“Eva Bartlett: Western Silence As Ukraine Targets Civilians in Donbass”

“Addressing the EIR Symposium, “Peace On Earth, Or Humanity’s Doom? The Case For Negotiations,” Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett, who was granted the 2017 International Journalism Award by the Journalists’ Club of Mexico and has spent years doing on-the-ground reporting of wars in the Middle East, gave an eyewitness account of the ongoing genocide against the people of Donbass, where she has been reporting for the last year. Since 2014, she reported, 12,500 civilians have been killed by sniping and shelling with NATO weapons in both the Lugansk People’s Republic and Donetsk People’s Republic, with over 4,500 killed since mid-February of this year. Given that civilian areas are targeted, this shelling constitutes terrorism and war crimes.

According to Bartlett, the Ukrainian military has also been saturating the Donbass with PFM-1 “petal” mines, insidious devices designed not to kill but to maim victims by blowing off their hands or feet. Children are particularly susceptible to these devices. She made the point that were Russia committing these crimes, it would be covered as a constant scandal by Western media. Bartlett ended her remarks by pointing to a flag of the Donetsk People’s Republic she proudly displays on the wall of her home, representing to her the resilience of a people shunned by most of the world and ridiculed as if their lives are meaningless. She expressed hope that the work she is doing will lead to Ukraine being held accountable for its war crimes and help allow people to speak openly about the fact that Ukraine is committing genocide.”
[source: https://youtu.be/Pg_AxQqqj0w ]


I cited the JCCC, from a press conference in Donetsk & with DPR auhorities, which I attended online.

“She called the new round of escalation in the Donbass, which began on February 17 this year, bloodier in the whole conflict. « Since February 17 2022, the Ukrainian army killed 4,527 civilians, including 154 children, and injured 4,317 people, including 274 children », said Ms. Choutkina.”



“Military terror has escalated beyond all limits after NATO members started supplying weapons to Ukraine,” the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC), a monitoring group that tracks attacks on the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, said on Wednesday. “We have recorded a four-fold increase in the number of victims among the civilian population,” Natalya Shutkina, a representative from the Donetsk People’s Republic at the JCCC, said as quoted by TASS. The JCCC held a press conference on Wednesday during which it showed fragments of Western shells and rockets collected after Ukrainian strikes in Donbass and explained the toll these attacks had taken. Since February 17, 4,527 civilians have been killed, including 154 children, Shutkina stated. Another 4,317 civilians, including 274 children, have been injured, she said, adding that Ukrainian attacks have damaged over 12,000 homes, 128 medical facilities, and 67 sites required for providing basic utilities, such as water and heating. …” https://www.rt.com/russia/568240-donbass-death-toll-report/

16 thoughts on ““Eva Bartlett: Western Silence As Ukraine Targets Civilians in Donbass”

  1. They know they are losing the battle .Hitting on civilians is revenge pure and simple not to mention a war crime .
    Thank you Eva for reporting from dangerous war zones ,to bring us what is happening on the ground.
    All the best to you in the New Year with health and safety .

  2. Eva, Thank you from a rural Alaska expat Calgarian who really appreciates your work for which it deeply pains me that your very life is threatened. In my homelife wracked by NAFO, you are one of the surprisingly few telling truths for which I’m much obliged. Godspeed, Pete Carter Valdez, Alaska 907-255-8822

  3. Does one person speaking the truth make a difference in a sea of lies? In Eva’s case we are honored by her integrity and compassion in reporting a truth that refutes an ocean of lies. These truths she reports are like life rafts for us as so many of us feel alone and isolated in a sick society. So, for Eva we are grateful.

  4. And the needy Western media have carried out a vile disinformation. Many examples are splendid, as if readers were morons. On September 4, French daily newspaper Le Parisien titled War in Ukraine : Kiev wants the Russian invasion to be recognized as a ‘genocide’. The picture was tragic, appeared like a clue that the Russian invasion would be indeed a genocide. The bug was that Alexander Ermochenko had taken that photo on September 2, in Donetsk, was showing a civilian victim of a Ukrainian shelling. And such terrorist shelling since 2014 are one of the reasons for the Russian special military operation.


  5. Have a brilliant New Year! It feels especially good to find a gem among the rubble.
    Shine on you crazy diamond and push the truth through the plethora of media and government hype; propaganda and subterfuge.

    To call it ‘obfuscation’ is giving them way too much credit.

    It suggests something minor and that
    is what the west does constantly. Amplify the
    minor and convert it to a major energy.

    Peace and Love always
    to all you care about and for.

    Make one of those people you.
    You have picked up the mantle
    of the stalwarts of a forgotten age when
    truth was the only thing that mattered.

    There are others of course.
    However, you are ridiculously close to
    the ongoing conflagration and that
    is simply beyond just reporting.

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