Comment Set Free: “Russia wants to hack the Oscars”

Thanks to Off Guardian for offering a platform for honest criticism and discussion on Guardian smear pieces and war propaganda.
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In this our second go at opening comments on a Guardian article that doesn’t allow them, we are inviting your responses to “Russia wants to hack the Oscars:smear campaign targets Syrian nominee” by Olivia Solon, published Feb 6 2018.

We will do our best to pass your views on the the relevant parties at the Guardian

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6 thoughts on “Comment Set Free: “Russia wants to hack the Oscars”

  1. I’m not sure what to think ~ i feel for this film maker and i’ve no idea what is real in this evolving story.
    I’m thinking ‘White-Helmets” as in crickets ~ i find it hard to understand Russian news manipulators (if they really exist?) trying to sabotage such a film… undoubtedly ‘they’ feel the medium will catapult ‘some’ message to the planet and all will be lost ~ i don’t see how this film can be so affectations lest there is some White-crickets in the room.

  2. The white helmets are some of the least trustworthy organizations on the planet. They have been caught on video staging car bombings and tragic situations with the goal of swaying the western world’s view of the Syrian war. All funded by the UK and USA. Follow the money folks. If this director/filmmaker is basing his work on the activity of the white helmets, it’s suspect at best.

  3. Is there anything the Russian can’t hack, manipulate, rob or destroy without anything or anyone can stop them? Superman has found his superior in Putin. But lies repeated over and over agan eventually becomes the truth. Hopefully this can end as more people stop following the MSM and start following independent journalist instead.

  4. Important to note!! The text includes this:

    “Chris Hegedus, who made Oscar-nominated documentary The War Room, described the articles as “outrageous” and said that they “made us see how Russia and others are meddling beyond social media and political elections”.”

    This is NOT Chris Hedges, a true social justice icon who understands who & what the White Helmets truly are. Christine Louise Hegedus’ [] film ‘The War Room’ was made in 1993 and she’s made a couple of others since. To add to the confusion, Hedges has written a book “War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning” which, for the unwary, might be conflated with Hegedus’ movie’s title.

    I think it’s illustrative of the disingenuousness of those who knowingly whore for the White Helmets to manipulate her name, and use her quote, in a fashion such as to imply to the unwary reader that someone of Chris Hedges’ moral character also supports the al Qaeda Rescue Service and the entier ‘Russia/Putin-did-it’ meme.

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