Hamilton, Monday, July 23, 2018

The Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War:


The fact that Canada is admitting as refugees at least 250 White Helmets and their family members exposes the involvement of the Trudeau government, like the Harper government before it, in the illegal, US-led, regime-change operation in Syria.

These two federal governments are collectively responsible for setting up and continuing the international coalition that produced the proxy war against Syria, using terrorist mercenaries as its footsoldiers; leading the international regime of brutal economic sanctions against Syria which turned about four million Syrians into refugees – (the international sanctions regime was drawn up in a meeting in Ottawa in June 2013); demonizing the legitimate government of Syria, breaking off diplomatic relations with it, and trying to delegitimize it in international forums; supporting armed rebels against Syria, a member state of the United Nations, by bringing their leaders to Ottawa and giving them funds; overflying Syria on military missions without the express consent of its government; and supporting the propaganda arm of the regime change operation through the White Helmets.

Now that the Syrian government has liberated Deraa, where the western-sponsored regime-change operation began in 2011, the “rebels” and their auxiliaries have had to scramble to find places of refuge. Thus, the Trudeau government has felt obliged to admit as refugees to Canada some of their foreign policy assets, namely the White Helmets.

Who are the White Helmets? The White Helmets claim to be a “fiercely independent” organization of volunteer first responders in Syria helping Syrian civilians injured in the war.

In fact, the White Helmets are a fiercely partisan organization of relatively well-paid employees, set up by British and US intelligence services inside of Turkey (a belligerent in the war against Syria) in 2013. A Madison Avenue public relations firm was contracted to develop the concept of the White Helmets as a humanitarian agency for public consumption in the West – to provide a ‘suger-coating’ to an ugly and illegal imperial war. James Lemesurier, a former British military intelligence officer and later “military contractor”, was hired to front the organization, which has been funded to the tune of about 150 million dollars by the governments of the USA, UK, France, Holland, Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, and Canada, among others. In 2016, Canada donated $4.5 million dollars to the White Helmets. Currently, a Freedom of Information request is seeking to determine if the Canadian government has made repeated donations of $4.5 million in 2017 and 2018. On top of the donations, the Canadian government has organized two cross-Canada publicity tours of White Helmet personnel in recent years in various cities. This past March, a delegation of White Helmets was welcomed to speak to the Canadian parliament’s Human Rights Committee. In addition, the New Democratic Party endorsed the White Helmets for the Nobel Peace Prize, which it failed to win.

The White Helmets are embedded in the Al-Qaeda terrorist network and operate exclusively in terrorist-held areas of Syria. Though it also calls itself the Syrian Civil Defence, the government of Syria created the real Syrian Civil Defence in 1953 and was a founding member of the International Civil Defence Organization.

Once in place inside the terrorist-occupied enclaves inside of Syria, the true role of the White Helmets emerged. The group specialized in making videos of dramatically-staged rescues of children from among the rubble of part of cities which Al-Qaeda (and sometimes other terrorist groups) had managed to seize and occupy. Two notorious staged videos stand out: the staged rescues of Omran Daqneesh in Aleppo and Hassan Diab in Douma. Occasionally, however, the White Helmets joined in recreational video competitions, such as the Mannequin Challenge. The twofold principal purposes of the child-rescue videos was, first, to demonize the Syrian government as a brutal tyranny, even though it was lawfully defending its sovereign territory against foreign invasion, and, secondly, to promote the western regime change operation in Syria as a humanitarian intervention.

Specifically, the White Helmet videos were timed to promote calls by western governments for directly military intervention in Syria by such means as a no-fly zone (similar to the one imposed on Libya in 2011) or a “civilian corridor”. And, on at least two occasions, the tactic worked. In April 2017, the White Helmets staged a false flag chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun which prompted a US missile attack on the Sharyat Air Base in Syria. A recent outstanding example of the propaganda use of such videos was the staging of a fake nerve agent attack in Douma, Syria, on April 7 of this year. The incident, later revealed as a hoax by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), nonetheless resulted in over one hundred missile strikes by the USA, UK, and France on Syria on April 13, 2018.

In addition, the White Helmets’ true role as an auxiliary to terrorism was captured on film on several occasions when they participated in Al-Qaeda summary executions and by Facebook postings by numerous White Helmets on their personal accounts showing themselves moonlighting as armed Al-Qaeda fighters and heaping praise on Al-Qaeda leaders. Contrarily, civilians inside the enclaves in Syrian cities liberated from Al-Qaeda and ISIS told many western reporters that the White Helmets provided no medical help or assistance to them, but rather only to the armed terrorists. Moreover, real Syrian Civil Defence workers testified that many of their comrades were killed by Al-Qaeda fighters and their equipment and vehicles given to the White Helmets.

