Murad Gazdiev Dismantles ‘Credibility’ of Key Source Promoting Chemical Attack Lies on Syria

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Important commentary by Murad Gazdiev, on the alleged chemical attacks in Douma, Syria, and the usual suspect sources purveying these lies, which include the Syrian American Medical Society.

Gazdiev: “It was the Syrian SAMS–the Syrian American Medical Society–that initially claimed that they had treated 500 people with with symptoms indicative of exposure to a chemical agent.
… Well what is this organization exactly? Well, it is it is an organization that is funded by the United States….In 2013 they had a budget of $700,000, 2015 they had a budget of $6 million–you know almost a tenfold increase. Most of that money, $5.8 million, came from USAID, which is an organization that is closely tied to the State Department which is banned in multiple countries because of interference in domestic politics, because of what is seen as its as its drive for regime change. It even has an office of transition initiatives which is you know exactly what is what is being called this this regime change office.
Nevertheless, their executive director and the director of operations of the Syrian American Medical Association are former US aid staffers.
And it was them that provided one year ago the OPCW organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons with alleged samples from Khan Sheikhoun, where there was an alleged again chemical attack. And after which Donald Trump said 57 cruise missiles into Syria that was a violation of the OPCW’s protocols, because the OPCW has very strict rules about accepting samples. Unless they can verify that a sample came from this place, or they can verify the chain of custody so them to make sure that you know nobody could have could have added anything to a sample, they cannot take samples. In this case they did.
…We’ve we’ve reached out to the World Health Organization and they have refused to comment. We’ve written to them twice, called them, and they said, you know they haven’t said anything…Their only statement has been that they’ve heard reports of five hundred people being treated. Well, it seems like that report again traces back to the Syrian American Medical Society….”
*More on SAMS, from my article from and on Madaya (long excerpt to give context):

“Madaya never had a hospital, only a small clinic, which the locals said terrorists had closed to the public. The regional hospital for the area is in nearby Zabadani. Yet, by November 2016, reports on Madaya’s nonexistent hospital includedd this headline from the Qatar-funded Middle East Eye: “As Madaya’s last hospital closes…”

This is the same ‘last hospital’ theme that abounded in propaganda around Aleppo.

The town did have a small medical clinic, though. In the media spin around Madaya, purportedly heroic non-MDs were treating the citizens of Madaya, including one dentist and one veterinarian.

According to the mayor and other men I spoke with, though, only terrorists and their families were treated or given access to medicines. Given that this accusation was later widely heard from civilians in liberated areas of Aleppo, and given that the terrorists in question were al-Qaeda and Ahrar al-Sham (which the U.S. Congress lists as a terrorist group in its own documents), it is highly unlikely that the Madaya people who alleged this were not telling the truth.

Madaya’s mayor said he knew the two “hero doctors.” Of the dentist, the mayor said he benefited from helping the militants. “He could get whatever he want[ed] from them, like food and medicine, and he became famous in the media.”

The video on this hero doctor was Netherlands-produced (a country which supports the ‘opposition’), and featured a Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) board member. SAMS purports to be a “nonpolitical, nonprofit, professional and medical relief organization,” but supports al-Qaeda-occupied areas in Syria. Their own website notes meetings with the State Department, Homeland Security, and other establishment policymakers, including U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State John Kerry — all deeply involved in the U.S. war on Syria….”

*Do read my entire article on the media lies and reality around the siege and starvation in Madaya–thanks to terrorists hoarding food as they did in Aleppo, al-Waer, Homs, Ghouta…

13 thoughts on “Murad Gazdiev Dismantles ‘Credibility’ of Key Source Promoting Chemical Attack Lies on Syria

  1. Thank you Eva. I honestly believe the whole world knows the gas attacks are fake. I also think the only way to stop this madness is a war. Russia is the only government openly supporting Syria, the Truth and international law. If Russia pulls out of this this conflict for what-ever reason, no country will be safe.

  2. The Douma and Skripal incidents are examples of allegations which are absurd in the real world.
    Putin and Assad didn’t get where they are today by leaping the US’ red lines. They had nothing to gain and much to lose by using CW.
    The Anglo Alliance of Evil, on the other hand, had nothing to lose and much to gain by allowing an attack to take place.
    This is scarcely rocket science.
    People who believe such drivel (also Maidan, MH17, Donbass, 911 etc) will not be swayed by eloquently reasoned argument nor by evidence.

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