Covid19 reading/listening

Since there is a lot of excellent content out there on Covid-19, I won’t attempt to replicate it myself, but will instead share what I’ve found to be informative and imperative information.

I know that the issue is divisive, however, I offer these links with no agenda other than concern for all of our futures, and find it beyond surreal that some refuse point-blank to consider narratives than those offered by our benevolent governments and world bodies…

Variety of links at my Patreon post (set to public), because formatting here is a pain in the ass.

*Note: Anthony Fauci, one of the world’s leading experts on infectious diseases, and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID),  and one of the most trusted medical figures on Covid19, was one of the main voices behind the notion that COVID-19 is is considerably more dangerous than the flu. On March 11, 2020, he stated: “The flu has a mortality rate of 0.1 percent. This has a mortality rate of 10 times that.”

Yet, a paper he co-authored a couple weeks later (March 26) states:

“If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic  cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the  case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that  the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more  akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality  rate of approximately 0.1%) …”

So here is leading infectious disease expert retracting from his initial alarmist statement and saying what many other experts not given major platforms are saying.


*Search on Youtube or other video formats: Dr. Judy Mikovits…

15 thoughts on “Covid19 reading/listening

  1. Thanks for these. More and more cracks are appearing in the official narrative.
    Probably too late but hopefully not.

  2. Not a fan of the very first slide, ‘only a vaccine can save us..’, otherwise great. I still love you for what you have done for Syria. Never was a bubble so well popped.

  3. Eva,

    You were right about Palestine. You were right about Syria. You were right about Venezuela. You are right about the virus. Thank you.

  4. Thank you so much for collating and sharing Eva, and for allowing us to view your Patreon compilation. Saved and sharing.

    I will just add a few to your dossier for general readership.

    Vanessa Beeley’s opening link features Professor Knut Wittkowski:
    **Perspectives on the Pandemic | Professor Knut Wittkowski | Episode 2**

    Dr Andrew Kaufman who you have featured gives an excellent talk on exosomes
    **Andrew Kaufman M D | The Truth About Viruses, CV19 & Vaccines – Exosomes (1:24:00)**

    This concept is also reinforced from a ‘holistic’ viewpoint by Sayer Ji
    **COVID-19 — is it really about a virus?**

    … more

  5. Agreed. I believe it was included for the “herd immunity” aspect (vs. lockdown). I know for a fact that both Vanessa and Cory Morningstar do not support the vaccine approach, nor I.

  6. There’re so many good, critical, articles/videos out there, hard to include them all. But the fact that all are being ostracized by MSM and by so-called anti-Imperialists says quite a lot.

  7. James Corbett is awesome. The UK Column News website is indispensable. Press For Truth does a half decent job on most issues. Off Guardian is great, although they need to be on guard against fakers like Mark Crispin Miller (in my opinion). The Highwire isn’t perfect, but it’s very good. Vaccine Choice Canada is a terrific resource. Children’s Health Network (Robert F. Kennedy Jr.) is awesome. Jon Rappoport’s Blog is terrific.

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