ceasefire off, Foua and Kafarya again being pounded by saudi/nato terrorists


Mariam Mohammad (a Beirut-based justice activist with contacts in the villages) updated:

[Saturday 29 august 2015]

“It was officially announced that the second truce and round of negotiations collapsed today.

The Armed factions resumed heavy shelling against the villages since the early hours of the morning. Hundreds of grad rockets, mortars, and hell cannons, targeted the neighbor hoods killing 5 civilians and wounding more than 22.

A “Hawn” Mortar exploded near the kitchen in M’s family house where his nephew was standing. Gratefully & Alhamdullilah his nephew survived and wasn’t even wounded.

The percentage of destruction in the houses of the two villages surpassed 60%.. We are on the verge of a humanitarian Crisis there.”


Al Mayadeen reported (in Arabic, google-translated) on the bombed of Foua and Kafarya, as well as other terrorist acts throughout Syria:

Armed groups bombed the towns of al-Foua and Kefarya in the countryside of Idlib …violating the truce signed between the armed groups on the one hand, and the Syrian army and the resistance of the Lebanese end of the second hand in the Zabadani area in the countryside of Damascus.

In Homs, central Syria, a number of people were killed and others wounded by a car bomb explosion targeted a transport area at the sixtieth Street.

Ten people were killed in the northern countryside of Aleppo after a Daesh (ISIS) car bomb at the entrance to the city of Mare.


Eyad, a friend and a resident of Foua, studying in Latakia, wrote to me (translated by Damascus based, MEC journalist, Iyad Khuder):

“Today, the threat is directly from the Nusra’s head in Idleb; he’s threatening to massacre the people of Kafarya and Foua in retaliation for the ‘failure of negotiations.’ He said, ‘People of Kafarya and Foua will pay the price!’ [video]

According to Eyad, Syrian Army jets hadn’t bombed the terrorists surrounding Foua and Kafarya because “the terrorists have sophisticated MANPADs… (thanks to Uncle Sam!)” He also noted:

“Many people are having difficulty breathing due to the intense bombardment and gases emitted from the bombs. The situation is too difficult. People are dying, children are terrified.”

The psychological terror reaches those even outside of Foua and Kafarya, who worry about their families and loved ones, and have difficulty communicating with them or getting updates on their well-being.

“Till now, I haven’t managed to contact my family. Telecommunications are too weak; I cannot contact them when I’m worried about them.”

I asked if the video he sent me a link to showed a Syrian or otherwise.

He’s no Syrian, he’s Saudi.”

No surprise there. A Saudi takfiri fulfilling the nato/gulf/zionist-crafted war agenda of murdering Syrians.

On Aug. 20, Eyad had written to me:

“Yesterday a girl called Zilal committed suicide, because she knows nothing about her husband and 12-year-old child who were kidnapped by al-Nusra Front 3 months ago. She couldn’t afford living like this.” [see MEC’s “Tales of Abduction” on such kidnappings]


Two earlier articles on the terrorists’ siege and bombardment of Kafarya and Foua:

– Untold Suffering in Foua and Kafarya: Two Northwestern Syrian Villages Under Siege and Assault by NATO’s Terrorists, Part 1

Untold Suffering in Foua and Kafarya, Part 2


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