MPP Randy Hillier on Canada’s increasingly totalitarian Covid measures, and resistance to them

Recently, I spoke with Mr. Randy Hillier, an Independent Member of Provincial Parliament for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, Ontario.

We discussed Canada’s increasingly totalitarian measures over the past year plus, under the pretext of keeping Canadians safe from Covid, as well as the incessant fear-mongering of the government and media, the utter lack of logic to the public health policies put forth, the hypocrisy of people in positions of power saying to do one thing but doing another (clearly indicating they do not believe in the rules they impose), and the Canadian public’s shocking embrace of harmful totalitarian policies.

Randy Hillier has been an MPP for nearly fourteen years and is thus well-experienced and well-versed in the inner workings of politics that most normal Canadians might be unaware of. He sheds light on how many of the anti-science Covid policies that have been enacted over the past year are the result of lobbying on behalf of powerful corporations, and are protected by Canada’s bureaucracy, where it becomes nearly impossible to hold an elected member, or a non-elected Chief Medical Officer, accountable, even if one has evidence of wrong-doing.

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4 thoughts on “MPP Randy Hillier on Canada’s increasingly totalitarian Covid measures, and resistance to them

  1. I am a lawyer and I have been investigating the “mandates” since the Ides of March,2020.
    If you want all my truthtellers on this subject ,I will be happy to share.
    The actual effective treatment for CV19 is in fact IVERMECTIN – 40 year history,40 billion
    doses and a near perfect safety record. In sells wholesale for 0.83 cents a dose and it’s
    recognition as the most effective treatment for CV19 would end the EUA experimental toxic jabs since EUA Is only authorized when there is no effective treatment.
    Watch FLCCC and Dr Pierre Kory.
    Subscribe to ROBERT FITZGERALD KENNEDY,JR’s ChildrensHeathDefense website.
    That is the best source on VAERS( vaccine adverse events reports) published by CDC
    but best viewed weekly at CHD.
    I have much more information but the bottom line is – use Ivermectin as a prophylactic and/or
    Start on Ivermectin as soon as symptoms appear.
    Check out Dr Peter McCullough and Dr. Sam Bailey also
    Many sources are banned from YouTube and most are better found at
    Watch Dr Sucharit Bhakdi on the incredible dangers of these toxic jabs

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