US-Led Efforts to Overthrow Maduro Spurred by Business Interests, Not Democracy

“Maduro is not a dictator. He is the elected head of a government confronting a genuine national emergency engineered by hostile foreign powers. Measures taken by the government to defend its citizens against the determination of the United States to impose on Venezuela policies which cater to the interests of corporate America at Venezuelans’ expense are wholly legitimate; they represent the actions of a democracy against a US-led international tyranny.

It is important to remember that Maduro’s government, like Chavez’s, has sought to put the interests of ordinary Venezuelans ahead of those of US investors. As a result, it has provoked Washington’s enmity.”

What's Left

January 24, 2019

By Stephen Gowans

The US-led and coordinated intervention to overthrow Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro by recognizing Juan Guaidó, the leader of Venezuela’s National Assembly as the interim president, has nothing whatever to do with restoring democracy in Venezuela (which was never overturned) and everything to do with promoting US business interests.

Washington’s imperial arrogance in effectively appointing Guaidó as president, attempting to go over the heads of Venezuelans—who alone have the right to decide who their leaders are—is motivated by the same concerns that have motivated other US interventions around the world: toppling governments that put their citizens’ interests above those of US investors.

That Washington has a propensity to engage in destabilization operations against leftwing governments is hardly a secret. From 1898 to 2004, the US government undertook 41 successful regime change interventions in Latin America, an average of one every two-and-a-half years. And that…

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5 thoughts on “US-Led Efforts to Overthrow Maduro Spurred by Business Interests, Not Democracy

  1. Bolsonaro “simply invoked the smarts of Finance Minister Paulo Guedes, a University of Chicago-trained economist,” WaPo bazils-new-president-fizzles-his-overseas-debut

    US State Dept at work… If you connect what’s behind Brazil’s serious shift to Austerity and the trashing of a Socialist right on ‘murikkk’as front door…(but we all know that ‘murikkkas front door is every fn’g where) So anyway Who is the king of Austerity but Milton Friedman…you cannot ‘maximize’ in a Socialist umbrella cuz its designed to be sustaining /sustainability not ‘engaged in profits’…But US Policy that never changes will not tolerate any other economic agenda. Austerity is the same thing only different.

    What i find OMG is the geopolitical forearm smash from Mr Putin for Maduro in the land of Milk ‘n Oil to the US State Dept. And after a bruising defeat in Syria by the ner ‘do well Russians n that bear guy Vlady… I’m glad he did put his hand in the Venezuela market cuz it’s the right thing to do BUT it’s a LONG LONG LONG way from home and Homelanders are not gonna bide this trip…AGAIN. It’s not in the Russian Constitution to engage militarily in anything that’s not specifically important to ‘homeland security’ And Venezuela is not ~ soooo be careful Mr Putin don’t get played by the US State Dept over Maduro and the Imperialism of the US of A. At least the trouble of this nature is not in you’re backyard ~ there are enuff areas in the Russian Federation to warrant lots of TLC …

    Don’t burn up the TLC beyond the precious realm of Russia. And it’s really precious to have India’s support herein!!! If only they could keep the Uni of Chicago Economics out of South America.

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