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reported 25,000 at Toronto’s al-Quds Day rally…”the largest in our history”

…and they were calling for a Free Gaza, Free Palestine.

100% Free…no pathetic smoke-and-mirrors, Swiss-cheese “Two State solution”.

The global al-Quds Day demonstrations occur annually. According to organizers, in Toronto’s history this was the largest, and the most pluralistic, …including not only the usual Canadian Peace Alliance, Palestine House, Independent Jewish Voices, and other core affiliations, as well as numerous faiths… but new faces. Many of them, and many from all walks of life and ages, so-said a Cuban solidarity activist who has been standing for justice for over a decade, if not more.

On the ground, behind the speaker’s pick-up truck podium, I could only see the immediate masses, which were already overwhelming. But organizers standing in the greater vicinity of Queen’s Park noted 5,000, which grew as we marched an hour later to amass in front of the representative of Gangster number One: the US Embassy, for it is the US which funds and vetoes UN resolutions for the Zionist regime. By the end of the speeches in from of the Embassy, organizers cited as many as 25,000 supporters of peace and justice spilling down the avenue.

Gaza’s sheer destruction; 1000 Palestinians killed

Palestinians walk on the rubble as they enter the northern district of Beit Hanoun to check their homes in the Gaza Strip during a humanitarian truce on July 26, 2014. (Photo: AFP - Mohammed Abed)

Palestinians walk on the rubble as they enter the northern district of Beit Hanoun to check their homes in the Gaza Strip during a humanitarian truce on July 26, 2014. (Photo: AFP – Mohammed Abed)


Al Akhbar:

“…the bodies of at least another 85 Palestinians were recovered from rubble across Gaza on Saturday, raising the overall Palestinian death toll in the 19-day Israeli terror campaign to 985, the overwhelming majority of them civilians.

Of the 85 bodies uncovered, 25 were from the northern areas of Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahiya, and were taken to the Kamal Adwan hospital, and another 25 to Gaza City’s Shifa hospital from the eastern areas of al-Shujayeh and Zeitoun, Qudra said.

Thirteen bodies received from the central areas of Bureij, Deir al-Balah and Nusseirat were taken to the Al-Aqsa hospital, and another 13 to the European hospital in southern Gaza from the Khan Yunis and Rafah areas, he added.

The toll is expected to rise as bodies are pulled from the rubble of homes in some of the worst-hit parts of Gaza, in northern Beit Hanoun, eastern al-Shujayeh and Zeitoun, and southern Khan Younis.

In Beit Hanoun even the hospital was badly damaged by shelling, and AFP correspondents came across the charred body of a paramedic as emergency workers combed the debris for more dead….”


Jul 26, 2014, RT: massive bombing in Gaza minutes before 12hr ceasefire:

The Israeli military struck Gaza’s Shijaiyah neighborhood, leveling a building complex, approximately 20 minutes before the beginning of a 12-hour ceasefire.


RT: Over 1,000 dead in Gaza after Israel’s op, calls for ceasefire to be extended:

“Over 1,000 Palestinians have been killed since Israel started its military operation in Gaza, officials said. As the 12-hour ceasefire approaches its end and body recovery continues in the Strip, world leaders are calling for an extension to the truce.

The residents encountered widespread destruction in the northern town of Beit Hanoun.

Nothing is left. Everything I have is gone,” a Palestinian woman from the town told AP.”

Palestininans go their way past rubbles and a mini ferris wheel in the northern district of Beit Hanun in the Gaza Strip, during an humanitarian truce, on July 26, 2014. (AFP Photo / Marco Longari)

RT: Palestinians go their way past rubbles and a mini ferris wheel in the northern district of Beit Hanun in the Gaza Strip, during an humanitarian truce, on July 26, 2014. (AFP Photo / Marco Longari)

sharing call-out: Trapped Palestinian medical staff and ISM volunteers need your help #Gaza

Source: ISM call-out

“At 19:00 Beit Hanoun Hospital was hit by an Israeli tank shell. Inside the hospital are 61 medical staff, civilians, three patients and two ISM volunteers, Charlie Andreasson and Fred Ekblad, both from Sweden, who are all trapped inside.

Israeli soldiers are close to the hospital. Gunfire can be heard in the area. A thick smoke is rolling into the hospital.