The rescue of the White Helmet “rescuers” by Israel through the Golan Heights should not come as a surprize because Israel has been a major player in the illegal, failed, regime change operation in Syria. Israel has bombed Syria more than one hundred times during the war. Israel openly supported FSA fighters with arms, intelligence, and funding in southern Syria and routinely transferred wounded terrorists to hospitals inside Israel for medical treatment before returning them to the front. Israeli PM Netanyahu posed for photos in one of those hospitals at the bedside of wounded terrorists last year. Today (July 22, 2018), in a tweet, Netanyahu stated that both President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau personally asked for his help in rescuing the White Helmets from Syria.

Syria is well rid of these White Helmets. But, if Canadians understood who these people really were, they would strongly object to the settling of terrorists in our midst. Last November in the House of Commons, Trudeau asserted that Canadians returning from terrorist activities in Syria and Iraq would not be charged with criminal offences. Rather, he asserted, “We also have methods of de-emphasizing or de-programming people who want to harm our society, and those are some things we have to move forward on.” At the end of the day, then, the Trudeau government in effect embraces terrorist fighters and their auxiliaries.

That the Canadian government is planning to admit White Helmets personnel to Canada as refugees should gravely concern Canadians. These civil defence poseurs are ideologically committed to terrorism, personally connected to Al Qaeda, and have the blood on their hands of many Syrians whose country they helped to invade and occupy. The potential for them to cause harm in Canada is high.

We urge Canadians immediately to contact their MP’s about this matter, to spread the alarm via social media, and to write letters to newspapers. We also urge the Canadian government to do the following:

  1. withdraw from the US-led military coalition in Syria and Iraq;
  2. end Canada’s punishing economic sanctions against Syria;
  3. re-establish diplomatic ties with the Syrian government;
  4. participate in the reconstruction of Syria through payments of reparation.

Published by the Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War



For further info, please contact Ken Stone at 289-382-9008 or at kenstone@cogeco.ca



Vanessa Beeley Youtube, search “White Helmets”
The White Helmet Exodus Managed by ‘Regime-Change’ Coalition
Torture, starvation, executions: Eastern Ghouta civilians talk of life under terrorist rule
False Flag Fail: How Syrian Civilians Derailed White Helmet ‘Chemical’ Stunt in Eastern Ghouta
Welcome to Hadar: A Village Under Siege by al-Qaeda and Israeli Forces Alike
Direct Terrorist Collusion: Over One Dozen Videos Capture White Helmets Working Side-By-Side With Terrorist Groups in Syria

Robert Thorpe to shameless Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:


I wrote a letter to the CBC on this article. The CBC’s deliberate propaganda on the entire Syria narrative is indefensible.

To CBC News

“I continue to be disturbed by the fact that the CBC continues to paint a narrative of Syria that defies well established evidence, as to its origins, the nature of the democratically elected sovereign government of Syria, and the actors in the invasion of Syria, which includes the US, NATO members Britain and France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Qattar and others. I cannot believe that no journalists at the CBC are aware of the underlying causes of decades of US interest in regime change in Syria, the reaction to President Assad’s refusal to allow a Qattari pipeline through his country, the role of Saudi Wahhabi recruited jihadist, extremist mercenaries from over 80 countries, and the genocidal acts of some of these terrorists that the West hoped to install. Finally, as this article discusses, the nature of the propaganda construct and al Nusra connected White Helmets.

Surely someone there knows that the White Helmets are the invention of James Le Mesurier, former British military officer and current mercenary who is on video record discussing the efficacy of using “humanitarian groups” to assist regime change. Surely you cannot be unaware of the $100’s of millions funneled to the White Helmets by the US and British governments, and the fact that they are in part managed by a New York Public Relations firm. Surely you know that the White Helmets have been exposed repeatedly as manufacturing phony events and footage not unlike the exposure of the infamous BBC Panorama documentary “Saving Syria’s Children” which turned out to be a complete fraud. Another example is the footage of the White Helmet “Manequin Challenge” where they took pictures of made up “actors” to place themselves in grotesque positions to simulate the dead and qounded. And of course, the most recent fraud by the White Helmets, the “Ghouta Gas Attack” footage, used to justify missile attacks, which was not only debunked by Robert Fisk and other journalists, but entirely disproved by the OPCW report, which states clearly that no chemical weapons were used in Ghouta – a FACT the CBC entirely ignored , giving no retraction of the deliberate fraud, after going on non stop about the White Helmet generated “atrocity”.

As is very widely discussed in alternative media and among scholars and serious journalists like John Pilger, and the seldom recognized Eva Karene Bartlett or Vanessa Beeley (both of whom have spent months on the ground in Syria), the White Helmets are a propaganda construct created to support a deliberate policy of regime change in Syria, and again, closely allied with al Nusra / al Queda, with evidence showing direct involvement of some White helmet members in al Nusra activities. This makes them terrorists – and Trudeau and Freeland are inviting many of them to Canada (note that their chums in Israel and the US will take NONE, foisting them off on Canada, Britain and Germany).

