On RT to discuss terror attacks on villages near Idlib, esp #Mhardeh, also White Helmets pending false flag chemical hoax


In studio in Damascus yesterday, discussing the tragic attack on Mhardeh on September 7, an attack with at least 9 Grad missiles, according to the local defense forces (NDF), 6 of which contained cluster sub munitions.

11 killed, over 20 injured, including critically. I interviewed Shadi Yousef Shehda, a father whose three young children were murdered, along with his wife and mother. His pain was beyond heartbreaking, while speaking to me and showing his children’s clothing and toys.

This was not the first attack on his house, but the third. Attacks on Mhardeh and other villages nearby have been incessant over the years. 117 civilian martyrs, 52 Syrian soldiers killed, according to the NDF commander.

More on that soon.

The interview:

Please also see my interview with Shadi Shahda:



  1. Intelligent, insightful, inspiring, in focus, in the right places, in the right times … always enjoyable to find refreshing Truth and actual experience with the subject matter and material.

  2. Bravo Eva. I know Mhardeh since 1972 I stayed there for my field studies in the Ghab for months in summer 72 and 73 and worked 18 months in 77-79 Bernard C Paris

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