Interview: Eva Bartlett, Live from Damascus (21st Century Wire)

*centre: with Rev. Ibrahim Nseir, in Aleppo; right: with Grand Mufti, Dr. Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun

July 24, 2016, Patrick Henningsen, Sunday Wire, 21st Century Wire

“In the third hour, we’ll go live to Damascus to talk with independent journalist Eva Bartlett about recent experiences in Syria, specifically along the front lines of the conflict in Latakia and Aleppo, as well as some new information about which direct this 5 year-long conflict may actually be heading.”

Starts in hour three of Patrick’s always informative broadcast, at around 113:00.

LISTEN here if above link does not work.

Discussion with Aleppo Syrian in Beirut (May 2014), on manufactured media and more
Memorial (and candlelight vigil) at site of the first of four terror-bombings on the morning of May 23 in Tartous. The first explosion, a car bomb, was sadistically-followed by three suicide bombings at strategic points to kill and maim more innocent civilians fleeing the initial terror-bombing.The State hospital put the number of murdered at 43, and those wounded (including severe injuries and life-altering maimings) at at least 132. More on this soon. R.I.P. the martyrs and bless the living.

Same day, time and savagery as the terrorist attacks on Jableh.


I visited Jableh, outside of Latakia, which was hit by a series of savage terrorist bombings on May 23. By accounts from witnesses at the various sites, the coordinated terror attacks on the public transport station (where 100s of minivans [servis], also city buses and taxis are stationed or pass through), then outside the electricity building down the main street, at a corner across from a private hospital, and at Jableh’s state hospital occurred within the span of about 30 minutes, one after another, from around 9:30 am on.

The main street (off of which is the transport terminal) was jammed with panicked people fleeing the first explosions at the transport terminal when the terrorist mercenary outside the electricity building just down the street exploded his bomb, grabbing a random young woman nearby while doing so to ensure she was murdered among many others.

Just down the street, another terrorist exploded his bomb across from a private hospital.

The sadism of these attacks is incomprehensible. The wounded from the transport terminal were brought to Jableh’s main hospital, and as they streamed through the gates into the hospital, so did another suicide bomber, who calmly walked into the ER level of the hospital and detonated his explosive amidst those already injured in the first attacks, and the nurses and doctors trying to save their lives.

The numbers of dead are yet unclear, but in the hundreds. These were civilians, this was a savage attack that the west ignored as they trumpet “moderate” terrorists in Syria.

As the doctor walked me through the now largely-rehabilitated ER area, he and a nurse who was on site recounted the minutes before and after the hospital bombing, showing me photos of walls splattered with blood, flesh, and worse.

The floors were covered with injured and dead, as well as piles of body parts.

“While saving people who were alive, we were stepping on bodies,” the nurse and doctor showing me the ER level said.

I will write more in depth on this, but want to note that this is an area where people were living in safety, including displaced people from areas like Aleppo who had sought safe haven in Jableh.

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