Laith Marouf: “Syria: For 1st time since Vietnam a ‘3rd world country’ withstands Imperial invasion”

“What happened in Syria is actually saving the rest of the world. The Syrian government, and the Syrian army, and the Syrian people resisting. For the first time since Vietnam, a supposed 3rd world country withstands an Imperial invasion. This is a huge thing for, not only for the Syrian people but for the whole world.
Venezeula hopefully will also teach a lesson to the Imperialists.”

-Laith Marouf

This is a fascinating interview with Beirut-based political analyst/media producer Laith Marouf, which I conducted a few days ago while passing through Beirut before returning to Syria.

He provides historical, cultural and political context to a number of issues, from Syria to ethnic cleansings, to the brutal rule of colonial powers around the world, to the current Saudi and alliance’s war on Yemen.

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In our conversation, Laith addresses:

-the Israeli illegal attacks on Syria and Syria’s sovereign response;
-an important history lesson on Kurds–how they came to be in Syria, and how the invented term “Rojava” (as a supposed egalitarian paradise) and current concept of Kurdish liberation ignores the brutality Kurdish (YPG) rule over non-Kurds in Syria, which has included kidnappings/disappearances of critics of their rule, ethnic cleansing, and shutting down non-Kurdish (Assyrian, Armenian…) church lands and schools, among other crimes;
-the resilience of the Syrian people in defying the war on Syria, as well as credit to Russia and Syrian leadership and the Syrian army;
-on colonial media, propaganda, US appointing Venezuelan leadership;
-Yemeni heroic resistance to the Saudi starvation and bombing campaign, and recent Yemeni victories.

*Apologies for periodic, brief, clicking sounds–was checking to be sure voice recorder was still recording.*

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