Finding Creative Ways To Intelligently Engage Public on Covid19


In this first interview for my new Telegram channel, Reality Theories, I reached out to Francis O’Neill and Jill (“Jay Kay”), two people whose activism I’ve been following for the past year+, to discuss some of the courageous things they’ve been doing in their Oxford community over the past year to offer critical thinking to a public otherwise largely awash in media and government scare-mongering around issues Covid19. 

As they say in our conversation, this isn’t only about offering science and reality based information, but offering support to people suffering immensely in numerous ways under lockdowns. 

I really appreciate the humanity their actions and words bring, at a time when the powers that be continue to do their utmost to render us devoid of love, friendship and humanity.

*We had some tech issues at the start, so excuse the abrupt start and odd lag now and then. 


Francis O’Neill Youtube  

Keep Oxfordshire Open!  

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