Israeli invasion into southeastern Gaza kills 4, injures 8, destroys a home and ravages farmland

On 26 March, fighting erupted between Palestinian resistance and invading Israeli soldiers when IOF jeeps, tanks, and bulldozers invaded, supported by F-16s, Apache helicopters and unmanned drones from above.

Two Israeli soldiers were reported killed and 2 more injured. Medics with the Red Crescent report that three Palestinian resistance fighters were killed, along with 1 civilian, Haitam Arafat, 22 years old, shot on his land.

Eight more Palestinians were injured, according to Muawiyya Hassaniin, director of emergency services in Gaza. The injured include Osama Abu Dagga, a child of 6 years, shot in the head while in his home 2 km from the border. He is in critical condition.

While the invasion was underway, locals reported several F-16 Israeli warplanes, Apache helicopters, drones, roughly 20 tanks and 6 bulldozers.

During the Israeli invasion, Palestinian ambulances were unable to reach the injured, delayed and unable to attain coordination from Israeli authorities to retrieve the injured, although international law obligates Israel to accord this permission.

Long after the fighting between the resistance and invading Israeli soldiers, 3 Israeli bulldozers destroyed the home of Hashem Abu Daggma and surrounding farmland, all well over 500 metres from the border.

“They came around 11 pm and stayed until 3 am,” accompanied by tanks and aerial reinforcement, said a cousin of Abu Daggma’s, one of 15 living in the home until yesterday.

“I have no idea why they destroyed the home. It’s the third time they’ve attacked the house. Eight months ago they destroyed the outer side walls. Five months ago they destroyed the back wall. And this time they finished the job,” he said.

Abdel Aziz and Ibrahim Egdiah own 1.5 dunams next to the Abu Daggma home.

“We had parsley, radishes, olive and palm trees. Some of our trees were over 25 years old,” said Ibrahim Egdiah.

“Twelve people depend on this land,” he said, throwing aside a mangled olive branch. “Mish haram?” Isn’t this shameful?

Jaber Abu Rjila, a resident of Faraheen in the greater Abassan area, watched the Israeli invasion from a rooftop in the village a kilometre away.

“There were up to 20 tanks at the height of the invasions. The F-16, Apaches, drones and tanks were firing rockets, missiles and machine gun fire. I really felt that they might come into Faraheen again.”

Rjila’s house and chicken farm, 500 metres from the border, was ravaged in May 2008, his chicken barn destroyed, all but a percentage of the birds, farm equipment, and crops.

Rjila and other farmers in the border regions are constantly subject to Israeli soldier gunfire from border jeeps and towers.

“Many people are worried that Israel might come back and do something worse,” said Rjila. Today, the day after the invasion, Israeli bulldozers were visible waiting along the border.

17 thoughts on “Israeli invasion into southeastern Gaza kills 4, injures 8, destroys a home and ravages farmland

  1. Is very simple, they try to dispossess all our brothers of their material possessions, and force them to move out of the area. They do not hide their intentions any more, in plain view of the world they are committing crimes against the children, the ancients trees, using prohibited weapons, excessive force….I mean every thing that is illegal they are doing. Please pressure your politicians, keep posting raising your voice, is the only way, the corrupt leaders know that the whole world will revolt if they do not do the right thing.
    Thanks ….

  2. The Israeli government is committing Genocide. They are murderers. The world today who is turning a blind eye will feel the guilt when the truth is revealed on the number of Palestinians killed and maimed by the Israelis. Just as the Europeans felt the guilt of the Holocaust. Todays generation will feel it to. It is a disgrace how in todays world there is a supposingly democratic state as Israel committing these war crimes against farmers! Israel is a joke!

  3. Ich hoffe nur das diese verfluchten israelischen Faschisten und ihre Helfen,nicht zuletzt aus Deutschland,sich bald für ihre Verbrechen verantworten müssen.

  4. Read this in French at and forward to any and all. Our newspapers in French-speaking Switzerland are not reporting what is being done to the farmers of Gaza. In Gaza, agricultural land destruction, house demolitions and shooting sprees target the poorest and most defenseless civilians.

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