OPCW Investigating Accusations that Syrian Government Used Nerve Gas or Chemical Weapon in Douma

OPCW Issues Fact-Finding Mission Reports on Chemical Weapons Use Allegations in Douma, Syria in 2018 and in Al-Hamadaniya and Karm Al-Tarrab in 2016

On July 6, the OPCW—the body charged with investigating the accusations that Syria had used a nerve agent or other chemical weapon in Douma, Syria—reported that “no organophosphorous nerve agents” were detected in the prioritized samples they had taken, including from “alleged casualties”.

The OPCW states that its investigation included on-site visits in Douma, and interviews with witnesses.

While corporate media was screaming that Syria had used a chemical weapon or nerve agent against civilians in Douma, based on the claims of the US-funded Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) and the Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets), independent journalists went to Douma and spoke to medical staff at the hospital in question, as well as civilians.

I did so myself in late April. Numerous testimonies I and others before and after me took said no chemical attack had taken place. Seventeen civilians from Douma, including medical staff and a boy featured in an unverified video, testified at the OPCW headquarters at the Hague that there had not been a chemical attack. And yet, corporate media dismissed their testimonies, and the on the ground testimonies of many journalists, instead declaring that Syria was guilty of a chemical attack.

As I previously wrote, Marwan Jaber, a medical student present at the hospital on April 7, the day of the alleged attacks, told me:

Patients who came in were being treated for normal shelling injuries, as well as for breathing difficulties, due to the combination of dust and their having taken refuge for extended periods in basements. While staff were treating normal bombing injuries and breathing cases, “strangers” entered screaming about a chemical attack and started hosing people with water. Hospital staff calmed the situation down and went back to treating the patients as ‘normal’ shelling victims, as they had not exhibited any indications of having been exposed to a chemical agent.”

These strangers appear, with the White Helmets, in the unverified videos presented to the world as “evidence” that the Syrian government had used a chemical or nerve agent against its people. The videos of the White Helmets were “evidence” enough for the US, UK and France to illegally bomb Syria over 100 times the night before OPCW inspectors arrived in Syria to investigate.

Marwan Jaber also told me:

“Patients’ symptoms were “not in line with the symptoms of a chemical attack. There wasn’t pupil constriction or Broncho-constrictions leading to death,” Jaber recalled. “The symptoms we received were all symptoms of choking, patients affected by the smoke and regular war injuries. They came here, we treated them, and dispatched them home.”

Jaber said that none, not one, had died, and that none of the hospital staff were affected, as one might expect they would be had a chemical agent been used.

The OPCW investigation included samples from rooms shown in the unverified video including the room with a bed and a large missile delicately perched on a non-shattered bed, supposedly having fallen through the roof. In their report, the OPCW noted that samples from the bed, pillow, resulted in: “No CWC-scheduled chemicals detected.” Same for samples from a basement room, also shown in the White Helmets video, strewn with re-arranged bodies. “No CWC-scheduled chemicals detected.” [No chemicals that are prohibited in the Chemical Weapons Convention.] “No nerve agent related chemicals detected.” The latter comment is regarding a sample taken from “piece of cloths from victim.”

The OPCW found traces of “chlorinated organic chemicals”, but not Sarin, as widely alleged by corporate media and supposed investigators.

The issuance of this latest report finding allegations of chemical or nerve agents being used in Douma to thus far not be based on evidence is another important negation of the stories spun by corporate media and think tanks, and confirms what Syrian civilians and medical staff themselves testified on numerous occasions to numerous journalists: that they had not experienced a chemical attack in Douma.

Those promoting the lies to the contrary are guilty of war propaganda and have Syrian blood on their hands for promulgating a narrative that could lead to further illegal intervention and bombing by the US and allies.

7 thoughts on “OPCW Investigating Accusations that Syrian Government Used Nerve Gas or Chemical Weapon in Douma

  1. I am appalled by he fake news which has been used to justify US and Allies criminal intervention
    could you provide a link to access the OPCW Report
    I follow your work and applaud your actions and reports.

  2. Greg Philo of The Glasgow Uni Media Group raised an interesting point about the msm coverage of Gaza in a video I saw. They reported the FACTS about what was happening in Gaza….but the CAUSAL EXPLANATIONS were provided by the Israelis.

    Since 1776, the more intelligent upper-half of USA has always hoarded all of the land, wealth, political power and healthcare. And always have they voted for militarized police, wars for plunder and all things that will enhance their violence, power, wealth and glory.

  4. Once more, we find that the “rule of law” has been obscured whenever Syria is accused of doing one thing or another. When bullies take the usual low ground, crawling through and stirring up the intellectual night soil, their hope is that no one will notice the presence of foulness in the words and positions aired, presuming that people will get used to it and consider it “normal” when the diseases of propaganda become a danger to civil discourse, weakening it, rendering it enervating to the point where Truth will hopefully – for the bullying propagandists – expire.

    The “rule of law” demands fresh air and sunshine, the purposes of which purify the processes of determining the truths of the matters under consideration. What the bullies don’t like is being exposed for who and what they are because people begin to notice how foul and disgusting the aggressors are, how weak and ultimately ineffective they have always been. They need to be brought into the light, hosed off, and properly presented. Fresh air really does wonders, non?

    Any lack of independent and impartial – clean – analysis of the Syrian issue, for example, has no benefit whatsoever. “Normal” will not do when Truth is endangered. Whether it is EB or the OPCW or whoever, testimonies or evidence must be collected and evaluated BEFORE condemnations or reprisals or executions are even brought to mind. Decisions made under the cover of darkness should remain consigned to the pits under the houses with the crescent moon carved into their doors, the old thinking as current as the pages of the catalog hung on the wall.

    And, how much more do we need to understand about the night soil thinking than what has happened in neighbouring Iraq?


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