Here are a couple of points raised in your article that show the CBC’s propagandistic support of the US narrative:

1) “onslaught of forces loyal to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad” – there is anther term for this and it is “the Syrian Army” (loyal to the nation and people of Syria in its efforts to liberate itself from ruthless, genocidal, mercenary terrorists.

2) “As the regime retakes territory, it will frankly be seeking retribution, and many of these people will be tortured if not killed,” – It is well established that Syria is facilitating the peaceful extraction and relocation of all terrorist forces that surrender – there is not one shred of evidence that they are “torturing or killing them”, making this statement a straight out and deliberate lie.

3) “The study noted the volunteers “increasingly became a main source of evidence of the true nature of the bombings, posting GoPro footage of airstrikes” and alleged human rights violations.” Your article thus asserts the validity of White Helmet films which have on many occasions been demonstrated to be frauds.

I think the CBC might want to reflect on what happened in Britain’s after MI5 allowed free international passage of Salman Abedi and other associates of the “Libyan Islamic Fighting Group” in and out of Britain. Abedi was involved in terror operations in both Libya and Syria. He later was responsible for the Manchester bombing, killing 23 and wounding 139. MI5, the Home Secretary and the Foreign Secretary all bear responsibility for facilitating known terrorists to do their dirty work. The price was paid by innocent British kids at a concert.

When we invite known terrorists, no matter how they are portrayed by servile MSM outlets like the CBC despite the evidence into Canada, we do so at great peril. If and when any of these people goes on a killing spree in Canada, I hope you, your Managers and your Board of Directors will remember that the CBC will have been in no small part responsible.”

Robert Thorpe, Toronto”


  1. Eva Bartlett is spot on with her reports on the “White Helmets . The countries that tke them as refugees will probably regret that decision in the future. Those will be a basis for terror events going forward.

  2. “In addition, the New Democratic Party endorsed the White Helmets for the Nobel Peace Prize, which it failed to win”.

    Presumably the White Helmets failed to win because the committee felt that they had not killed enough innocent civilians. Mr Obama, who did win the prize, notched up over a million and possibly several million.

  3. I see that Germany is to welcome “White Helmets” to its territory. This may be the culmination of Frau Merkel’s cunning plan to destroy Germany (and as much of the EU as possible) utterly. So far, the millions of “refugees” Germany has admitted suffer from a lack of strong, decisive, experienced leadership. The advent of “White Helmets” can be expected to remedy that shortcoming, so we may soon see well-armed and organized attacks on the German state itself.

  4. Well, the jig is up. I think that Lavrov mentioned in the last day or so that this proves who has been behind the terrorism in the region, which is not a really big surprise (just a little one, eh?). It’s bad enough that the powers that be inure these people to a certain standard of conduct by allowing them to run rampant with their pals and be called “heroes” but it’s worse when the PTB have to import them into other countries. My bigger questions are: “What will their purpose be in the countries to which they will be assigned?” “Radicalising even more people?” “Will their ‘skills’ acquired in Syria be employed in their adopted lands?” Anyway, my inclination would be to ensure that people understand the potential that these dead-enders have for inspiring destabilisation. Beyond that, 조심하세요!!!

  5. As a Canadian ,I am appalled at the complicity of my government , in aiding and with interference in other countries based on lies .We will have to suffer the consequences of having terrorists in our midst . I support the Syrian people in their struggle to regain sovereignty in their land .I have been following the events in Syria for some time and it has become apparent that the war imposed on Syria was based on propaganda .
    Thanks to people like Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley ,who have been on the ground in Syria,reporting what was was actually happening , some of us know the truth , unfortunately not enough of us Canadians .Our so called leaders are leading us to chaos and now feeding us with more propaganda.

  6. I gotta wonder ~ ‘white helmets’ as an easy Halloween costume fix? Consequences could be not pretty.
    I feel in ‘murikkka these ‘white helmets’ are akin to those preachers who whipped up the ‘gawd fearing’ in the Deep South to give quarters and aid to the arch enemy of the Deep North…
    I wonder if there are ‘innocents’ in the ‘white helmet’ corp? As with many if not most big orgs the pawns on the front lines don’t see the crimes they are guilty of? Are we seeing any whistle blowers?
    And this Jo Cox ~ WTF is going on in this asylum ? https://www.sott.net/article/392440-A-tangled-web-Jo-Cox-her-assassination-the-White-Helmets-Humanitarianism-and-Regime-Change

    Thank you Eva and company,
    Carry On,

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