Canadians’ growing rebellion against draconian Covid restrictions

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March 19, 2021,

-by Eva K Bartlett

Increasing numbers of Canadians, including doctors, scientists, lawyers and business owners, are pushing back hard at their country’s increasingly oppressive Covid-19 restrictions, using the law as their weapon.

Since being told one year ago that the curve-flattening would be a two-week process, many Canadian small- and medium-sized businesses have instead been forced to close for much of the year (while big-box superstores have remained open).

Dan Kelly, the president and CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, recently tweeted against the enforced closures, asking Ontario Premier Doug Ford for “a new plan.”

In a separate tweet, Ford, pretending that his policies hadn’t destroyed businesses and impoverished the working class, wrote of firing up the economy, creating more jobs, and getting people back on their feet.

Tell that to the small businesses barely operating, or those unlikely to ever reopen again.

But the lockdowns haven’t only affected businesses and incomes, they have a caused a host of other grave consequences: people, especially the elderly, feeling deeply and profoundly isolated; an increase in drug overdoses, domestic abuse and suicides; and major delays in surgeries and treatments of chronic and other diseases, leaving the afflicted suffering.

Canadians have been prevented from seeing loved ones, especially over holidays (although a long list of politicians and officials have overstepped “the rules” to do so themselves), and in recent months those daring to travel abroad have been subjected to quarantine in hotels, at their own very hefty expense. 

And now, in Ontario, a new round of lockdowns has been instituted, even though cases of the virus are extremely low: As of March 16, there were just 761 people in hospital with the disease and 292 of them in intensive care, out of a population of 14.5 million people.

More and more Canadians are fed up with the restrictions, and are questioning the science and logic behind them, especially given that on many occasions, various Canadians in positions of power have violated the very measures they endorsed.

Pushing Back Against Needless Measures

Some Canadians, armed with knowledge of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, aren’t complying with the draconian and absurd measures, and instead are walking out of airports instead of being incarcerated in quarantine hotels.

In March, nurse Jessica Faraone made headlines for doing just that and walking out of Toronto’s Pearson airport instead of subjecting herself to a costly $2,000-plus quarantine hotel stay.

In a later interview, Faraone said a border guard had attempted to intimidate and shut her up, but she knew her rights. She added: “I have worked in the hospitals and more than ever I’m seeing suicide, depression, strokes, heart attacks, addiction issues. Masking people and children, oppressing health-care workers’ opinions that go against the grain, socially isolating people, and instilling fear into Canadians… is not how we solve this problem.” 

And it’s not just well-informed individuals who are contesting the drastic measures. 

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has been active in challenging the government both on quarantine hotels and on tickets issued to citizens for alleged violations of public health orders. The centre is also disseminating resources for Canadians to know their rights regarding Covid measures.

Liberty Coalition Canada was formed after Covid restrictions were brought in. The coalition is a “national network of clergymen, elected officials, small business owners, legal experts and other concerned citizens” that now has a number of sub-groups addressing specific aspects of the measures Canada has taken.

These include the social media campaign Save Our Youth, Reopen Ontario Churches, and the End the Lockdowns Caucus. The latter comprises a number of current and former elected representatives who came together in February “resolved to ensure there is open, honest, and public debate regarding the Covid government response.”

This body espouses what many ordinary Canadians have been feeling: “After careful examination and scrutiny of mitigation measures undertaken by all levels of government, it is now evident that the lockdowns cause more harm than the virus and must be brought to an end.

Likewise, the newly-formed Professionals Against Lockdowns – already listing over 100 professionals, including doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, legal experts, police and teachers – aims to provide “evidence-based, scientific research that will educate and empower the public.” 

Noting the widespread censorship of any dissenting voices on issues Covid, its statement reads: “It is our professional duty to protect the public, our communities, and our children. We will advocate for what is right and speak up against harm. Together, we will continue to be the voice for the voiceless to ensure that the truth about these lockdowns is heard.

“The government’s response has lacked a risk variant analysis on all our populations. We are seeing the harm being done first-hand. We know lockdowns, isolation of healthy individuals, and the violation of our rights are causing more harm than good.

And likewise, noting that Canada’s policies are not based on solid science, the recently formed Canadian Doctors Speaking Out stated: “The current government measures regarding COVID are not supported by evidence-based medical research and many of these measures are harmful to individuals, families and society in general.”

The alliance calls on the government to stop promoting not only lockdowns, mask-wearing and physical distancing, but still more supposedly necessary Covid measures, including cleaning surfaces with toxic disinfectants and the quarantining of asymptomatic people.

And they also say (another statement I would wager many Canadians would agree with): “Our goal is to halt the misuse of power by politicized public health ‘experts’ currently being conveyed through damaging Covid-19 public health policies that are destroying Canadian society and the health of Canadians.”

Dissenting Voices Know Science, Too!

We are told to follow the science (and not question it), but as more people ask exactly what science it is that we’re following, it is encouraging to see these coalitions of doctors and other experts together addressing the absurdities and dangers of lockdowns and related Covid measures.

Their combined knowledge is based on science, and I’m much more comfortable following their advice, rather than that which has ruined lives over the past year, and promises to damage more.

What of the science of Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health? Might her husband’s vested financial interests in Pfizer and AstraZeneca impact some of her decisions?

And there’s the idiotic advice of Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Theresa Tam, who suggested wearing a mask while having sex.

Or the Albertan Covid vaccine task force buffoon, who clearly wasn’t accustomed to wearing the mask his task force promotes (a must-see performance!).

