From Mt Qasioun, looking down on Damascus, at peace in spite of Western war on Syria


Finally made it to Qasioun mountain, a fantastic view of Damascus.

Looking down on the city, I remembered the intense terrorist shelling with mortars and missiles. In my visits in 2014, 2015, 2016 (and 17, 18, but the earlier years were, generally, more hard-hit), this mortar terrorism was very vivid, I have many accounts and memories of it.

To look down on a city at peace, relieved of the terrorism Western nations and their Gulf allies (not to overlook israel and Turkey) unleashed upon Syrian civilians, was a hugely moving moment.

Looking forward to the day that every inch of Syria is liberated.



4 thoughts on “From Mt Qasioun, looking down on Damascus, at peace in spite of Western war on Syria

  1. “To Damascus years are only moments,decades are only fitting trifles of time. She measures time not by days and months and years, but by the empires she has seen rise and prosper and crumbled to ruin. She is a type of immortality.

    Damascus has seen all that has occured on earth and she still lives. She has looked uopn the dry bones of a thousand empires and will see the tombs of a thousand more before she dies.

    Though another claim the name, old Damascus is by right the eternal city.”

    – Mark Twain
    ‘The Innocents Abroad’

    Thank you Eva Bartlett for your interesting blog and all the wonderful reports from your many travels. Thank you for shining a light in the present darkness.

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