Cory Morningstar: “This isn’t about health, it’s about resetting the whole global economy”

I recently spoke with independent investigative journalist and writer, Cory Morningstar, about matters Covid19 hysteria & propaganda (with a focus on Ontario), the experimental & dangerous so-called “Covid vaccines” & the endless boosters that will follow, the opioid epidemic & Big Pharma’s role in it (including the jab makers), and SPARS 2025-2028.

Cory is a mother and a gardener (her words). She is also one of the most phenomenal researchers out there. Please read this bio for more information on her extensive & important work:

*Note: this interview was conducted at the end of July. I apologize to Cory & you all for the delay in getting it published.


“The war on terror is over, this is the war on people, the war on a virus. It’s the war on humanity, the war on us.”

“The vaccines have been implemented under emergencies authorization. They’re not FDA approved. And that approval only stays in place if it can be justified. As soon as there is no more emergency, it can no longer be justified and that emergency authorization ceases to exist. So you can see, we have to keep this up, the story has to stay intact or the whole house of cards collapses.

This is not about health, this is about money and power. This is about resetting the whole global economy which was close to collapse before this happened.”

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10 thoughts on “Cory Morningstar: “This isn’t about health, it’s about resetting the whole global economy”

  1. I saw this on youtube earlier and this is a copy/paste of the comment I left there. Thanks for all your journalistic efforts Eva! Eva, are familiar with ? The Ivermectin scandal? Dr Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA technology) Dr Pierre Kory, Bret Weinstein (darkhorse podcasts) , Dr Tess Lawrie (she would be a great interview). The preceding names are trustworthy people in regards to the whole covid 19 and the variants story.

  2. Great to read, thanks very much.

    I wanted to buy her book on the Swedish Climate Goblin (Greta) but I would prefer not through Amazon.
    Does she have any other way of selling this book?

  3. Learn about AMLO and Ivermectin treatment s for this Covid in Mexico.
    Those who avoid Ivermectin issue are in the pocket of big Pharma as is the

  4. Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr ‘s CHILDRENSHEALTHDEFENSE
    and his new book on Fauci (Coming November 9th) are potential death blows to the
    Corporate Global Lawless Mandate Dispensation of the Fauci/Gates attempted
    medical coup.

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