We need you to call your own representatives to demand that they fulfill their obligation to insure that Israel adheres to international law and immediately cease to target medical staff and facilities.

international volunteers, including some from Sweden, the U.S., and the UK, went to Beit Hanoun in North Gaza to accompany ambulances fallowing the targeting of an ambulance in Beit Hanoun this afternoon by Israeli forces. The Israeli attack on the ambulance killed one paramedic and the critical injury of another

The attack on the hospital in Beit Hanoun is the second Israeli attack on Gazan medical facilities and personnel in the last 24 hours. The first resulted in the destruction of Al Durrah Children’s Hospital in Gaza City last night. A two year-old child in the Intensive Care Unit was killed, and 30 others injured.

Due to shelling nearby, Beit Hanoun hospital has evacuated most of its patients to al-Shifa Hospital. Three patients remain in the hospital.

Since Israel began its attack on Gaza, 13 ambulances have been completely destroyed and two paramedics have been killed. Throughout the massacre, medical staff and facilities have been repeatedly targeted.

“Israel’s attacks on Gaza hospitals are ongoing, with those in areas by the separation barrier forced to evacuate their patients, paramedics and other rescue workers are doing what they can under conditions of great risk.” Stated Joe Catron, U.S. International Solidarity Movement activist.

According to the Gazan Ministry of Health, six out of Gaza’s 13 hospitals have already been severely damaged. One, el-Wafa rehabilitation hospital, has been completely destroyed. Two medical clinics have been completely destroyed, seven other clinics have been damaged, 13 medical staff members have been injured, and five have been killed.

Gaza updates, medical sector on death-bed


From ISM: As Israel targets the wounded, international volunteers to stay at al-Shifa hospital

“…six out of Gaza’s 13 hospitals have already been severely damaged. One, el-Wafa rehabilitation hospital, has been completely destroyed.  Two medical clinic and 12 ambulances have been completely destroyed, seven other clinics have been damaged, 12 medical staff members have been injured, and four have been killed.

“Israel’s ruthless onslaught against Gaza’s hospitals, clinics, and ambulances has pushed its health care sector, already struggling under siege, to the breaking point. With deaths and injuries, including those from Israeli attacks on medical facilities, rapidly mounting, al-Shifa is a red line the world cannot allow Israel to cross.” Stated Joe Catron, a U.S. ISM activist now in al-Shifa.
“They [the Israeli military] are targeting medical facilities, the wounded, the sick, and our children, all over the Gaza Strip. They want us to know that no where is safe.” Stated Dr. Basman Alashi, the executive director of el-Wafa Rehabilitation Hospital. El-Wafa was repeatedly bombed and shelled by Israeli forces, forcing the evacuation of all patients and staff on the 17th then attacked by the military once again on the 23rd, completely destroying it.
“With so many hospitals already dysfunctional due to attacks by the Israeli Occupational Forces, we are deeply concerned with how to safeguard al-Shifa Hospital. It is already overwhelmed with wounded and dying people. If Israel continues bombing, patients are going to end up on the street, as there will be nowhere else for them to go. If anything happens, let it be known that the world was forewarned and did nothing to stop this.” Stated Rina Andolini, a UK volunteer now in al-Shifa.”


IMEU: FAQ: Misperceptions about the Conflict in Gaza

Excerpts from a very useful discussion on the ‘Israeli’ massacre of Gaza and its lead-up, inevitability, criminality, from the IMEU:

“As soon as the Palestinian Authority national unity government was announced in April, Israel set its sights on destroying it.  It did so by first pressing for the government’s isolation and, when that failed, it used the deaths of three Israelis (kidnapped in an area of the West Bank that is entirely under Israel’s control) to demonize Hamas in the Gaza Strip.  Within 18 days of the Israelis going missing, Israel arrested hundreds of Palestinians in the West Bank including 11 Parliamentarians and 59 former prisoners who were released in a prisoner exchange three years ago.  These people were arrested without any proof that these individuals were in any way involved in the deaths of the three Israelis.  In addition, Israel killed 10 Palestinians, including three children in the West Bank and demolished three houses.  Israel launched air raids on the Gaza Strip, as documented by the UN, killing two, including a 10-year-old child.  This happened before a single Hamas rocket was fired from Gaza.  When Israel failed to break up the unity government diplomatically, it turned to a brutal military attack.”

