Imperialism on Trial panels in UK


It was a huge honour to share panels with Peter Ford, former British Ambassador to Syria, and Peter Kuznick, co-author with Oliver Stone of the Untold History of the United States!

George Galloway, former MP and current host of “The Mother of All Talk Shows” ( joined the panel on the 2nd evening in London, as did my colleague and dear friend Vanessa Beeley (an impromptu speech that was just brilliant). 

Other panelists included Rev. Andrew Ashdown, Adam Garrie, Gerry MacLochlainn  , a former Irish political prisoner and Michael Pike, a former soldier in the British army and now a member of Veterans for Peace, as well as a poet.


I’ll be posting links to the various speeches as I find time to upload while still on the move. For now, already uploaded/broadcast speeches in chronological order:

RT UK recording of 1st night in London:

RT UK recording of 2nd night in London:


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