11 thoughts on ““Why Ukraine’s “Bucha Massacre” Story Isn’t Adding Up”

  1. Thank you for featuring Brian Berletic, Eva. This prompted me to recall this excellent video presented by another of my (our) favourites – Vanessa Beeley – exposing the ‘western’ propaganda complex..

    THE VETO: Exposing CNN, Al Jazeera, Channel 4, western media propaganda war in Syria

  2. If I were in command of the Russian troops, my common and strategic sense would have me completely rule out any action like this that Russia is accused of. And I do not think that the common sense of those who command these troops is less than mine. I suspect that this is a macabre staging carried out (perhaps with the help of the CIA) by the Ukrainian government. I am convinced that time will prove me right.

  3. It is amazing that every time the kabal want to swing opinion the CIA pull this off, no matter which country is involved. It happened numerous places now, including the twin towers.

  4. Thank You Eva for these insider videos giving us the Russian-speaking side of what in the Western-world is limited on what our ears can hear. From, Yves Bernard, head of prepare.ations group.

  5. Quite so. In fact I would say the supposed bodies are merely actors, there are no naked bodies are there? Did the ‘bodies’ get up afterwards?

    Of course the murder of a few innocent people never stopped the criminally insane from achieving their ends.

    They say the camera never lies. Perhaps not but people do – frequently. MSM do it all the time. Makes money etc.

  6. Dear Eva

    Hello from the UK. Many thanks for this and your other excellent stuff on the Ukraine. To put it bluntly I consider the Bucha so-called massacre to be a load of bollux. As far as I can see it could even be merely paid actors.

    I thought the whole Ukraine business too convenient after things started getting hot for governments re Covid19 vaccines harm and deaths etc. The elites needed another distraction and quick. More circuses, if not bread, for the masses.

    I have linked to this and another post of yours on a post I did myself. If you should be at all interested here is my wry take on the situation, even though the harm and deaths are all too often real – it all seems like political theatre.


    Many thanks again.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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