 “Israel instrumentalized the tragic deaths of three Israeli youths, abducted and killed on June 12, to attack Hamas in the West Bank and disrupt Palestinian national reconciliation – a goal it had failed to achieve diplomatically. Israel arrested more than 400, searched 2,200 homes and other sites, and killed at least nine Palestinians in the process. We now know that Israel concealed evidence the youths were killed virtually immediately after abduction, and incited Israeli public opinion to a frenzy, directly leading to the brutal immolation of Muhammad Abu Khdeir. These cynical acts led to the escalation of violence along the Gaza border.”

the noble Mads Gilbert: Dr Mads Gilbert Doctor in Gaza from Norway Exposes & Slams Israel America & UK!

He highlights the current dire situation all around and in the hospitals, and he says what I always say: “Palestinian Samoud (resilience) is endless.  Their bravery is unending.  I don’t meet revenge feelings among the Palestinians, I meet people who say ‘let us have peace, we have the right to defend ourselves but we want peace…’ And to get peace, there must be a willingness from ‘Israel’ to talk without preconditions….”


Israel On Rampage in Gaza – #NewWorldNextWeek

Two of my favourite pod-casters/truth-tellers spoke on the massacre of Gaza back on Jul 10

Published on Jul 10, 2014

Welcome to — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Israel Steps Up Offensive Against Hamas
Hamas Attempted to Hit Nuclear Reactor in Dimona

once again, the criminal Zionists have bombed a school housing internally displaced, killing at least 15

“ITV News has witnessed the aftermath of an attack on a UN school in Gaza, which has left at least 15 people dead and dozens more injured.

The Beit Hanoun elementary school, which was being used as a shelter, had around 800 people – mostly women and children – inside when the attack took place at 2.30pm today.

UN spokesman Adnan Abu Hassna told ITV News that the Israeli military attacked the school, despite having received the exact co-ordinates of the facility.

Dan Rivers reported seeing dozens of children lying in “pools of blood” in a local hospital.

I just can’t get over what I have just witnessed at the Kamal Odwan hospital in #Gaza so many injured children


Dan Rivers

I will never forget the utter shock on these kids faces – they thought they were safe in a UN school #Gaza


**Syrian Army resisting foreign-supported terrorism in Syria

A people under occupation have the right…many would say DUTY… to resist. This is enshrined under international norms, including most notably  the UN General Assembly on the right to Resist foreign domination).

And thank Palestine’s allies, regional and abroad: Syria, Hezbollah, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba…notably absent are the corrupt Gulf states and most of the Western world…:

                                                    3 December 1982
              Importance of the universal realization of the right of peoples
              to self-determination and of the speedy granting of
              independence to colonial countries and peoples for the
              effective guarantee and observance of human rights
The General Assembly,

...Considering that the denial of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian
people to self-determination, sovereignty, independence and return to
Palestine and the repeated acts of aggression by Israel against the peoples of
the region constitute a serious threat to international peace and security,
     Deeply shocked and alarmed at the deplorable consequences of the Israeli
invasion of Beirut on 3 August 1982, and recalling all the resolutions of the
Security Council, in particular resolutions 520 (1982) of 17 September 1982
and 521 (1982) of 19 September 1982,

...Reaffirming the obligation of all Member States to comply with the
principles of the Charter of the United Nations and the resolutions of the
United Nations regarding the exercise of the right to self-determination by
peoples under colonial and foreign domination,

1.   Calls upon all States to implement fully and faithfully the
resolutions of the United Nations regarding the exercise of the right to
self-determination and independence by peoples under colonial and foreign
2.   Reaffirms the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples for
independence, territorial integrity, national unity and liberation from
colonial and foreign domination and foreign occupation by all available means,
including armed struggle;

Palestinian ambassador to the UN: “They had names, dreams, mothers, fathers…

Names and Faces of Victims of Gaza, Jul 23, 2014

“These are the human faces of our victims. These are samples of those who suffered most. We are not numbers, we are human beings.

We know that the ‘International community’ has failed, failed to its commitment to protect civilians in armed conflict, failed to enforce the rule of law, failed in its promise to humanity.

We must bear witness to the despair of our people and insist on their dignity. They had names, dreams, mothers, fathers, sisters, grandparents, and friends… who are grieving their deaths and devastated for this massive loss of human life, for which there can be no justification and no consolation… What is the ‘International Community’ doing to stop this blood-letting, to stop ‘Israeli” atrocities? What is the Security Council doing to uphold its commitment to protect civilians in armed conflict…? Without decisive action, the Council’s resolutions and statements ring hollow as defenseless civilians find no relief from the murderous ‘Israeli’ war machine.