This is not specific to Gaza, but rather to humanity as a whole. Very worth re-listening multiple times.  

Akala official youtube

lyric excerpts from a brilliant piece of art:

“…See lately I feel confused with the boxes

Cause to me all they do is breed conflict

It not that I’ve lost touch with the

Reality racism, sexism and nationality

Just to me it all seems like insanity

Why must I rob you of your humanity

To feel good about mine, it’s all about crime

Dehumanizing is how I justify it

So I must keep on lying about the history of Africa

So I can live the with massacres and

Repeat my mantra of Muslim and terrorist so

I can sleep at night as bombs take flight

Eyes wide but I’m blind to the sight too busy chasing

The perfect life and the working class keep them uneducated

Truly educated men could never be racist, to educate is to draw out

What is within are we not all not the same under the skin

I got a heart like yours that pumps blood and oxygen

…if I’m honest I am just tired

Tired of everyday filling up my car and knowing that

I’m paying for the bombs in Iraq

The only way we can ever change anything

Is to look in the mirror and find no enemy

The only way we can ever change anything,

look in the mirror and find no enemy…”

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