Canadians, if you aren’t furious at the politicians flagrantly flouting the Covid safety measures they imposed, you should be

Feb 16, 2021,

-by Eva K Bartlett

A raft of public figures from the Great White North, including Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford, have been caught breaking rules they insist citizens observe for the sake of safety. If they are so vital, why don’t they follow them?

Ontarians, give thanks to Premier Doug Ford, who over Family Day instructed you to stay home (and “save lives”, “It’s working”)! One question, though: Why did he violate his own advice and visit a non-family member he does not live with? Indeed, Ford could be seen elbow-bumping and congratulating his “very good friend Hazel McCallion” on a February 14 photo op. 

Unsurprisingly, for his glaring non-compliance of the very rules he promoted about “public safety”, Ford has faced backlash. On social media, people called Ford and authorities out for his failed publicity stunt and hypocrisy, in one case asking, “Or do you only target innocent civilians exercising their constitutional freedom of peaceful assembly/protest?” Others pointed out Ford’s double standards, particularly on not being allowed to visit families, while he visited a (100-year-old, no less!) non-family member. 

Are Canadians Pissed Off Yet? 

It’s not just Ford violating the “rules” we have to follow. 

If you haven’t been paying attention to the litany of Canadian politicians (including the Canadian PM himself) violating the very policies they virtue-signal upon us, I’ll list just some of them: 

-PM Trudeau’s Easter 2020 violation of his own dictates, no travel for thee, but… 

-Likewise, on Easter 2020, oh so concerned about the general public, Doug Ford took a “quick visit” to his Ontario cottage (like Trudeau, mocking Canadians staying home). But Ford was just checking the piping, so all good… 

-A Ford (September 2020) wedding attendance, at a time when he supported restrictions on large gatherings (and encouraged Ontarians to snitch on party hosts!) 

…But private weddings he has to go to are obviously an exception.

-An October 26 report of Canada’s Health Minister, Patty Hajdu, maskless at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport (eek!). Gosh, that must surely have been an oversight from the diligent health expert, no?

-The utterly laughable incident of the chair of Alberta’s COVID-19 vaccine task force seemingly donning a mask for his first time…

There are a nauseating number of further exceptions to the norm by exceptional Canadians, while ordinary Canadians wither, not seeing family or even having the privilege of working. 

It should be quite obvious that, in violating “public safety measures” they promote, the people in positions of power, like Ford and Trudeau, clearly don’t believe in their necessity. So why have Canadians been cut off from work, family, worship, and the basics of life if not “to save lives”? 

The “Stay Home, Save Lives” Policies Are Devastating (And Killing) Canadians

The thing is, this isn’t just about holier-than-us Canadian politicians breaking the rules. Canadian citizens are suffering, and being cruelly penalized, under Covid regulations. In mid-January, a mother was fined $880 (Canadian) for leaving her kids at grandparents while grocery shopping. Ontarians who would gather to worship are prevented, for their safety, from doing so. And as elsewhere around the world, people in need of critical procedures are being denied them due to “Covid measures”.

When so many in positions of power have breached the very rules they preach, doesn’t that make you a little furious not only how there are separate sets of rules, but how lives have been utterly destroyed by these measures?  

For those estranged from family and friends, unable to work or visit loved ones due to Covid “measures”, suffering depression under these measures, how much longer will you accept “rules” which even the “leaders” don’t follow?

3 thoughts on “Canadians, if you aren’t furious at the politicians flagrantly flouting the Covid safety measures they imposed, you should be

  1. Nice to read you Eva
    Meanwhile i think is hypocrasy these pathetic BGates puppets politicians perform i also think let them do it whatever they want; if they are travelling to here or to the Caribbean, we the People should also do whatever we want to when comes to travel and without those unreliable PCR tests which many sheeple rushed to do it forming huge car line ups around the blocks. What about Freedom? Where is the BC Civil Liberties Association when we need them? Why nobody in Canada talk about Freedom and Rights? Why there are so many youngsters walking with masks in places where there is not even the new flu/cold disease? Its all Coronoia they impose meanwhile trying to chop more and more Freedoms.
    This plandemic will disappear soon as many other more lethal and more contagious ones did in the past and without not sufficient tested mRNA’s.
    Like one of your colleagues at RT wrote Vaxx Passports will only help China like regimes to control even more citizens around and i agree its a disgusting idea that lacks Basic Freedom and a Sacred one; the Right to go anywhere i want only using my regular good old passport and my stuffed wallet.
    I really wish i could go right now to some island between the Indic and the south Pacific and forget all this conformists and obedient puppets who have no clue what Freedom is.

  2. Hypocrisy always abounds among politicians. Eva, it is never a waste of time to excoriate these criminals. Not making the public aware allows them to continue. If anything comes out of this SCAMDEMIC it might very well be a more engaged citizenry demanding honesty and transparency. How novel!

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