Meanwhile, professionals with science-based opinions that counter the hoops Canadians have had to jump through have been ostracized by the mainstream media (CBC cut off one such professional, Dr. Joel Kettner, in mid-sentence), censored by social media platforms, and essentially rendered invisible to Canadians, denying the public the possibility of hearing anyone’s professional thoughts on Covid other than the government’s. 

To those in Canada who have felt isolated and helpless, you’re not alone, and now you have access to legal resources to fight the government’s unnecessary and truly dangerous policies. 



Canada’s mandatory Covid-19 hotel stays are not ‘internment camps’ but they are costly forced detention

Canadians, if you aren’t furious at the politicians flagrantly flouting the Covid safety measures they imposed, you should be

10 thoughts on “Canadians’ growing rebellion against draconian Covid restrictions

  1. Thanks for this blast of sanity Eva. Also for your recent post on Syria. Patrick Cockburn has also written a good piece about the Caesar Syria Civilian Act which I read this morning.

    My small contribution to the covid vaccine debate is below in case it is of interest. It was posted on the comment thread on Off Guardian website. It has 36 likes which is a record for me!

    Best wishes

    John Wilson

    Newcastle upon Tyne

    Dear Mr Raab,

    In the interests of being even handed I would appreciate it if you would shortly visit a covid vaccination centre. I would like you to select a person waiting to be vaccinated aged between 50 and 60 who is not obese.

    I would like you to look this person in the eyes and say “there is a small chance that having the Oxford vaccine will cause you to have blood clots. These may occur in your brain and they may kill you. It is your duty to have this jab for the greater good”.

    The following conversation might ensue:

    “But Mr Raab I don’t want to die. I am enjoying life, I love my family and my work is rewarding.”

    “Your monarch has asked you to do this. You have seen our esteemed Prime Minister repeatedly urge you to get vaccinated while speaking in front of several large Union Jacks. It is your patriotic duty. You will be saving lives.”

    “Correction: Only the Almighty, should there be one, can save lives – or more accurately save souls. At best the vaccination will extend lives. The salient questions are whose life is being extended, for how long and what is the cost you are making the non vulnerable pay. I am a healthy 50 year old. My BMI is 22, I exercise daily and I eat a diet that the sainted Joe Wicks would approve of. With a bit of luck I will enjoy another 35 years of active life.

    The typical covid death occurs in someone aged over 80 with three co morbidities. The life expectancy of such a person is probably less than one year. Their quality of life during this year is likely to be comparatively poor. Hopefully they made the most of life’s opportunities in years gone by.

    To give this imaginary person a few months more of low quality life you are asking me to risk death. Do you really think this is a reasonable thing to ask me to do?”

    “Put like that I can understand why you hesitate but you must accept that Boris Johnson, a man of impeccable integrity, would not ask you to have the Oxford jab if he did not think it was in the best interests of the country as a whole.”

    “Is this the same Boris Johnson who did not turn up for five COBRA meetings to discuss preparations for dealing with Covid 19? What was he doing instead of attending these meetings? He loves making PR visits that appear on TV. At the time we are talking about he was filmed going round a hospital ward shaking hands with all the patients – and championing this type of behaviour”.

    “We all make mistakes. This was one of the few times Boris has behaved in an unwise way. It was announced today that the UK is going to increase the number of nuclear warheads on its Trident submarines from 180 to 260. We will all be able to sleep more soundly knowing we will soon have the potential to kill an extra 500 million innocent people should we need to. That is an example of the sort of decisive person our Prime Minister is.”

    “Thank you for explaining this to me Mr Raab. I think I will opt out for the time being. Have you had the Oxford Jab by the way? …I thought not.”


  2. All along, the restrictions have been contradictory and constantly changing. The rules have lacked basic common sense. I can only comment on what has happened in the UK but I”m sure there are many similarities with Canada.
    My own initial instinct was – if it looks like flu and acts like flu then that’s what it is. That’s not to say it isn’t a killer because we all know that on top of other conditions, flu can be the final straw on a tired, ageing body. Later on in his life, before he passed away, my father was paranoid about anyone entering his home who had the slightest hint of a cold or flu. He was no doctor but knew that with his existing conditions, the sniffles could be lethal.
    The first problematic thing about Covid was the UK source of the warnings, Neil Ferguson. After only minutes of research, I discovered Ferguson has an appalling record predicting outcomes. In fact, throughout his career he had been completely wrong about several different ‘flu’s’. He had been responsible for frittering away billions of pounds on the back of his ‘modelling’. Ferguson was then caught out ignoring the restrictions he had been instrumental in putting in place by visiting a married ‘friend’. He was reported to have resigned his position but has remained involved in government decision making and so was totally unaffected by breaking regulations he expected everyone else to adhere to.
    Boris Johnson suddenly switched from ‘herd immunity’ to full lockdown. He hadn’t been listening to his advisers but quickly changed his tune. I already knew about Johnson’s appalling history of being sacked for lying and he was out of his depth becoming an MP, never mind a Prime Minister. His words were meaningless. The sign on his Brexit bus confirmed his ability to lie and the mainstream media ignored all the other examples. The obsession with how many children Johnson had was as deep as they would delve.
    Johnson was never going to be any different to Thatcher, Blair, Cameron, May and others who were all responsible for inflicting war on innocent people across the world. They were all psychopaths and this mental illness produces extremely convincing liars. Johnson is the least believable but appeals to flag wavers as a ‘Jack the lad’.
    My scepticism surrounding Covid is based on past behaviour of politicians and their lackeys but also many eminent experts who are questioning the behaviour of leaders and are not given the publicity their experience and expertise justify. These scientists would have had a much easier and profitable life had they kept quiet. In some cases a lifetimes work has been discredited for expressing doubts.

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