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Zionist Attempt to Whitewash Gaza Realities

*Child’s View from Gaza

Two weeks ago, while Beit Zatoun hosted “A Child’s View from Gaza,” a series of drawings made by Palestinian school children in Gaza, I spoke to a small audience about the lives of Palestinians, particularly children, in occupied Palestine, occupied Gaza under siege.

Anyone who knows of Gaza under the Israeli-led siege and closures since 2006 (or as Amira Hass argues, a steadily worsening closure since the ’90s) knows that Palestinians in Gaza have been rendered destitute, 80% of whom are food aid-dependent.

In brief, the various factors contributing to this manufactured poverty are: continue reading

No pretense of an excuse for continued Israeli attacks on Gaza

*Palestinians injured in Israel’s latest bombing campaign in Gaza (photo by Mohamed Majdalawi)

by Eva Bartlett

In August 2011, when the Israeli army bombed the Gaza Strip for nearly a week, killing 26 and injuring 89 more Palestinians, they at least had a pretext, no matter how transparently false — one which was immediately proven bogus by both their own Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) spokeswoman and subsequent investigations.

Four days ago on March 9, 2012, when the Israeli army assassinated two Palestinians via a precision-fired “drone” (UAV, the technically accurate name) missile, they didn’t even have the pretense of a pretext to cling to. The missile, which hit a car in Gaza City’s Tel el Hawa district, killing two Palestinian resistance fighters, was the first of almost non-stop bombing that has continued throughout Monday. As of Monday evening, the death toll was 25 Palestinians, with another over 80 injured — many with critical, life-threatening injuries — and 3 Israelis injured from the crude, unguided rockets Palestinian resistance fire, with no signs that Israel would cease its murderous campaign. In the first attacks, the IOF assassinated Zuhair al-Qaisi, the secretary general of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), and PRC member Mahmoud Hanani.

Samer, a university student from Beit Hanoun, spoke Monday of the injured he saw at northern Gaza’s Kamal Adwan hospital: “The injured I saw there yesterday were all children and women.” Indeed, if the death toll is accurate, while a great many of the assassinated have been resistance fighters, the martyred — and nearly all of the injured — also include civilians, children, and elderly. post continues

january 4 anniversary of Arafa’s murder

*Arafa Abd el Dayem after being shredded by an Israeli-fired dart bomb (photo source unknown)

Memories have a way of  overpowering.   And Arafa Abd el Dayem’s death should do so.

Three years on and his murder is no less painful, his loss no less present.

Arafa, when shredded to death by an Israeli-soldier-fired dart bomb (a dart bomb is a shell filled with between 5000-8000 dart-shaped metal nails, designed to bore into their targets and split apart upon impact, ensuring  maximum damage), was a long-term medic with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, as well as a high-school teacher and father. post continues

1st views of Attattra, northwestern Gaza

On  January 18, the first day that Israel stopped most of the bombing all over Gaza (navy shelling continues to this moment), after learning that my friend’s father was alive in eastern Jabaliya, I went on to Attatra, the northwest region, which had been cut off since Israeli troops invaded.  As expected, the destruction was great, the death toll high and still unknown.  People streamed in both directions: going to see how their homes had fared or leaving from the wreckage and bringing as many surviving possessions as possible.

“This is our main road,” Yusef said dryly, gesturing at the undulating pavement and sand that served the towns in this region. “There should be houses here. Now there is nothing,” he added, seemingly more to himself than to me. post continues

the white phosphorous bombed and machine-gunned Wafa rehabilitation hospital

front of the Wafa hospital, used as target practise by IOF soldiers invading from eastern Gaza-Israel Green Line border during 2008-2009 Israeli war on Gaza

By Eva Bartlett

The streets leading from the seriously-damaged Wafa rehabilitation centre in Sheijaiyee were filled with black filth smelling of sewage. The hospital, attacked on January 12th with a chemical bomb that may well be white phosphorus and which set fire to the roof, and whose 4 different buildings were shelled intensely on January 15th, is trying to re-build and re-open, as is the shelled, burned, seriously-damaged al Quds hospital in Tel el Hawa, Gaza city. post continues

a few short updates: continued Israeli shelling, F-16s and drones after the ceasefire

**ambulance which Arafa Abd al Dayem was loading when he was shelled by an Israeli tank dart bomb, dying shortly after being shredded by the thousands of razor-sharp darts. The ambulance was unrecoverable until two days ago, when access finally became possible to the Attrata area where Arafa was murderded and where corpses lay unretrieved.

10:12 am. 1st Day of “Cease-fire” January 18

F-16 rips overhead, very low, very loud, terrifying.Newly terrified children’sscreams. Drones buzz. People venturing home on foot, donkey cart, taxi…

**4 people killed this day by Israeli forces: 2 farmers in southern Gaza, a mother, a child in Beit Hanoun.

post continues