast in Lattakia with my good friend Treka Zn, a Syrian comedian [see our conversation: Syrian Comedian Treka on Developments in Syria]. A video Treka and I collaborated on, lots of fun!

In spite this being my 9th trip to Syria (including many extended visits), I hadn’t yet done any sort of tourism! So, it was actually a great chance for the both of us to discover more of Syria, although he hails from Syria.

Over three days we saw the beach and surrounding areas, met lovely people–including the chalet owner who was beyond kind and generous with us, and a local Syrian army security man who took us to the hills and indeed mountaintop.

Wadi Qandil is a beautiful spot, not over-developed, and to the contrary completely accessible to families and low-budget types like me, while being just gorgeous–framed by two mountains and with clean, clear waters.

I do wish my focus in Syria was always on its beauties. Alas, until the foreign war on Syria ends that won’t be possible, but maybe one day…

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*Photos from Wadi Qandil and countryside


-Young fisher explains his technique

-Atop the mountain, looking towards Turkish-occupied Liwa Iskendrun

-Evening beach silhouettes

-Relaxed me


3 thoughts on “Treka Zn (and Eva) Goes on a trip to Wadi Qandil Beach in Lattakia Syria 2018

  1. Yes Eva, you are the best…let me know where I can fund you…..a farmer, not to literate on computer but send an address where I can send money…no paypal…let me know….bless you for telling the truth….max ________________________________

  2. Treka has such a cool sense of humor. Didn’t want to show his “muscular bones” LOL! Glad you folks had a good vacation. Well deserved! 🙂

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